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Mass Effect 3 Walkthrough: Prologue – Priority: Mars

Priority: Mars is the second mission you will have to complete in Mass Effect 3. It continues the events started in Prologue: Earth, after you have been reinstated as Commander.

Normandy SR-2 picked you up, and you left  Earth, accompanied by James Vega, and Kaidan or Ashley.

Our Mass Effect 3 Prologue Walkthrough: Priority Mars explains how to complete this mission from beginning to the end, providing tips and tricks that may help players during the game.

Priority Mars starts with a dialogue between James Vega and Shepard. During the conversation you can earn Paragon or Renegade points, by pulling the left or the right trigger, when the icon appears on the bottom of the screen.

Admiral Hackett will interrupt the conversation and you are sent to Mars. It seems that there is a way to destroy the Reapers after all.

Watch the next cutscene and when you land on Mars, you and your squad member will level up. From the game’s menu, select squad and upgrade the powers of your team-members.

NOTE: At this point you should focus on unlocking as many powers as you can, so you can use them during this mission. You can upgrade them later, but for now make sure they are at your disposal.The Concussive Shot for James is vital.

Exit the shuttle and head forward, toward the facility. Jump to the lower level when you reach the fence and you will see a dead body. Near the body, is the M-92 Mantis Sniper Rifle.

Pick it up then continue to follow the path, until you will see the Cerberus Troopers in a valley. Take them out using  the M-92 and continue to advance, but make sure you stay alert because you will engage more Troopers near the facility’s entrance. Take cover and take them out, but don’t forget that now you can use the abilities you have unlocked.

Enter the facility and activate the elevator using the control panel on the left side.

Talk to Kaidan and you will enter the first chamber, where the Cerberus encountered and old friend of yours: Liara T’Soni.

Talk to her and she will replace James in your squad. At this point your objective is to locate the Prothean Archives before Cerberus. When the dialogue ends you will start the next sequence, near a large yellow vehicle used as a cover point while fighting several Assault Troopers.

To your right is a Medi Kit, on a crate. Grab it and remain in cover, then upgrade your squad immediately. Focus on Liara’s powers and unlock her Singularity ability.

Now, kill the troopers using Liara’s Singularity to raise them above the bulletproof glass. After you dispatch all enemies, turn around and look for a white control panel which allows you to lift a vehicle and create a bridge.

Use the bridge to get to the next level, and then go right and through the next door. Take cover immediately in the marked zone, then go right and quick-kill from cover the Assault Trooper by holding B. Now, kill the rest and advance through the next door.

In the next area you can get a Data-Pad, if you check the last line of chairs, to the left. Go to the small office, at the end of the hall and pick up the Ariake Technologies Gauntlets, on the wall in front of the entrance.

Go around, inside the office and grab a new Med Kit and the M-4 Shuriken I SMG near the body, to the left. Now, activate the Security Console on the right side while facing Liara.

Exit the office, climb the stairs in front of it, and go right, through the next two doors, which take you outside. Advance, and go left, and down, using the ladder, then go left again.

Before climbing the next ladder, pick up the Kassa Fabrication Chestplate on the box to the left. Go up to the next level, then go right, and jump over the gap. Use the door to the left, to enter the facility again.

Next, go left, and right through the darkness. Using your flashlight advance in this area, and go right again. Pay close attention to the ground and get the Datapad. Follow the stairs down and your flashlight will automatically shut down.

In front of you are four Assault Troopers, behind a window. Wait for two of them to leave, then using Liara’s Singularity, take out the remaining troopers, and break the window.   Search the right side of the chamber for the SMG Scope I Mod and jump through the window.

Turn right and enter the small office. Grab the ammo in front of you and use the Medical Station, on the wall for additional XP. Now, activate the Environmental Station to get rid of the mask you are wearing.

Watch the cutscene then talk to Liara. Your answers will allow you to earn additional Paragon/Renegade Points. Exit the office, go right on the stairs, and then left through the next door.

Search the chamber behind the door for the SMG Ultralight Materials I (near a dead body) and a Data Pad at the bottom of the stairs, to the left. If you wish, use the Weapon Bench to upgrade/change your weapons.

Advance and open the next door which takes you to a long corridor well protected by Cerberus. You will have to kill Assault Troopers, Guardians and a  Centurion.

The troopers are easy to dispatch, but you will notice that the Guardians are protected by shields. To take them out you can use various strategies.

For example, you can Singularity and shoot them while they float around, because their shields will drop. Or you can use Adrenaline Rush, and, in combination with your M92-Mantis sniper rifle, you can shoot directly through the small window of a shield.

The last enemy type is the Cerberus Centurion, which is equipped with a shield that can be set on fire. You can opt to use an Inferno Grenade, or Incinerate. If not, simply shoot the Centurion down.

When all enemies have been killed, follow the corridor until you reach its end. To the left, on a lower level, is the entrance to the next chamber. You have to use the Sterilizer Controls Panels near the door.

Make sure you push the button when the orange beams behind the window form a wide angle. Place yourself near the console on the right side, and look through the window, until you see a red box on the other side of the room. Make sure the orange beam passes that box, and comes towards you.

Stop the beams and enter the room. Look for the Shotgun High Caliber Barrel I Mod on a box to the left.   Pick it up and in front of you is a Med Kit. Now, turn right and on a desk is a Data Pad. Behind that desk is the Sniper Rifle Extended Barrel I Mod, in the red box you saw earlier.

Continue and follow the stairs up, turn right and open the door. Now, go left and follow the main tunnel until you reach the next door. As soon as you open it, you will automatically enter cover, because an Auto-Turret goes online and starts shooting at you.

At this point, all you have to do to get past the Auto-Turret. Stay in cover and follow the tutorials on the screen. Advance from one point to another until you reach the area behind the turret. Don’t try to shoot it because you can’t destroy it.

Open the door behind the turret and clear it by killing all Cerberus Troopers, then investigate the chamber. On the right side, near the window that allows you to see the turret, are a Med Kit, a Data Pad, and the Sniper Rifle Concentration Module I Weapon Mod.

Pick them up, then approach the panel that allows you to activate the Auto-Turret Controls.

Activate the controls and a new cutscene will start showing the Cerberus and Dr. Eva making the Geth appear. During your dialogue your answers will get you Paragon or Renegade points. Remember that the top answer is for Paragon and the bottom answer is for Renegade Points.

After the cutscene, send one of your party members to the marked location under the turret. Press left or right on D-Pad while the aiming cursor is on that area. Take out the enemy troops that enter through the large door, and remember to use the abilities of your squad members.

When the area is clear, exit through the same door and hit the Cablecar Control panel to advance. Watch the cablecar moving but stay alert because the Cerberus will intercept it.

Take out the attackers and stay in cover, then jump in their cablecar and activate it.

In the next area you will have to defeat a large number of Cerberus troops. Stay in cover all the time and don’t waste your ammo. In the center of the chamber are several lower points which allow you to take cover and position yourself near the enemies. Use them in your advantage.

Assuming that you manage to take out all Cerberus, check the other side of the hall, and focus on the corners. In the left corner you will find the M-15 Vindicator I Assault Rifle , and in the right corner, near the large door, the Shotgun Shredder Mod I.  In the central area, near the same door is a medical station.

After you loot these items, leave the area and watch the next cutscene showing Illusive Man. After this cutscene get ready because you will have to chase down Eva.

Objective: Catch Dr. Eva

When this chasing sequence starts, it is important to know that you can’t hurt Dr. Eva so don’t waste time and ammo. Practically, all you have to do is to follow her while sprinting.

You will have to open a door, activate a panel and follow her up on a ladder then a ramp, to the landing zone. When she reaches the extraction shuttle, James will appear and stop it from taking off.

Watch the cutscene, and get ready, because Eva managed to survive the explosion and she will come towards you during a slow-motion scene. Aim for the head and take her out with several bullets, then the final cutscene starts. Unfortunately, Kaidan was hurt during his encounter with Eva.

It is time to leave Mars, and head for The Citadel, where the Council must know about the information you have managed to acquire.

Mass Effect 3 Walkthrough
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