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Mass Effect 3 Walkthrough Act 1 – Priority: Sur’kesk

Priority: Sur’Kesh is the second main mission of the first Mass Effect 3 act. It begins after you complete Priority: Palaven, and before Priority: Tuchanka, the mission which ends the first act.

Completing Priority: Sur’Kesh is vital since it is the only way to advance in Mass Effect 3. While the N7 missions or the Citadel missions are optional, Priority: Sur’Kesh is an obligatory quest.

Those who never played a Mass Effect video game before, should know that the presence of some characters during this mission is influenced by the decisions made during Mass Effect and Mass Effect 2.

Our Mass Effect 3 Walkthrough Act 1 Priority: Sur’kesk explains how to complete the second mission of the first act, and where to find all important items needed to boost Shepard and his crew members.

When you are ready to start Priority: Sur’Kesh, go to  Normandy and check the Galaxy Map in the CIC. Travel to Annos Basin and in the Pranas System go SW from Sur’kesk.

Enter the orbit and watch the cutscene showing the Salarians and Krogans arguing.

NOTE: Urdnot Wrex appears only if you didn’t kill him in the first Mass Effect game. If you did, he will be replaced by his brother Urdnot Wreav. During the dialogue you can interrupt the discussion and earn additional Paragon/Renegade points by pulling the corresponding trigger when the icons appear on your screen.

After the cutscene select your crew. At this point it is a good idea to see what EDI can do on the battlefield. Upgrade the powers of your crew-members and don’t forget to upgrade your weapons as well.

Next, talk to Wreav/ Wrex and Liara. Once you land, Wreav/ Wrex will jump off the shuttle and begin his attack. Fortunately he will be stopped by Padok Wiks.

Speak to Padok Wiks, and ask Wreav/ Wrex to hold his position. Continue to discuss with Padok Wiks for more Paragon/Renegade Points.

When you gain control over Shepard, you will also receive your first objective.

Objective: Meet with Padok Wiks when ready

At this point, you can talk to Lieutenant Tolan for additional information or go straight forward and speak to Padok Wiks.

Access the elevator at the end of the hall, and watch the next cutscene.

When you reach the lower level speak to Mordin Solus (assuming that he survived after the first Mass Effect game), and make sure you give the proper answers to increase the amount of Paragon/Renegade points.

Continue the discussions and your Journal entry will update. Get ready because the Cerberus  have arrived.

Objective: Return to the top level

The elevator you have to reach is on the left side, of the hall, but if you go forward and right, up on the stairs, you will find the Assault Rifle Extended Barrel I on a shelf.

Get it then turn left and advance slowly. Pay attention to the right because on a desk you will find a Research Log. Enter the elevator and an explosion will occur. Use the emergency exit on the other side and climb the ladder to exit this area.

Open the door, turn right and follow the balcony.

Kill the assault troopers and advance slowly, paying attention to the right side, where you should find the Shotgun Blade Attachment I Weapon Mod, a Research Log and a Medical Station.

When you reach the end of the balcony, go through the door on the right, and you will see a flame blocking your way. Jump through the window to the left, and over the gap. Right in front of you is the Shotgun Spare Ammo II Weapon Mod.

Pick it up, and then jump through the window on the right side. Follow the stairs up.

Objective: Defend the female Krogan

As soon as you reach the next floor take out all Cerberus. On the far side of the floor and to the left, you will find a Data Pad, near the containers showing some captive white creatures similar to normal dogs.

On the other side activate the Quarantine Checkpoint 1 Panel.

Watch the cutscene and take out the Cerberus in the shuttle, then continue towards Quarantine Checkpoint 2, on the next balcony.

Kill all Cerberus, but this time make sure you pay attention to the left side of the balcony, on your way to the next checkpoint. You should find the Pistol High Caliber Barrel I Mod.

When you reach the end of the balcony, open the door, turn left and follow the stairs up.

On the next floor you have kill several Cerberus Combat Engineers, who can deploy turrets. You can take out these enemies and their turrets by shooting directly from cover; however if you opt to use Incinerate or any fire-related ability, you will notice that you will inflict more damage.

After you clear the area, advance and check the right side of the balcony for some Spare Parts you can salvage (right after you enter this zone, to the right).

Enter the Species Observation Area, and don’t move while Shepard gets scanned. To your left is a Medical Station, on a wall.

Follow the next corridor and open the door which leads you to an area with two levels. After all Cerberus forces are dead, check the bottom floor for the following items: Armax Arsenal Greaves (on a desk to the right), Sentry Interface (at the end of the bottom floor, on a beck behind the ladder that takes you to the second floor) and some Spare Parts (near the Sentry Interface).

Now, go to the second floor and bypass the locked door. Immediately take out all Cerberus Troopers, or the Pod Integrity will be compromised.  When all enemies are dead, return to the door you have used to access this area, and check out the right side, near the entrance.

On a bench, next to a fire you will find the M-13 Raptor Rifle. On the left side, near the same door is a Research Terminal and the Pistol Scope I Weapon Mod.

Advance towards the Relay Station and in the same room you will find a Medical Station, on the left-side wall. After you use the station, while facing the Relay Station, turn right and in a corner you should see Scorpion Heavy Pistol.

Next, activate the Relay Station, and take out all Cerberus forces attacking the Pod. Remember to use Singularity against all shielded Cerberus.

Approach the Quarantine Checkpoint 2 Panel and activate it to proceed, but stay alert because three more Cerberus will appear on the balcony.

Kill them, and then go back to the door used to get to this balcony and head through the green panel door next to it. Turn right, jump over the gap and climb the ladder, to return to the starting area.

Kill all troops but activate the Quarantine Checkpoint 3 Panel only when you are ready to fight a boss, named Atlas.

This huge robot has a powerful shield which can be disabled faster if you use Overload. When the shield is down, you should opt for Incendiary Rounds, Armor Piercing Rounds or Incinerate.

You can also use a sniper rifle and take out the Cerberus inside the robot. No matter what strategy you use to kill Atlas, it is vital to stay away from it all the time.

The missiles will deplete your shield entirely if they hit you.  When the boss is down, kill the remaining Cerberus Troopers and the mission will end.

Watch the final cutscene, showing the female Krogan and Wreav.

New achievement/trophy unlocked: World Shaker.

Talk to Admiral Hackett when you reach Normandy. Priority: Tuchanka will be added to your journal.

NOTE: After this mission, you should focus on completing more side-missions, N7 missions and Citadel missions; however, don’t leave Normandy without completing the tasks listed below.

Check your journal and you should see the following new entries: Attican Traverse: Krogan Team side mission and Tuchanka: Turian Platoon side mission.

If you talk to Wreav, Attican Traverse: Krogan Team side-mission will be renamed to Attican Traverse: The Rachni.

Next go to Specialist Traynor, and you will receive the N7 Cerberus Attack mission.  If you check your private terminal in your cabin you will see that Miranda Lawson is waiting for you in Bay 24 (only if she survived after the second Mass Effect game).

The second email you have is from Kaidan Alenko/ Ashley who wishes to see you in Huerta Memorial Hospital.

For now try to focus on all these missions. Check the corresponding sections of our ME3 walkthrough for tips and advices on how to finish them. After you complete them you can advance towards Tuchanka.

Mass Effect 3 Walkthrough
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