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Mass Effect 3 Walkthrough Act 1 – Priority: Palaven

Priority: Palaven is the first mission of the first Mass Effect 3 act and the walkthrough below explains how to complete it from beginning to the end.

It is a main mission which begins during your first visit to the Citadel.

To start Priority: Palaven, you have to access the Galaxy Map in Normandy. When the Milky Way appears, travel to Apien Crest, and enter the system.

From there, locate Palaven’s Moon, Menae. When you are ready to start, land on the moon to begin the mission.

Select your crew and your weapons (make sure you equip a shotgun), then watch the introductory cutscene.

Objective: Rescue the Turian primarch from Palaven’s Moon

As soon as you land equip your shotgun and take out the Husks attacking you and your party. Proceed forward and climb the small hill in front of you. To the right you will see a small command post. Go around it and salvage the parts to the right.

Continue forward through the small ravine until you reach the camp. Near the entrance to the left pick up the Med Kit.  Cross the road and climb the balcony of the first building to the right to find a Datapad.

Now, check the white crates in the middle of the camp to find the M-97 Viper.

Turn right and you will see several Turians, including General Corinthus. Talk to him to earn additional Paragon/Renegade Points. Corinthus will ask you to reach the comm tower.

Go back down, and turn right. Check the crates behind his outpost for a Datapad and the Pistol Magazine Upgrade I, then the first building to the right, for the Armax Arsenal Shoulder Guard Armor piece, and the Pistol Piercing Mod I.

Next, search the last building to the right while heading towards the exit zone, where you will find a Med Kit, a Datapad and the Hahne-Kedar Greaves.

Press the Left Thumbstick to locate the tower and exit the camp through the metal gate.

Objective: Repair the Communication Tower

Advance through the canyon and go right and up. Kill the Husks that attack you, and then examine the communication tower. Ask one of your party members to do it (we suggest to send Liara).

Defend the tower, and then return to the camp. When you enter check the right side, near the first building for the M-27 Scimitar I and the Assault Rifle Piercing Mod I.

Talk to Corinthus and Garrus Vakarian who will join your party, replacing the member you asked to repair the tower.

NOTE: Make sure you upgrade the powers of your new crew-member. Focus on Overload and Proximity Mine.

Sprint to the Airfield and just in front of you, is the Assault Rifle Magazine Upgrade, near a rock. Get it fast and take cover, because you will be attacked by Marauders and Husks. Since Marauders have shields, use Overload to take them out faster. You can melee the Husks if they get too close.

When you clear the Airfield, check the crates on the right side for some supplies you can salvage, then go back to Corinthus, who will send you to a Barricade.

Climb the ladder and mount the turret. Take out the Husks that attack you in waves using the turret, and make sure they don’t approach the barricade.

After the attack, a Brute will appear. The most important thing you have to keep in mind, is to maintain a safe distance from this creature. You can use any weapon/power to defeat the Brute but using grenades will help you kill it faster, than normal rounds. Stay mobile and take it out, then follow Garrus to General Victus’s last known location.

Follow Garrus, and after you slide down check the bodies in front of you for a Datapad. Continue to follow Garrus and you will reach a Turian. Near him, grab the Sniper Rifle Spare Ammo I, the Med Kit and the Data Pad.

Push forward towards your objective but pay attention because you will find a Med Kit to the right. Continue to move until you reach a broken fence, and you will be asked to clear the camp.

Objective: Clear the Camp

Take cover immediately, and kill the Cannibals, then advance and take out the first Brute. On the left side of the camp, near some crates, pick up the Sniper Rifle Enhanced Scope II Mod and the Medkit near it. Now, take out the second and the third brute, as well as the Marauders.

Advance slowly and check the second bunker to the left for a Med Kit. You can also find the Reaper Blackstar weapon on some chests in front of another left side bunker.

When the area is clear advance towards General Victus. Talk to him and Garrus to complete Priority: Palaven. New achievement/trophy unlocked: Mobilizer.

Watch the cutscene and the dialogue between the Asari Councilor and Shepard. New main mission unlocked Priority: Sur’kesk.

After you complete Priority: Palaven you should visit the Crew Deck and talk to Garrus, if you want to unlock the Armor Piercing Rounds.

An officer will inform you that EDI went offline. On the same deck, visit the AI Core and talk to Adams. Enter the room and watch the cutscene. Seems like EDI assumed Dr. Eva’s body, and you can add him to your crew. Talk to EDI (Eva) for additional Paragon/Renegade Points.

Now, go back to your cabin and check the terminal for emails. You are asked to return to the Citadel and meet Aria T’Loak in the Purgatory.

Additionally, Jondum Bau is waiting for you in the Citadel Embassy, to discuss with you. The last email should be from Kaidan Alenko or Ashley.

Next, go to the CIC and talk to Specialist Traynor to start a new side-mission called Grissom Academy: Investigation.

At this point you should access the Galaxy Map and go back to the Milky Way. As you can see you now have access to The Shrike Abyssal, which allows you to complete the Shrike Abyssal: Prothean Obelisk side-mission.

You should focus on it before proceeding forward. After you complete it, you can return to the Citadel, or you can start the Grissom Academy: Investigation side-mission.

If you return to the Citadel, you concern should be the Alien: Medi-Gel Formula Citadel mission, then you can visit other areas.

Assuming that you have completed the mission, go to Huerta Memorial Hospital, to visit Ashley or Kaidan. When you enter the Inpatient Wing, to the left, is an Asari Scientist. Go near him and you will start the Biotic Amp Interfaces Citadel mission.

Now, talk to Kaidan/Ashley who is visited by Udina. Exit the room and go right, then enter the second room, to the right to start the Ismar Froniter: Prototype Components side-mission.

Return to the Embassy, and look for Jondum Bau to start the Hanar Diplomat Citadel mission, then to Aria T’Loak in the Purgatory Bar to begin not one, but three side missions, Aria: Blood Pack, Aria: Blue Suns and Aria: Eclipse.

NOTE: At this point you should complete as many Side Missions and Citadel Missions as you can, so you can boost your reputation even more. Check the corresponding sections of our Mass Effect 3 walkthroughs for details.

Mass Effect 3 Walkthrough
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