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Mass Effect 3 N7 Cerberus Lab Mission Walkthrough

The first N7 mission you have to finish in Mass Effect 3 is the Cerberus Lab. This mission can be accessed after your first visit on Normandy.

When to start

After Priority: The Citadel 


The Alliance has discovered a new Cerberus laboratory located on Sanctum. Investigate the lab and deal with any potential threat.


Cerberus Research Data War Asset


You can start Cerberus Lab through the Galaxy Map in the CIC area of your ship. Enter Sigurd’s Cradle System and fly north-west. When you reach Decoris, make sure you scan the area, and recover all assets (2). Now enter Sanctum’s orbit, and land.

The objective of this mission is clear. You have to search the Cerberus Lab and retrieve the Reaper Artifacts.

When you enter the area, follow the stairs to the left and take out all enemies. Near the entrance, to the left, in a corner you will find the Sniper Rifle Enhanced Scope I Mod. Advance and use the Medical Station to the left and the Journal Entry near it (same side).

On the right side of the first floor, get the credits on the console near the window. Locate the artifact, but don’t pick it up.

Follow the corridor to the right and you will find the Failed Medi-Gel Experiment.

Check your journal and notice that the Citadel mission called Alien Medi-Gel Formula was added.

Return and grab the Reaper Artifact, then return to your ship. The second artifact will be added your map.

Fight the Cerberus forces and get it, then return to the landing pad and wait for Cortez.

Hold your position until he arrives, but don’ stay too close to the landing area because the Cerberus will use it to reach your position.

Remember to activate your abilities all the time, and stay in cover. When the shuttle lands get out of the lab to complete the mission.

Next Mass Effect 3 N7 mission is Cerberus Attack.

Mass Effect 3 Walkthrough
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