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Mass Effect 3 N7 Cerberus Abductions Mission Walkthrough

N7: Cerberus Abductions is the third Mass Effect 3 N7 mission, and you can complete it after you finish Priority: Sur’kesk.

This mission should be completed before Priority: Tuchanka, because it will give you access to Benning, allowing you to complete the side-mission called Benning: Evidence.

If you fail to finish Benning: Evidence before the end of the first act, the mission will be locked.

When to start

After Priority: Sur’kesk and before Priority: Tuchanka


„Cerberus is attacking civilians on Benning. Land on Benning and provide protection while civilians are evacuated.”


Arcturus First Division War Asset


To start N7: Cerberus Abductions, you must talk to Specialist Traynor on the Normandy.

Open your Galaxy Map and locate Arcturus Steam (SE from the Citadel). Enter the system and travel to Euler, then to Planet Benning. Enter the orbit and land, to begin your mission.

Your objective is to protect the civilians attacked by the Cerberus. When you enter the area, you should see two ramps.

First follow the one to the right and when you enter the building check the sinks to the right for a PDA.  Continue through the same building and near the exit to the right, salvage the Spare Parts for 2.500 Credits.

If you go back and follow the other ramp, you will find a Medical Station, a PDA and some Spare Parts.  Push forward towards your objective and eventually you will reach an open area, and in the middle, you will see a turret.

Several steps away from the turret, is a Dog Tag, on the ground; and the Capacitor Helmet near several crates, on the ground, next to a mobile unit.

NOTE: It is important to know that you will have to restart the mission if the civilians die. Make sure you complete the objectives first, and explore the area after.

Press the Left Thumbstick to locate the civilians, and interact with them. If you are stuck and the Cerberus won’t appear, it means that the civilians died. In this case restart the mission. Get back to the extraction shuttle only after you loot the items mentioned above.

Next Mass Effect 3 N7 mission is: Cerberus Fighter Base.

Mass Effect 3 Walkthrough
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