Mass Effect 3 Walkthrough

Mass Effect 3 Citadel: Wounded Batarian Mission Walkthrough

Wounded Batarian is a Mass Effect 3 Citadel mission that can be completed before Priority:  Perseus Veil.

To start Wounded Batarian go to the Presidium Commons, and in the Apartments area, near the stairs you should hear some civilians talking about a Wounded Batarian.

When to start

After Priority: The Citadel 2


“A badly wounded batarian may actually be a terrorist.

Find him in the refugee camp and investigate.”


Experience Points, Reputation Points, Paragon/Renegade Points


To find the Wounded Batarian, go to the Docks: Holding area and  to Cargo Hold: C (point 7).

Talk to the nurse , then decide Ghorek’s fate.

You can opt to kill him (Paragon) or let him suffer (Renegade).

Next Citadel mission: Reaper Code Fragments.

Mass Effect 3 Walkthrough
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