Mass Effect 3 Walkthrough

Mass Effect 3 Citadel: Barla Von Mission Walkthrough

Immediately, after Priority: Palaven, you will gain access to the Presidium Commons.

Visit the area and talk to Liara, who will send you to meet Barla Von.

When to start

After Priority: Palaven


“Barla Von has provided the location of Shadow Broker forces trapped in the Dranek system, inside the Krogan DMZ.

Recruit them to the war effort and return to Barla Von.”


Shadow Broker Wet Squad War Asset


You will find Barla Von, near the Bank in the Presidium Commons.

Talk to her, then go to Normandy and using the Galaxy Map, travel to Krogan DMZ.

Fly to Dranek then scan Planet Rothla.

Launch a probe to recover the Shadow Broker Wet Squad, required by Barla Von, and return to her in the Citadel.

NOTE: Complete this mission before Priority: Tuchanka.

Next Mass Effect 3 Citadel mission is Cerberus Retribution.

Mass Effect 3 Walkthrough
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