Lost Planet 3 Collectibles Locations

Lost Planet 3 Collectibles Locations

Up to 82 Lost Planet 3 collectibles can be found while exploring the unknown frozen planet as Jim Peyton, and the following guide was created for those who wish to find all of them in a single playthrough.

While the number of collectibles in Lost Planet 3 is high, the title developed by Spark Unlimited also includes other items of importance that must be found by fans of the game; items that will eventually help players unlock more achievements and trophies.

The guide below explains how to locate all Lost Planet 3 collectables, as well as some items required to complete various side-jobs or side-quests.

Lost Planet 3 is an action adventure third-person shooter video game published by Capcom for PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. The action takes place before the events of the first video game in the franchise, and the main character is Jim Peyton.

Even if it is considered an open world title, Lost Planet 3 doesn’t allow players to fully explore the environment, except for specific areas that become available when specific points in the story are reached.

Because of that, players will notice that in order to get all collectibles in Lost Planet 3, they will have to retrace their steps to some areas that were already explored.

Furthermore, some zones in the video game are unknown to Jim Peyton, which means that creating a map for all Lost Planet 3 collectibles is practically impossible, since these specific areas don’t appear on Peyton’s GPS.

Lost Planet 3 Collectibles Guide

The collectables in Lost Planet 3 are divided in four major categories but only two of them are available at the beginning of the game.

The first category includes the Lost Planet 3 Audio Logs.

Lost Planet 3 features 34 Audio Logs that must be found by players who wish to get the Master Cataloger achievement/trophy; but players should be aware that for this achievement/trophy they also have to find all Text Logs.

The Lost Planet 3 Text Logs are similar to the Audio Logs, but they contain different information. There are 21 hidden Text Logs that can be found in the game, and they can also be collected as soon as Peyton reaches the planet.

For collecting and Audio Log or a Text Log, players won’t receive any special rewards, but they are required to unlock a series of achievements and trophies.

The third category of collectibles includes 17 entries in Peyton’s Bestiary.

These collectibles become available later in the game, as part of a quest received by Peyton form Dr. Roman. Along with the quest, the main character also gets a special handgun which allows him to tag specific creatures. Every different creature tagged by Peyton, is added to the bestiary.

The last category of collectables includes the Albino Tarkaas. An Albino Tarkaa is a type of Akrid that inhabits the planet.

They also become available later in the game and players must find 10 in order to complete the quest associated to these special creatures. For all Lost Planet 3 collectibles and other important items scattered on the planet, a different guide was created, offering additional information on their exact locations.

Lost Planet 3 Collectibles Locations
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