Lord of the Rings: War in the North Walkthrough

Lord of the Rings: War in the North Walkthrough – Chapter 6

The Grey Mountains is the area where the action takes place in the sixth chapter of LOTR: War in the North.

You were sent here after Radagast provided you enough information regarding the location of Urgost’s lair.

Your objective is to find the dragon and slay him before he allies with Agandaur.

Zone: The Grey Mountains

Main Quest: Find Urgost’s lair

When this chapter starts, look to the right and you will see a buried treasure. Pick up the items inside and follow the road in front of you.

A cutscene will start and you will be attacked by several barbarians. Kill them and you will find out that they are in fact remnants of those who served the Witch-King, a long time ago.

Near their small settlement is a buried chest, on the right side of the road.

Advance and clear the next camp. Make sure you kill the ranged units first, and the melee fighters after.

Check the area around the camp for treasures, including the cave on the right side of the mountain.

Move through the glowing rune and continue up on the mountain, but be careful because in the next camp you will also have to fight Agandaur’s guards.

Take the orcs out and then explore the encampment. Pick up everything you find and follow the road.

Eventually, you will see a large stone bridge on the right. You must cross it but the Uruk-Hai orcs will attack you. There are also some archers on the other side. Kill them first and enter the large cave in front of you.

There is only one path to follow inside this cave, and you can’t get lost; however this dark place is filled with Uruk-Hai orcs and barbarians.

You will also find multiple chests and items inside.

When you exit this cave, you will have to cross another stone bridge, similar to the first one, but the number of enemies you have to defeat is bigger.

On the bridge to the right you will see some glowing footprints. Follow them and jump off the bridge, then move forward and look to the left, to find a secret Ranger treasure.

When you go back to the bridge you will see a chest in front of you.

Don’t forget to check the bodies of those you have killed because one sorcerer carries one of Agandaur’s scrolls of sorcery required to complete the Cult of the Lidless Eye Quest.

Cross the bridge, and enter the cave. Ready your bow and arrows because there are many archers waiting for you inside.

Follow the path and advance, but don’t forget to check all orc encampments. Near one of them you will find a portal which allows you to travel back to Nordinbad. Near the portal, to the left is a hidden Dunedain cache.

Exit the cave and a cutscene starts. Your main objective will change and you must defeat a boss.

Main Quest: Defeat the Carn Dum Captain

The Carn Dum Captain is a boss similar to Wulfrun from Chapter 5.

You will have no problems here, if you defeated Wulfrun; however the difference between these two bosses is that the Carn Dum Captain isn’t alone. His is accompanied by Uruk-Hai orcs and barbarians.

He also teleports faster than Wulfrun, so you should use this in your advantage. While the Captain is far away, focus on his soldiers, and let him come to you. Don’t run around because you will waste your time.

Strike him when he is near, and you will win the fight. Make sure you check his corpse because he has the last scroll needed to complete the Cult of the Lidless Eyequest. If you followed our walkthrough until now, you have all Agandaur’s scrolls of sorcery.

After you defeat the Carn Dum Captain you can move forward through the glowing sign, to complete this area.

A cutscene will start and you have to talk to Urgost.

Listen to what he has to say and accept his deal. He wants you to give him Carn Dum and kill Agandaur. If you accept this deal you will unlock a new achievement/trophy called In the Dragon’s Den.

Now, you have to return to Nordinbad, because Agandaur is attacking the fortress.

Beleram will take you there, but you can also go to Rivendell and turn in the Cult of the Lidless Eye quest. Talk to Elrond, claim your reward and unlock The Lidless Eye Trophy/Achievement.

Your main quest also changed and you will start the seventh chapter.

Lord of the Rings: War in the North Walkthrough
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