Lord of the Rings: War in the North Walkthrough

Lord of the Rings: War in the North Walkthrough – Chapter 4

You will arrive on Mount Gundabad carried by Beleram.

It is a snowy area and your objective is to enter the Stronghold in which Elrond thinks that you will find Agandaur.

If you find Agandaur, you must kill him.

Zone: Alpine Pass

Main Quest: Scale the pass and find an entrance to the Stronghold

In this area you will notice that there are no alternative roads. You have to follow the only path that will take you up on the mountain.

There are no special enemies except for orcs and trolls; however they have better weapons and armors.

Kill everything that stands in your way and move from one zone to another until you reach a cave. The entrance will be revealed by a mountain Troll.

Don’t forget to pick up all items and equip your character and your companions as well.

When you exit the cave, a cutscene starts and you will see some orcs protecting a door in the mountain.

Kill the orcs and then enter the cave, to complete the area.

A cutscene will start and you will see several dwarves slaughtered by orcs.

One of them, Aran, managed to escape and he will talk to you.

Pay attention to his story and you will receive a new goal for the main quest.

You are now in the Mountain’s Interior.

Zone: Mountain’s Interior

After you talk to Aran, follow the only tunnel available and you will see that you are inside Mount Gundabad. This area is similar to the Mines of Moria, therefore expect to meet multiple enemies.

Main Quest: Find the Dwarves who have infiltrated Gundabad

Follow the path inside the mountain and jump off the ledges.

Take out the first group of orcs and goblins then move forward through the ruins, until you see a blocked door.

To the left is a secret area marked by glowing footsteps.

Destroy the barricades and advance, killing everything that moves.

Eventually, you will reach an area where you can see a Troll pushing a large wheel. Kill the troll and the goblins, and then destroy the large highlighted lever on the left. The objective of your main quest will change.

Main Quest: Help the Dwarves defeat the attacking Orcs

Pass through the door that opened, and then go left around the large chain and exit through the hole in the wall.

Kill the goblins and the orcs, and cross the wooden platforms.

Push forward inside the mountain until you see the glowing portal which takes you to the next area. While facing the portal, if you look to your left you will see a hidden area and a chest.

Additionally, if you turn around while looking at the portal, you will notice that on the other side of the ruins is a small exit. You must pass the large chain to get there, but you will find another chest and inside it is one of Agandaur’s scrolls of sorcery. You need it if you want to complete the Cult of the Lidless Eye quest.

Proceed forward to the next area and go deeper in the mountain. You will have to defeat several orcs, goblins and trolls in order to advance.

The same rule applies for the next zone, and when you exit you will complete the Mountain’s Interior.

Near the exit, a cutscene starts and you will see two dwarves fighting some orcs. They are Nordri and Bruni.

Be careful because when the cutscene ends you have to protect both dwarves, and your objective will change.

Main Quest: Defend Nordri while he activates the ancient weapon

The fight against the invading orcs has two phases.

During the first phase, stay near Nordri and don’t let the orcs to hurt him. The difficulty of the fight depends on how you developed your hero. A ranger for example, can fire multiple arrows that will take down several enemies at the same time.

The second phase starts when the dwarves activate their secret weapon. During this phase you will be attacked by trolls and goblins.

If you wish to avoid a direct fight and complete both phases faster, look around and upstairs you will see a turret. Mount it and take out all enemies that appear.

Eventually Nordri and Bruni will start their machinery and you will end this area.

Bruni will invite you to a new settlement ( Nordinbad) where Lord Gorin wants to talk to you.

Enter the large gates and meet Lord Gorin of Nordinbad.

Lord of the Rings: War in the North Walkthrough
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