Lightning Returns Final Fantasy XIII Walkthrough

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Where Chaos Sleeps Walkthrough

Where Chaos Sleeps is the third main-quest available in the Wildlands area of Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII, and a quest that must be completed in order to progress through the game’s main story.

Where Chaos Sleeps follows the events of the previous main-quest, named Healing an Angel, after Lightning helps the Chocobo to fully recover, and gain his strength back.

Similar to other main-quests, Where Chaos Sleeps ends with a boss battle, but this time Lightning must face Caius Ballad.

The following Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII strategy guide offers useful information that will help you explore the Temple of the Goddess, so you can get close to Caius, as well as hints on how to defeat him.

Since Caius is more powerful than Snow or Noel; however, it is a good idea to complete as many side-quests as you can, before attempting Where Chaos Sleeps.

Quest Details

Description: “At last, the Angel of Valhalla has recovered the use of his wings. The source of the voice that brought Lightning and the angel together remains a mystery. It is time to go to the temple of the goddess where the great Chaos lies, just as the voice foretold: “The encounter is ordained. You have been led to the fountainhead whence the Chaos flows.”

Location: The Wildlands

Difficulty: N/A

Requirements: Complete main-quest 3-2: Healing An Angel

Failable: No

Rewards: Maximum HP + 120, Strength + 56, Magic + 126, Maximum ATB + 10, Recovery Item Capacity + 1, Chaos’s Revenge

Quest Walkthrough

When you are ready to enter the Temple of the Goddess, head to Poltae, the small camp west from Rocky Crag; and when you exit the path leading to the establishment, on the ground level look for a NPC named Professor Lathom.

Talk to him, to trigger the side-quest The Grail of Valhalla, because two of the items you need for this side-quest are found within the Temple of the Goddess.

Next, go around the buildings, and look for a path leading to a hill where Waiting Man, another NPC, can be found. He is on top of the platform and he will give you a new side-quest named Killing Time.

The side-quest is completed by gliding above the main-street in Poltae. First glide on the elevated platform on the right side of the street, then on the roof on the other side.

Continue to move north, toward the temple’s main gate and glide two times to reach it. When you approach the main gate, a cutscene showing Lightning saying goodbye to her Chocobo starts; and Killing Time side-quest ends.

Now, follow the ladder nearby, and turn left towards the Bridge of Faith. Continue to move forward to enter the Closed Hall in the Temple of The Goddess.

Cross the hall and you will enter War’s Cage: Lower Level, where a new cutscene starts.

Note: At the end of the cutscene you will be informed that Lightning was poisoned and the magic drains her life slowly. Make sure you keep an eye on her health bar and drink some potions if it empties. Furthermore, while in Temple of The Goddess, Yeul will always show you the way and open new paths for you. Try to find her if you get stuck within one of the areas.

Once the cutscene ends, follow the ruined floor to move west and then south through a gate. Eventually you will enter the passage leading to Hall of Avarice. Continue to follow the corridor, and you will enter a larger hall with a fence in the middle.

Talk to Yeul on the left side of the room, and then hop on the platforms she spawns to get on the upper balcony.  Head left, and before talking to Yeul, drop in the chamber below you. On the right side of the chamber you will see a glowing inscription on the wall. Examine it to find the Goddess Glyphs for The Grail of Valhalla side-quest.

Climb back to Yeul and she will open a new path for you. Follow the new platforms, then head right, and left through the next passage, to enter War’s Cage: Middle Level. In this area, go right around the rubble to find Yeul on another elevated platform.

Talk to her and continue to move up following three new platforms and the ruined floor. Now, go through the arcaded door, and immediately turn right to find Yeul around the corner.

Talk to her, and retrace your steps to see more platforms. Move up and you will enter the Hall of Rebirth. Continue to advance through the next tunnel and you will enter another chamber with a fence in the middle. Jump on the rubble in the central area to get on the other side of the chamber, and talk to Yeul who is waiting on the ground.

Hop on the platforms she spawns for you, then continue through the small passage, and turn right to find Yeul again. Talk to her and use the four platforms to get on the other side.  While remaining on the second floor, enter another small corridor, head right and then left. You should be on a balcony and the fence should be on your right side.

There is only one path available at this point, and when you exit the long passage you should enter War’s Cage: Highest Level.

The moment you reach War’s Cage: Highest Level, turn left and check the wall on the other side for a new inscription. Examine it to get the Chaos Glyphs for The Grail of Valhalla, then retrace your steps and follow the ruins up. Talk to Yeul near the grate on the right side, and advance on the platforms, Go right again and exit you should find Yeul again.

Once you talk to her, on your left side three more platforms will appear. Jump on them, and then drop on the rope and head up to enter the Hall of Memory. At the end of the next corridor is another chamber with a fence in the middle. Drop down, and go through the hole in the fence, then talk to Yeul standing in the left corner. Use the two platforms she spawn to get on the balcony, then go right, left, right and right again.

On the next balcony you will find Yeul who will spawn four platforms that allow you to get through a new hole in the fence. Follow them and when you get on the other side you will find a long passage. Stick to it and head upstairs to reach the Altar of Goddess where Caius is waiting for you.

As mentioned, Caius Ballad is a powerful opponent, but all his vulnerabilities are set to normal. This means that you can attack him using  most spells if you wish to stagger him; however, you will be able to stagger him faster with physical attacks. Caius will constantly debuff Lightning using Eye of Bahamut, so make sure you cast Esuna EP Ability to remove those debuffs.

Furthermore, if you use the Ghostly Hood you got from Snow, you will be almost immune to Caius’s physical attacks, even if your magic and strength drop to 5. The Ghostly Hood should be equipped on the schemata you use for debuffing your enemies.

To increase the physical damage you deal to Caius, equip the Soldier of Peace Garb you have received for completing The Hunter’s Challenge side-quest. As a rule, when fighting Caius, because of his vulnerabilities, you should cast only those spells that have better stagger time and also the lowest ATB Cost. Your goal is to stagger Caius as fast as possible.

Time your guards, and if needed, don’t wait for him to be staggered in order to trigger Overclock. You can trigger it without staggering Caius, and then attack him with Artemis’s Arrows. On the other hand, if you manage to stagger Caius faster, make sure that you debuff him before attacking. Another fact that you should remember is that once staggered, Caius becomes more vulnerable to the element you have used to stagger him.

In other words, if you stagger him using fire-based attacks, for example, continue to attack using the same element. One of his most powerful attacks is the Eye of Bahamut because it is a 5-hit attack that also debuffs Lightning.

Try to guard it, and if you fail, immediately cast Esuna. The Pulsar Burst is also a very dangerous 10-hit attack that inflicts massive damage, but if you switch to the schemata on which you have the Ghostly Hood, you should be able to guard it.

Note: If you can’t defeat Caius, you should go back to Wildlands as well as other areas, and continue to focus on side-quests to increase Lightning’s stats. If you manage to beat him, after the cutscene, you will find yourself on the Bridge of Faith. Don’t forget to pick-up Caius’s weapon, on the ground, before leaving the area.

Lightning Returns Final Fantasy XIII Walkthrough
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