Lightning Returns Final Fantasy XIII Walkthrough

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Mercy of a Goddess Walkthrough

Mercy of a Goddess is a Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII timed quest you have to complete in less than 45 minutes; which means that you will have use Lightning’s Chocobo.

Mercy of a Goddess becomes available after the first main-quest, named The Angel of Valhalla, but you will encounter difficulties in completing the quest’s objective unless the Chocobo is able to glide.

Because of this, you should postpone the side-quest and focus on completing Healing An Angel main-quest, and more important, A Final Cure.

Once the Angel of Valhalla is capable to stand and glide, you can finish Mercy of a Goddess, following the hints and tips in the following walkthrough.

Quest Details

Description: “In the village of Poltae, a man suffers under the heavy burden of a curse. Taleb is his name and he believes death is the only way to escape the pain. But will Cardesia’s potion really give him what he wants?”

Location: The Wildlands

Difficulty: 2/3

Requirements: Complete main-quest 3-1: The Angel Of Valhalla

Failable: No

Rewards: 1600 Gil, Maximum HP + 80, Strength + 8, Delicious Mushroom Adornment

Quest Walkthrough

To start Mercy of a Goddess, you have to travel to the small establishment known as Poltae.

As you enter the city following the southern path, on the ground, and to your right you should find Taleb.

He is under a balcony and he is very sick. You can identify Taleb by the red hood and the two stars above his head. Talk to him, and he will tell you that he is sick and he wants to die. He will also mention that only Cardesia can prepare the medicine to cure him.

At this point you will have to travel to Jagd Village and look for Cardesia after 8 AM. Her stand is close to the Outfitters in Jagd Village.

Talk to her and when you are asked “What would you like to do?” select “Hear her story”.

Pay close attention to what Cardesia has to say and you will receive Cardesia’s Cure. After you get the item you will be informed that you have 45 in-game minutes to deliver the cure to Taleb.

Note: If you fail to reach your destination within the allotted time, Cardesia’s Cure will be removed from Lightning’s inventory and you have to return to her so she can prepare another medicine.

To complete the objective you have to take the shortest route to Poltae. Move north from Cardesia’s stand and glide over the gap near the Sorcery Shop to enter Rocky Crag.

Next, move south-east around the central area in Rocky Crag, and then turn left and move north through the pass that connects Rocky Crag and Poltae.

When you get to Poltae, go straight to Taleb and give him the medicine. Mercy of a Goddess ends after you cure Taleb and save his soul.

Lightning Returns Final Fantasy XIII Walkthrough
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