Lightning Returns Final Fantasy XIII Walkthrough

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Like Clockwork Walkthrough

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Like Clockwork is one of the side-quests that will consume a large amount of time, because for this quest you will have to find 13 clocks in Luxerion, and without knowing their locations, it can be a difficult task.

Like Clockwork becomes available after you finish Hunter in Light and Shadow, and after 8 AM, when you will have to return to the North Station to find a new client named Armena.

The following Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII guide reveals the locations of all 13 Luxerion clocks you have to examine.

Quest Details

Description: “In the Plaza in front of Luxerion’s North Station, Lightning meets Armena, who is terrified that if the clocks in Luxerion stop, the end of the world will follow. Lightning can help put Armena’s mind to rest by checking all the clocks of the city and making sure that they are still ticking.”

Location: Luxerion

Difficulty: 2/3

Requirements: Complete Main Quest 1-5: Hunter In Light And Shadow. Start after 8 AM.

Failable: No

Rewards: 1200 Gil, Maximum HP + 120, Magic + 8, Strength + 4, Brass Gear

Quest Walkthrough

To begin Like Clockwork, make sure that you finish Hunter In Light And Shadow, and that the clock shows 8 AM in the morning.

Be advised that you have to finish the side-quest before 6 PM, when Armena leaves the North Station Plaza. If you have met all requirements, go to the North Station and look for a woman in front of the entrance to the train station.

She is wearing a black coat and has gray hair. Talk to her, and she will ask you to find and examine 13 clocks around Luxerion.

To examine a clock, you have to find it first, and while standing close to it you have to move the camera to look at it. Next, you have to press the corresponding button that appears on your screen (A on Xbox 360 and X on PlayStation 3).

Now that the quest was triggered, it’s time to start running to find all 13 clocks as fast as possible.

Tip: A good idea is to activate the Chronostasis EP ability the moment you start the quest and keep it activated as much as you can, because you have a long distance to cover, and the clock is ticking.

Furthermore, make sure you follow the exact order as the one listed below, so you can find all 13 clock for Armena, in a single tour around the city; otherwise, you will have to retrace your steps.

Clock #1

After you talk to Armena, maintain your position and look up to see the large clock above the entrance to the North Station. It is the first clock you have to examine.

Clock #2

Enter the North Station, and follow the stairs all the way to the other side, where you will find the Station Attendant. Look up to spot the second clock.

Clock #3

Turn around after you find the second clock, and in the same station, descend the stairs and go right to find a general store. Look up again to find the third clock.

Clock #4

Exit the North Train Station and in the central Plaza, on the large statue where the Inquisitor was located in Whither Faith, you will see the fourth clock.

Clock #5

Next, head north to enter the Restaurant District. Near the stairs that lead to the Forsaken Graveyard is the fifth clock.

Clock #6

Follow the stairs mentioned above, and once you cross the Haunted Row you will enter the Forsaken Graveyard. The sixth clock is behind the phone-booth featured in Find the Code and The Girl Who Cried Wolf.

Clock #7

Now, retrace your steps back to the Restaurant District, and head south through the Twin Gates.  When you enter The Avenue, you will find the seventh clock in front of the Chocobo Emporium stand.

Clock #8

For the next clock, go around the Chocobo Emporium and follow the arcaded door that leads to the Back Alleys. Follow the stairs up, and head right to enter the Warehouse District. Open your map and you should see that the Warehouse District has an alley in the middle.

Check the upper end of the said alley to find a large building on which you can read Chocobo Express. Go around it and look up to spot a white clock. Close to it is the Informative Man.

Clock #9

Now follow the stairs near the previous clock and head west to enter Luxerion Hills. On the left side of the main alley you should see a guard standing inside his post. Look up and you will find another clock. Examine it as well.

Clock #10

For the tenth clock you have a long distance to cover. Open your map and go south towards Idol Ave. Cross the Blessed Stroll and North-South Corridor, then head left and follow the stairs to enter 1st Ave.

When you reach Idol Ave you will see the tenth clock just across the street from the entrance to the South Station.

Clock #11

From your current position move east towards the Holy District. Next to the right gate that allows you to enter the Holy District is the eleventh clock.

Clock #12

Open your map again and sprint to the Clock Tower area. Follow the stairs up and go around the large building to reach the backyard. On the other side of the said yard is a glowing panel. Activate it to examine the large clock on top of the tower.

Clock #13

The final clock is in Old Town. Open your map and head north, through the Pilgrim’s Causeway.  The moment you enter Old Town, at the bottom of the stairs, turn right and look up to find it. It is very close to the Inn.

The final step is to head NW back to the North Station and talk to Armena to get all rewards for completing Like Clockwork.

Lightning Returns Final Fantasy XIII Walkthrough
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