Lightning Returns Final Fantasy XIII Walkthrough

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII A Rose By Any Other Name Walkthrough

In Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII, the side-quest named A Rose By Any Other Name is marked as a difficult quest, because to complete it you need a special item known as the Phantom Rose.

A Rose By Any Other Name; however, is a short and an accessible side-quest if you know where to find the said rose and when to get it.

If you complete A Rose By Any Other Name, you will be able to unlock a new Garb for Lighting and to earn a large amount of money.

Furthermore you will also increase Lightning’s stats, thus improving her abilities in battle.

Because of this, you have to focus on finishing A Rose By Any Other Name as soon as you can, and the following guide provides useful information regarding this specific assignment.

Quest Details

Description: “By the Wall of Wealth, down in the Warren, Lightning encounters a young boy called Alrick. However, it is not Lightning he wants to speak to – it is a look-alike called Myka, who he believes is the real savior. Myka had promised to bring the boy and his mother a legendary flower known as the phantom rose. But Myka is a fraud, and it is up to lightning to deliver the promise.”

Location: Luxerion

Difficulty: 3/3

Requirements: Complete Main Quest 1-5: Hunter In Light And Shadow. Complete side-quest Voices From The Grave.  Start at 12 PM

Failable: No

Rewards: 3200 Gil, Maximum HP + 120, Strength + 10, Magic + 12, Crystal Rose, Red Bow Tie, Purple Lightning Garb

Quest Walkthrough

In order to play A Rose By Any Other Name, you will have to find the client, or the quest-giver.

In this quest his name is Alrick and he is a little boy in the area known as the Wall Of Joy.

However, be advised that you won’t find Alrick unless you complete Hunter In Light And Shadow.

Furthermore, the Wall Of Joy can be reached only after midnight when the gates towards The Warren open. Assuming that you have finished the said main-quest and that the gates allow you to move north and enter The Warren, head to the area known as Wall Of Joy and look around for a woman standing at a table.

Near her is a boy wearing a green jacket and a red bow-tie. He is Alrick, or your client. Talk to him and hear his story. After the dialogue, you will have to find the Phantom Rose.

The Phantom Rose can be obtained from a specific NPC, named Myka. Myka is one of the ghosts you will have to visit while working on another side-quest named Voices From The Grave.

She can be found at the Monument is Sinner’s Corner, which is the same monument you have visited in Rites For A Goddess. If you have completed Voices From The Grave all you have to do is to give Alrick the Phantom Rose.

Alternatively, if you don’t have the rose, make sure you get it by completing the side-quest mentioned above.

Lightning Returns Final Fantasy XIII Walkthrough
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