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L.A. Noire Game Guide: Traffic Cases Walkthrough

In L.A. Noire, the video game, after Cole Phelps solves all patrol cases, he is automatically promoted and transferred to the Traffic Department.

The L.A. Noire video game guide below reveals all traffic cases that are unlocked when the main character of the game, gets his first promotion.

These cases are more complex than the Patrol Cases, because they require additional investigations in order to be solved.

When Cole Phelps is promoted to detective, his partner becomes Stefan Bekowsky and his superior is Gordon Leary.

Stefan Bekowsky also worked in the Patrol Department, but he was promoted three years before Cole.

Later in the game, Stefan becomes one of Cole’s best friends.

The Driver’s Seat

The victim in the L.A Noire case called, The Driver’s Seat is a missing character named Adrian Black. The case starts when Cole Phelps finds an abandoned car, registered to Adrian Black.

During the investigation, Phelps observes that the car is covered in blood, which indicates that a murder was committed.

In this case, the key characters are Frank Morgan, Adrian’s friend, and Margaret Black, Adrian’s wife. An important clue is located in the trunk of the car, but overall there are 14 clues and 12 questions to be asked.

Below is a step-by-step guide which explains how to complete The Driver’s Seat traffic case:

At the crime scene, talk to the doctor, near the car.

Open the car’s trunk to find a receipt.

Go to evidence marker A and look for a pair of glasses and Adrian’s wallet.

Search evidence marker B for several blood stains.

Search evidence marker C and look for a pipe.

Find Nate Wilkey.

Nate Wilkey Interrogation

First question – Purpose at scene – Truth

Second question – Knowledge of Adrian Black – Truth

Third question – Contents of wallet – Doubt

Fourth question – Bloodstained pipe – Truth

After the interrogation, go to the Black residence.

Search the table in the dining room, and you will find a newspaper.

Under the newspaper is a matchbox marked Cavanagh’s Bar.

Use the phone to find the address of this bar.

Go to the bedroom and look for a ticket.

In the same bedroom get near the dresser. On it, you will find a case for glasses and a picture.

Examine the picture and you will find a note.

Go to the kitchen and search the table. There you will find a receipt and a flyer.

Go outside near the kitchen window and repair the Instaheat fixtures. The right order is:

Straight gold pipe – Left gold fixture.

Single bended gold pipe – Right gold fixture.

Double bended silver pipe – Right silver fixture.

Single bended silver pipe – Left silver fixture.

When you finish, enter the house and talk to Margaret Black.

Margaret Black Interrogation

First question – Slaughterhouse receipt – Truth

Second question – Cavanagh’s Bar matchbox – Truth

Third question – Location of Adrian Black – Truth

Fourth question – Stenzel glasses case – Truth

Fifth question – Alibi for Mrs. Black – Truth

Sixth question – Photograph signed by Nicole – Lie

Evidence – Concealed message

Go to Cavanagh’s Bar and talk to the bartender who will guide you to Frank Morgan.

Frank Morgan Interrogation

First question – Link to abandoned vehicle – Lie

Evidence – Reciept for live Hog

Second question – Location of Adrian Black – Doubt

After this interrogation you can go to Frank’s apartment.

When you reach the building you must check the mailboxes. Frank lives in apartment 2. When you enter, you will find Adrian, and you must chase him.

A Marriage Made in Heaven

The second L.A. Noire case presented in our guide is apparently a hit and run case, named A Marriage Made in Heaven.

This case is inspired by a true story, which took place in 1944. In the game, Cole Phelps finds a man dead in the street.

The clues indicate that the victim was hit by a car, but in fact, the person was dead before the accident. In 1944, the real victim was Jay Dee Chitwood, according to 1947project.blogspot.com.

The crime scene in this case is Ray’s Cafe. There are nine clues and eight questions to be asked in order to solve this case.

When you reach the crime scene, investigate the victim’s body. Near the body you will find a wallet and a letter.

Examine all evidence markers.

Near Ray’s Café is an alley. Go there and look in the dumpster. You will find a knife, and you will unlock an achievement.

Talk to Shannon Perry.

Shannon Perry Interrogation

First question – Eyewitness Report – Truth

Second question – Suspect vehicle description – Truth

Third question – Argument overheard – Doubt

Go inside Ray’s Café and search the bar. You will find a newspaper.

Find and talk to Dudley Lynch.

Dudley Lynch Interrogation

First question – Hit and run incident – Doubt

Second question – Association with victim – Truth

Third question – Argument overheard in bar – Doubt

Fourth question – Joint business venture – Doubt

After the interrogation search the bar and find a phone to get the Pattison residence address.

When you reach this location talk to Lorna Pattison

Lorna Pattison Interrogation

First question – Hit and run incident – Doubt

Second question – Nature of argument – Doubt

Third question – Partnership with Leroy Sabo – Lie

Evidence – Insurance Letter

Use the phone and call the Central Morgue.

Talk to the Coroner.

Return to the Pattison Residence and chase Leroy, but do not hurt the hostage!

The Fallen Idol

The Fallen Idol is the third case in L. A. Noire, which must be solved by Cole Phelps while he is a detective in the Traffic department.

The case starts when the detective is called at a car crash site, which can be located near the police section. The Fallen Idol case features two victims: Jessica Hamilton and her aunt June Ballard.

During the investigation, Cole Phelps finds several clues, including a pair of panties and a statue which was used to block the car’s acceleration pedal.

June Ballard is a successful actress, while her niece is trying to become one.

Players must interrogate both victims; but they should be aware that if they don’t ask the right questions, they won’t be able to gather additional clues.

Another key-character in The Fallen Idol case is Marlon Hopgood, who owns a house used by Mark Bishop, a movie producer.

The The Fallen Idol guide below, explains how to solve this case. There are 18 clues and 14 questions that should be asked.

Investigate the crash site.

Check the car and you will find a pair of panties and a letter.

Talk to the coroner.

Talk to June Ballard.

June Ballard Interrogation

First question – Doping allegation – Doubt

Second question – Suspect Mark Bishop – Doubt

Third question – Injured female passenger – Lie

Evidence – Pair of panties

Fourth question – Fake Shrunken Head – Doubt

Go to the Central Hospital and talk to Jessica Hamilton.

Jessica Hamilton Interrogation

First question – Crash Incident Report – Lie

Evidence – Pair of panties

Second question – Contact with parents – Lie

Evidence – Letter from mother

Third question – Association with Bishop – Doubt

Fourth question – Evidence of criminal abuse – Truth

After this interrogation, you will have to follow June Ballard.

Go to Bishop’s apartment to find additional clues.

Enter the room on the left and you will find a check on the floor.

You will also find a saddle in the main room, as well as a movie set photo and a movie set replica in the next room.

Find and interrogate Gloria Bishop.

Gloria Bishop Interrogation

First question – Domestic disturbance – Doubt

Second question – Whereabouts of Bishop – Truth

Third question – Check for $20,000 – Doubt

Fourth question – Abuse of Jessica Hamilton – Doubt

After the interrogation use the phone to find the exact address for Silver Screen Props.

When you Silver Screen Props follow these steps for more clues:

Go to the back sound stage and search the mirror. You will find a hidden camera.

In the same room check the shelf for Chloral Hydrate.

Go back to the entrance, then to your left, and you will find a newspaper.

Near the newspaper is the Prop Shrunken Head Molds.

Go outside and search near the dumpsters. You will find a secret wall. Enter the room.

Inside the secret room is a film reel and a film canister.

Find Marion Hopgood and interrogate him.

Marion Hopgood Interrogation

First question – Association with Bishop – Lie

Evidence – Chloral Hydrate

Second question – Whereabouts of Bishop – Truth

Third question – Relationship with Ballard – Lie

Evidence – Empty Film Canister

Fourth question – Evidence of Blackmail – Lie

Evidence – Blackmail

With all these details you will be asked to go to the Jungle Drums set to catch Bishop. Be advised that you will enter a gun fight; however after you complete this case, Cole Phelps is promoted to the Homicide desk.

A Slip of the Tongue

A Slip of the Tongue is an L.A. Noire Traffic case that can be accessed by those players who pre-ordered the game from Wal-Mart (Canada and U.S), JB Hi Fi (Australia) or Play (UK).

This bonus case is focused on a car theft crime that must be solved by Cole Phelps. Players who didn’t pre-ordered L.A Noire can opt to download the case through Playstation Network and Xbox LIVE Marketplace, after the game’s release date.

The Consul’s Car

Another exclusive L.A. Noire Traffic case is the Consul’s Car.

Similar to A Slip of the Tongue, the Consul’s Car is a case focused on finding the thief who stole a vehicle, but the difference is that the car belongs to Juan Francisco Valdez.

In L.A Noire, Juan Francisco Valdez is the Consul General of Argentina in Los Angeles.

The Consul’s Car is a PlayStation 3 exclusive case.

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