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L.A. Noire Game Guide: Suspects, Victims and Witnesses

L.A. Noire, the video game, includes a vast list of characters, but only some of them play an important role in game’s plot.

The L.A. Noire video game guide below reveals some of the “key characters” in the game, characters who interact with Cole Phelps during his investigations in Los Angeles.

These characters can be categorized in victims, witnesses, suspects and members of L.A. Police Department. The last category contains Cole’s partners, his commanding officers and other detectives.

The L.A. Noire characters guide also provides a list with random characters, as well as additional information about them.

Eventually, the guide will help L.A. Noire players to complete Cole’s cases and advance in the game faster.

L.A. Noire Suspects, Victims and Witnesses


Jessica Hamilton – is the victim in the The Fallen Idol case and she must be interrogated by Cole Phelps. She can be found in the city’s hospital, but players should know that during her interrogation, they must ask the right questions, otherwise Jessica won’t confess what really happened to her.

June Ballard – is the second victim in the The Fallen Idol case. She is a movie star and Jessica’s aunt. June Ballard is also the wife of Guy McAfee, a successful L.A. mobster.

Tan Do –- is a laundry store owner and a victim in one of the cases that must be solved by Phelps.

Adrian Black -– is a missing character in the case called The Driver’s Seat. Cole is sent to examine Black’s car which is covered in blood. In the game, Adrian Black is played by the American actor, Larry Clarke.

Julia Randall -– is the victim in The Naked City case. Cole finds her dead in the bathtub. It is interesting to know, that The Naked City is also the name of a 1948 film, and Julia Randall was a model from Los Angeles who worked for Arnett Clothing Emporium.

Celine Henry -– is the victim in The Red Lipstick Murder case. Her body is found covered in messages written with a lipstick. The main suspect of this case is her husband.

Antonia Maldonado -– is found deceased in the City Hall Parking Lot. The suspect is her husband and she is the victim in The Silk Stocking case.

Lenny Finkelstein –- is the general manager of Polar Bear Ice Company and another victim in L.A Noire.

Cornell Eustace Tyree -– is found deceased in his apartments, along with his friend. Tyree is the first victim in The Black Caesar case.

Tyrone Anthony Lamont -– is the second victim in The Black Caesar case and Cornell’s friend.


Mark Bishop –- he is the main suspect in The Fallen Idol case and Gloria Bishop’s husband.

Frank Morgan -– main suspect in The Driver’s Seat case. He is also a friend of Adrian Black.

Garret Mason- – works at The Bamba Club and he must be interrogated in the Red Lipstick case

Jacob Henry – husband of Celine Henry who was murdered. He is also a suspect in the Red Lipstick case.

Angel Maldonado – Antonia Maldonado’s husband and suspect in the Silk Stocking case.

Margaret Black – Adrian Black’s wife and suspect in The Driver’s Seat case.


Dudley Lynch -– is one of the witnesses and he can be found at Ray’s Café where he works as a bartender.

Nate Wilkey -– is a rail worker and a witness in the case called The Driver’s Seat.

Virginia Reynoldson -– is Julia Randall’s housemaid and a witness in The Naked City case. Virginia is the one who found Julia Randall in her bathtub.

Margaret Black -– is Adrian Black’s wife and a witness in The Driver’s Seat case.

Ms. Galletta -– she can be found in a shoe store where she works as a salesgirl.

Fickman -– he owns a gun store in L.A Noire.

John Ferdinand Jamison -– is a witness in the Red Lipstick case and he offers additional information about the crime.

L.A. Police Department Members

Cole Phelps -– born 1921, he is the main character in the game. He starts as a patrol officer and he advances in the LAPD Police Department as a detective.

Ralph Dunn -– born 1922, he is Cole’s partner and a patrol officer.

Stefan Bekowsky -– born 1921, Stefan Bekowsky is a detective in the Traffic Department. He is Cole’s partner after the first promotion.

Gordon Leary -– born 1917, Gordon Leary is captain of the Traffic Department and Cole’s superior.

Herschel Biggs -– is an Arson detective and he partners with Cole Phelps after the second promotion. His primary weapon is a .38 Detective Revolver.

Lachlan McKelty -– captain of the Arson Department.

Rusty Galloway -– born 1907, is a homicide detective and Phelps’ partner after the third promotion. He is also known as Finbar “Rusty” Galloway.

James Donnolly -– born 1905, Donnolly is Phelps’ commanding officer in the Homicide Division.

Roy Earle -– born 1920, Detective Roy Earle will become Phelps’ partner after the fourth promotion. He works at the Vice Desk.

Archie Colmyer –- commands the Vice Department and he is a Lieutenant.

Random Characters

William Ward – Detective

Detective Tilden – Detective

Detective Case – Detective

Floyd Rose – Detective

Detective Hobbes – Detective

Detective Rossi – Detective

Roger Becket – Photographer

Clyde Hart – Patrol Officer

Albert Lynch – Arson Investigator in the Los Angeles Fire Department

Guy McAfee – Mobster. Husband of June Ballard

McCall – Owns the The Bamba Club

Elsa Lichtman – Jazz singer at the The Blue Room

Leonard Petersen – Assistant District Attorney

Richard Coombs – Car dealer

Gloria Bishop – Mark Bishop’s wife

Malcolm Carruthers – Coroner at the Central Morgue

Curtis Benson – CEO of California Fire and Life

Harlan Fontaine – Clinical Psychologist

Johnny Stompanato – Mickey Cohen’s bodyguard

Carlo Arquero (Ancelotti) – Albert Hammond’s boxing manager

Gabriel Del Gado – Mechanic

Albert Hammond – Professional boxer

Jack Kelso – Claim investigator. Works at California Fire and Life

Juan Francisco Valdez – Argentinean Consul General

William Dewey – Car dealer

Anna Rodriguez – Gabriel Del Gado’s girlfriend

Marlon Harwood – Co-owner of The Silver Screen Prop Store

Fetcher Bowron – Mayor of Los Angeles

Leland Monroe – Real estate magnate

Henry Arnett – Director of the Arnett Clothing Emporium

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