Kingdoms of Amalur Reckoning Walkthrough

Kingdoms of Amalur Reckoning Walkthrough Part 6 Webwood

The sixth part of our Kingdoms of Amalur Reckoning walkthrough explains how to complete the side – quests available in Webwood, as well as all the tasks that may appear while exploring this zone.

The Kingdoms of Amalur Reckoning walkthrough Part 6 Webwood continues the quests started in Yolvan, the zone located to the north.

Players who have followed our full KoA: Reckoning game guide, already know the active quests that must be completed:

Old Friends, New Foes – Main Quest

The Hunters Hunted – Main quest

Two Knights and a Troll – Faction Quest

The Road Patrol – Faction Quest

Shadow of Enfamanir – Side Quest

Long Overdue – Task

The reason, for which we visit Webwood, is the Two Knights and a Troll faction quest. Since the last area visited was Yolvan, and the Shieldring Keep, if you wish to continue this quest, you must travel south, near Arden’s Hut.

When you enter Webwood, you should continue south, until you reach a small village called Canneroc.

Here, you should explore the houses first. You will notice that to unlock Gossamer End you need a key, but the rest can be accessed.

Make sure you enter the Vauner House and talk to Syllareta Vauner, to start the Hair of the Dog side-quest, and to Mengri Togh to start the Grim Harvest, side-quest.

Also, make sure you visit the basement and loot the cabinet on the left side, because here you will find one of Til’s books, needed to complete the Long Overdue task.

Another area of interest is The Silken Seat inn, where you can purchase recipes and you can start A Tangled Web quest, by talking to Garaner Vernt.

After you pick up, all these quests, you can start to complete them, one by one.

Side Quest: A Tangled Web

Objective: Meet with Garaner

While standing in the central area of Canneroc, move south, on the road to meet with Garaner, who is standing on a bridge. Garaner wants you to find and kill Barten, so he can maintain the control over Canneroc.

From your current position, move south and then west, towards a dead end where you will discover the Shade River Cave.  Eventually, you will encounter several Giant Spiders.

Make sure you loot their corpses because they contain the Poison Glands required to complete the Hair of the Dog task. When you get 15, you can return to Syllareta.

The Shade River Caves is a small dungeon that must be explored. Barten can be found in a passage NW from the entrance. Explore the caves, and don’t worry, because there are no special creatures inside, except for Giant Spiders which drop Poison Glands.

When you reach Barten you will have to make a decision; however, before killing him you should hear what he has to say. We decided to spare his life, since he was betrayed.

If you do this, make sure you follow him back to Canneroc, and you will get the Gossamer End Key. Additionally, you will start a quest called Cutting the Treads, end a task called Gossamer End.

Since you have the key, you should explore Gossamer End.

Task: Gossamer End

Objective: Visit Gossamer End

Gossamer End will be your personal mansion. First make sure you find Billis Aideh inside the inn. Talk to him and pay the fees he asks, so he can fix up old Gossamer End.

Upgrade the house to the max, and you will gain access to several chambers, where you can socket gems, grow plants, or change your character’s appearance. Explore your new house and then continue your side-quests in Webwood.

Side Quest: Grim Harvest

Objective: Investigate Togh Farm

From Canneroc, travel south east, towards Haxhi. To the south you will discover the Togh Farm, up on a hill. Enter the house, and explore it. Don’t forget to check the corpse in the basement.

Loot it and then the quest’s main objective will change. You must find and confront Cartery Jayck.

Fast travel to Canneroc and locate Cartery Jayck near his cart. If you wish to make an arrangement with him, and get some gold, that’s fine, but we decided to kill him since he is a murderer.

Return to the Silken Seat to complete the quest, and then exit to start the next quest.

Side Quest: Cutting the Threads

Objective: Go to Castle Yolvan

Castle Yolvan is located north-west of Canneroc. Travel there and when you reach it, kill the Crudok, and approach the entrance. Crudok is a weak monster that can be defeated faster by using a fire spell.  After you take him out, locate the secret entrance to the west, while facing the castle.

When you enter, your objective changes, and you must find five Lorestones. The first one is at the entrance. Follow the main tunnel and you will each the second Lorestone.

The third is in a passage to the west, (second floor), while the third in the NE area of the dungeon (second floor).

The last one is to the north. Make sure you activate them all and watch your steps because the place is filled with traps. After you activate all stones, a gate to the west will open. Proceed through the gate and you will enter a large hall filled with treasures.

At the end of the hall, you will find the Widow, a powerful boss who will attack you, by spawning a swarm of spiders. While the Widow vanishes, you have to take out all spiders. Remember that these creatures are weak against fire spells, and kill them to receive a new side-quest.

Side Quest: The Widow’s Wrath

Objective: Escape from Castle Yolvan

To exit from Castle Yolvan, you have to reach the bottom floor, and from there the main gate; however, stay alert because the spiders will re-spawn in most chambers you pass through.

Exit the castle then return to Canneroc, which is now under attack. Take out all spiders attacking Canneroc, then talk to Barten and tell him about the Widow.

Your next objective is to travel to Cathrus, located in the southern side of Webwood.

When you enter Cathrus, the Widow will expect you at the entrance. Talk to her and at this point you have to make another decision. You can help the Widow and destroy Canneroc, or you can kill the Widow and save the city. We decided to slay her, since she was the one who attacked Canneroc in the first place.

The dungeon known as Cathrus is no different than the rest, meaning that it has a square shape, and is filled with treasures and spiders. Make sure that you use a weapon which inflicts fire damage, if you want to open the cells and kill the spiders faster. Start with the southeastern tunnel and follow it all the way to the Widow’s location.

The Widow is a powerful boss, capable to cast fire spells and lightning spells on you. Additionally, she will summon spiders all the time, and she can teleport herself.

A good strategy is to use the spiders and fill your fate bar, then enter reckoning mode and focus all attacks on the boss. During your battle against Widow’s minions, you should consume several potions that can decrease the damage you take from fire and lightning.

After you defeat her, loot her corpse then return to Canneroc and report your deed to Barten.

Now, since all quests in Canneroc have been completed, we will focus on the faction quest that brought us to Webwood.

Faction Quest: Two Knights and a Troll

Objective: Escape from Castle Yolvan

From Canneroc, travel east though the pass to the Ballads Library. Here we must talk to Tenhwa regarding a Fae Cairn.

To open the Ballads Library, you need the Ballads Signet Ring which is obtained by completing the previous objective of this chained-quest.

Enter the library and talk to the Fae Cairn who will send you to recover 5 Fae Cairns, in the Haxhi. While standing near the Fae Cairn, enter the room to the right and you will see an Echostone.

Use the Treasures of Meropis stone, on the desk to activate the Echostone, and start the Treasures of Meropis ballad and side-quest. Now, go upstairs and check the chest to the left for a Skill Book (dispelling) and other additional items.

Exit the library and go south following the main road, and then east towards Haxhi. After you cross the bridge, kill the Mountain Troll, and then continue on the road, but pay attention to the right side, because you have to find a round stone similar to the one used on the Echostone, in the Ballads Library.

It is the Two Knights and a Troll, Part 1.

Follow the same road, but to the north, and then slightly turn east, to discover a new location: Sundur Caverns.

When you enter the cavern, head north and talk to Sir Airmer. Tell him what you are looking for and he will give you the Two Knights and a Troll, Part 5.

Continue to follow Sir Airmer through the dungeon and he will help you find the lost Cairns; but keep in mind that the last artifact  is guarded by a boss troll named Nix. A good idea is to enter reckoning mode while fighting Nix and the Sprites that spawn near him, for additional experience.

After you get the last Cairn, simply exit Sundur Caverns and go back to Tenhwa. Talk to her, and use the Echo Stone in the next room, to find the words that will release Tenhwa. These words are:

“You are a human now, go”

Free Tenhwa, and then return to King Wencen in the House of Ballads. As you notice the king disappeared, but the Maid of Windermere appears in his place. Exit the Court of Encampments and talk to Hallam the White.

If you continue to help his faction, you will be able to start a new faction quest called What Lies Beneath, but this quest must be completed while visiting the Star Camp, in the northern area of The Sidhe.

Since all the quests have been completed, you are ready to travel to Didenhil, Glendara’s main city; however before leaving, you should start The Treasures of Meropis side-quest, since these treasures are scattered all around the world. Three of them are near the locations you already visited, which means and you can recover them quickly if you fast travel.

Side Quest: The Treasures of Meropis

Objective: Recover the treasures

Fast travel to Waterhall Down, in Odarath, and then on foot, NE until you reach the Red Legion camp, near the river. The treasure is in the river’s water.

Fast travel to Holnstead in Ettinmere, and from there, swim to the east where you will find another treasure. From this point fast travel to the Ballads Oratory, and from there, swim the NW.

By now, you should have three treasures out of five.

Return to Shieldring Keep, then head east, through the pass, until you enter Glendara.  Stay on the main road and you will meet Thaddeus Holn fighting some Boggarts. Talk to him and you will start The Natural Order side-quest.

Now, continue towards, the city and check the lake in front of it, for another Treasure of Meropis. Return to Didenhil, because here you will have to complete several quests which require the full exploration of Glendara.

Kingdoms of Amalur Reckoning Walkthrough
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