Kingdoms of Amalur Reckoning Walkthrough

Kingdoms of Amalur Reckoning Walkthrough Part 4 Ettinmere

The following Kingdoms of Amalur Reckoning walkthrough part 4 Ettinmere explains how to complete all side-quests, main quests, and faction quests, while exploring the Ettinmere area featured in KoA Reckoning.

The guide is the fourth part in our Kingdoms of Amalur Reckoning, and continues the events encountered after the House of Ballads.

Our quest-log features the following active entries:

Into the Light – Main Quest

The Road Patrol – Faction Quest

Ballad of Bloody Bones – Faction quest

Long Overdue – Task

From Arden’s Hut move south west and you will discover Canneroc.

Continue west  near the road, and inspect the Silkfarmer remains to start Resting the Bones side-quest.

Side Quest: The Resting the Bones

Objective: Find 6 remains

All remains are in Webwood, around Canneroc. Pick them up while exploring the area and you will discover the Share River Caves, to the SW.  Investigate them for additional items.

Pick up the bones and bring them to the well in Canneroc to complete the quest. Stay alert because the city was attacked by spiders.

After you complete this side-quest, head west towards Ettinmere. Stay on the main road, through the pass between Webwood and Ettinmere and you will discover a new settlement called Holnstead.

Go to the city, because there are several side-quests you have to complete.

First, talk to Econeg Holg, in the center of the settlement, to start The Fisherman’s Bride side-quest.

Now talk to Avicenn Ettele who is sleeping in his tent, in order to start the Shine and Shadow side-quest.

Avicenn’s tent is to the right, while facing Econeg’s working table.

Side Quest: The Fisherman’s Bride

Objective: Clear the pier

Econeg wants you to clear the pier, by killing the monsters there, because they have chased an Ettin. Go SW from Holnstead and kill the wolves near the carcass. Follow the main road to the south, and when you reach the first crossroad, leave the main road and stay on the path the left.

Defeat the Ettin Brute using a poisoned blade or a lightning spell, and then Econeg will appear. Tell him that you killed the Ettin, then follow him, in order to save him from a monster called Leanashe.

Leanashe’s weak point is poison. Take her out then loot her corpse and talk to Econeg again to complete the quest, and start another one, named Imelda’s Charm.

Side Quest: Imelda’s Charm

Objective: Find the missing charm

While standing on the ledge where you have killed Leanashe, jump in the water and swim west paying attention to the diving spots.

You will advance faster and you will find additional items. Continue west, and on a suspended bridge, you will see an Ettin Brute.

Use the same strategy you have used before and kill him, then loot the corpse and recover the charm. Now, return to Econeg, but this time avoid the water and explore the Ettin camps.  After you complete the quest, return to Holnstead.

Side Quest: Shine and Shadow

Objective: Recover the artifacts

For this quest, you have to recover Avicenn’s artifacts. These items are located in Dellach, which is the location we have to visit for the main quest, Into the Light.

From Holnstead, follow the road to the north, and then go west. Eventually, you will discover a new dungeon, called Uduath.

You should explore it later, because inside is a cell which can’t be opened unless you have the right key. The key can be acquired during a specific quest.

Continue west and stay on the main road, to find a new location: Gnomish Expedition. Make sure you explore the camp for additional items, and then push forward to the SW. You will reach another camp, where you will encounter an Ettin Brute.

Defeat the Ettin Brute and investigate the camp. When you exit on the other side, check the highlighted corpse and pick up the Mission Brief, to start the Rallying Cry side-quest.

Near the corpse you will see Agarth, fighting two Ettin Brutes. Help him and then talk to him, to continue the main quest.

Main Quest: Into the Light

Objective: Follow Agarth into Dellach

For this quest, all you have to do is to explore the dungeon named Dellach. Here you will also find and Ettin boss named Kurtorix, who is carrying Avicenn’s artifacts, needed to complete the Shine and Shadow quest.

This is an easy fight since Agarth is by your side. Fully explore Dellach until you reach an area where Agarth tells you that he can’t accompany you further. Here you will have to defeat a powerful Ettin WarPriest.

While magic attacks have little or no effect on the War Priest, you should know that a sharp blade is the best option to defeat this boss. Don’t forget to drink any potions you have that can protect you from spells, especially lightning.  You should push the Ettin War Priest against a wall and melee him with your sword, or daggers.

After you defeat the WarPriest loot the corpse and talk to Agarth, then continue through the dungeon until you reach the Theater of Fate.

Enter and follow Agarth, killing everything that moves. When you reach the main chamber, approach the Destiny Stone and touch it to receive the Codex of Destiny.

Now, talk to Agarth again, but get ready because the Tuatha soldiers will appear, as well as Alyn Shir. After you kill the soldiers, talk to Alyn and then to Agarth. You will receive two main-quests: Old Friends, New Foes and The Hunter’s Hunted.

If you wish to complete Old Friends, New Foes, you will have to travel to the House of Ballads, but if you wish to continue The Hunter’s Hunted you have to meet Agarth in Didenhil.

For now, you should exit and complete the side-quests in Ettinmere, since Didenhil is close to the House of Ballads.

Exit to Ettinmere using the door to the north.

Side Quest: Rallying Cry

Objective: Kill the Ettin Shamans

To complete the quest you must kill Sul, Merog, Duxtir and Ansir, the Ettin Shamans.

These Shamans are scattered all around Ettinmere. From Dellach, go south to find Ansir, near the Ballads Oratory. To the east you will find Sul; on the central island, Merog, and on the north side of Ettinmere, Duxtir.

After you kill them, you have to report to Shieldring Keep in Yolvan, but don’t leave Ettinmere without visiting the Ballads Oratory, where you have to complete a faction quest.

Faction Quest: Rallying Cry – Ballad of Bloody Bones

The entrance to the Ballads Oratory may be locked if you didn’t start the quest chain in the House of Ballads.

Assuming that you already have the key, access the Oratory, and talk to King Wencen in the central area. He will send you to find Sir Farrara. After you complete the quest, you have to go back to the House of Ballads.

While in the Ballads Oratory don’t forget to check the Echostone behind King Wencen, because near it you will find the Shadow of Enfamanir stone. Use the stone on the pillar and you will start the Shadow of Enfamanir side-quest.

Now, exit the Oratory and fast travel to Uduath, the dungeon you have discovered earlier. Enter the dungeon and go left through the first tunnel to find Farrara. Help him to open the cells of Uduath, and free the prisoners, then reach the large cave to the NW, and talk to Bloody Bones.

Decide the faith of the prisoners, as you wish; however, keep in mind that Bloody Bones is not an easy enemy, and he is resistant to melee attacks.

After you complete this quest, you can exit Uduath, and leave Ettinmere, for now. Our next destination will be Yolvan, where Shieldring Keep is located.

Kingdoms of Amalur Reckoning Walkthrough
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