Kingdoms of Amalur Reckoning Walkthrough

Kingdoms of Amalur Reckoning Walkthrough Part 3 House of Ballads

We have arrived to House of Ballads, after traveling from Gorhart, tracking several quests received from the locals.

Our Kingdoms of Amalur Reckoning walkthrough part 3 House of Ballads explains how to continue the events started in the previous part, and how to solve all side-quests and tasks while playing in this area.

House of Ballads is located in the northern area of Dalentarth.

To get to the House of Ballads from Gorhart, travel west, following the main path, and then north, when the main road turns south.

Those who have followed our Kingdoms of Amalur Reckoning walkthrough up to this point already know that we have to complete the following quests:

Into the Light – Main Quest

Out of the Past – Side Quest

The Road Patrol – Faction Quest

Building Bridges – Side Quest

Long Overdue – Task

Since the Building Bridges side-quest helped us to discover House of Ballads, we will continue to focus on this quest first, and then we will move to south in order to complete theall side-quests.

Side Quest: Building Bridges

Objective: Report the attack

To continue this quest we have to report the attack that took place in Gorhart, to the Fae maiden, inside the House of Ballads

Move north and to the east you will discover a new place of interest called Gorguath. We will investigate it later.

When you reach the House of Ballads, step in and cross the bridge. At the end of the bridge talk to Galin and tell him exactly what happened.

Now the objective was updated, and you have to turn back to Gorhart. Before leaving talk to Hallam the White, on top of the central stairs and tell him that you wish to fill the seat in the House of Ballads. Notice the flag on the right side of the screen, which means that you are acting towards a faction.

Now, if you wish you can say goodbye or, you can ask Hallam the White additional information about the Grave Tresh. You will learn that the Grave Tresh is in Gorguath, and you will start the Song of Sir Sagrell faction quest.

While standing on top of the stairs, facing the large door in front of you (locked) you can go left and enter the Summer Sanctuary, where you can improve your persuasion skill, or you can go right and heal your hero.

Fast travel to Gorhart and seek Herc Adwold inside the inn and get your reward for completing the Building Bridges side-quest, then go down and purchase the Amman’s Key –Esharra from Daeda Eolfred.

Exit the inn and go west to the cemetery.

Talk to Gizela Wulflac to start the Homecoming side-quest.

Fast travel to Gorguath, if you want to start the Song of Sir Sagrell faction quest.

Faction Quest: Song of Sir Sagrell

Objective: Go to Gorguath

Enter Gorguath which is a subterranean maze. Near the entrance to the right is a Gorguath Stone.  Activate it and continue north until you meet the Pledge Ficon.

Tell him that you wish to help and you will find out that you must destroy the heartvines in order to get to the Grave Tresh.

While Gorguath may look like hard to explore maze, you should know that all tunnels are connected, and they go around the central area. This means that if you start your exploration on the east side, you will go all around and you will return through the western tunnel.

Make sure you pull the vines, and then a door will open in the central area. Go through the next tunnel only when you are ready for a boss fight.

Grave Tresh Boss Fight

The Grave Tresh is not an easy boss, but if you know his weakness you will take him down quickly. To do this, make sure you poison him and always keep your shield up when he is casting his spells on you. If you try to melee him, you will see that the Grave Tresh starts to smash the ground. Try to push him near a wall, then quickly hit him with your favorite weapon. If you have some poisoned daggers, use those.

After you kill the Grave Tresh, follow the main passage to the NW until you see a tree with pink leafs. The ring is in front of him. Pick it up, but get ready to defeat two more bosses similar to the first one. Use the same tactics, and after you kill them, don’t forget to loot everything. Explore the adjacent tunnels, and then exit the area using the main entrance.

While standing at the entrance, fast travel to House of Ballads and turn in the Song of Sir Sagrell quest, by entering the large chamber, which was locked when you first came here.

Talk to Hallam the White and you will unlock a new faction quest walled Ballad of Bloody Bones and a new location called the Ballads Oratory.

Exit the grand hall and enter the Hall of Accolades, to get Amman’s Key-Summer, located in a chest to the right, near the entrance. In the same chamber to SW you will see Glianal standing near a pillar. Next to Glianal is round stone, to the right, while facing him. Pick the item and use it on the Echostone to start The Flame of Rhyderk quest.

Exit the House of Ballads, open the World Map and locate Yolvan, and then Arden’s Hut. If you discovered this place, fast travel here, because we will now focus on another quest.

If you don’t have this location on your map travel on foot, all the way south. Eventually, you will also find Shieldring Keep. NW, from Shieldring Keep, on the main road, is a character named Penri Kell. If you talk to him you will start a task called Reprisal, Reprised.

Task: Reprisal, Reprised

Objective: Obtain antelope trophies

To complete the first part of the task, you need 4 antelope heads. This part is easy because you will find the antelopes near Penri’s camp. Just walk around, kill 4 with your bow and loot the trophies, then return to the quest-giver.

For the second part, you have to display the trophies in a specific spot, NW of Penri’s camp. It is a high stone column and the spots are marked on the column’s sides.  Mount the trophies, and then get ready to fight a troll named Lekka the Corpulent.

To kill Lekka the Corpulent you should use the same strategy as the one used to defeat your first troll. Roll around and hit from behind. A poisoned blade is very efficient against this boss, as long as you avoid Lekka’s attacks.

After you kill him get the Maiden’s Ring he carries and give it to Penri to complete the task and add a new location to your map, the Star Camp.

Now go south until you reach Arden’s Hut.

Main Quest: Into the Light

Objective: Meet Arden

Enter the house and talk to Alyn Shir.

After she vanishes, talk to Agarth who wants you to meet him in Dellach, a location very close to the Ballads Oratory, in Ettinmere. Before moving forward, we will focus on the remaining side-quests.

Side Quest: The Flame of Rhyderk

Objective: Find Rhyderk’s blade

From Shieldring Keep, travel east to Star Camp and then SE. The blade is protected by Jotuns, which are weak to poison.

Pick up the blade, then take it back to any forge and craft a unique blade.

Side Quest: Homecoming

Objective: Discover Camden’s fate

From Shieldring Keep, travel east to Glendara and enter Didenhil. In the town look for the inn and inside you will find Camden Wulflac, standing near the bar. Convince him that his wife still loves him, and then return to Gizela Wulflac in Gorhart’s cemetery for your reward.

Side Quest: Out of the past

Objective: Acquire Itran’s dagger

Itran’s dagger is the last dagger we need for this quest. We already have Delf’s dagger and Ugnar’s dagger from the Odarath.

To get Itran’s dagger, travel south from Didenhil (not Star Camp). Itran’s camp is near the road to the left while moving south. If he isn’t there loot his chest to spawn him. Kill him and take his dagger.

Take it back to Red Idward in Bloodstone Deep NW from Didenhil, in Glendara.

If you decide to kill Red Idward, you will have to travel to Delf in Gorhart.

Since these quests are now completed, we will continue the main quest, which takes us to Ettinmere, the SW region of Dalentarth.

Kingdoms of Amalur Reckoning Walkthrough
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