Kingdoms of Amalur Reckoning Walkthrough

Kingdoms of Amalur Reckoning Walkthrough Part 29 Twilight Pass

Twilight Pass is the final Alabastra area, you have to visit before entering Amaura, where Gadflow’s imposing citadel is located.

Similar to Shadow Pass, Twilight Pass is a Tuatha territory, but unlike the previous zone, it features multiple Tuatha camps.

Be prepared to fight against Tuatha Priests, Tuatha Zealots, Prismere Trolls and Tuatha Warlords.

When you enter the pass, after you explore it, make sure the following points of interest are marked on your map:

Ashmoor – First Tuatha encampment

Weconai – Located on the eastern side of the pass

Eventide – In the central area of Twilight Pass

Echoing Light Mine – East from Eventide

Cadsymyr – North from Eventide

Cadsymyr, Eventide and Ashmoor are Tuatha camps. Clear them and if you spent enough points in Detect Hidden Skill, make sure you loot all hidden chests.

Another point of interest in Twilight Pass is the secondary entrance to Glowlode Mine, and area we have covered in our previous walkthrough.

While traveling towards Amaura, in Ashmoor, on the main road, you will meet a quest giver named Aluck. He will ask you to kill two Witch Knights who serve Gask.

To reach Gask, in Cadsymyr, you must get rid of his loyal servants.

Side Quest: Gask

Objective: Defeat the Witch Knights

The first Witch Knight is located in a camp east from Echoing Light Mine. If you cleared the zone, you will notice that he is alone, and he is focused on a Sagecraft Altar. Assassinate him quickly and travel to Cadsymyr. From there go north and take out the second Witch Knight.

Now, travel to southwest and kill Gask. Go around him and you will be able to assassinate the boss. Return to Aluck in Cadsymyr to complete the quest you have received.

The next point of interest you should visit is Weconai. In the first hall you will find a NPC, named Ordo.

Talk to him and use the Erathi Sigil-Stone on the wall to the west, to set him free. Speak to Ordo again and you will start a new side-quest named Ordo.

Side Quest: Ordo

Objective: Find the Fateweaver

To complete this quest, you have to find a Fateweaver named Maura Chalin. She promised Ordo to alter his fortune; therefore, you must explore Weconai. To reach Maura faster, follow the tunnel south, and you will find a blocked door. At this point, get ready to protect Ordo while he opens the large gate.

You will be attacked by Elite Murghans in waves (2). After you defeat them, follow the only tunnel and you will find the great chamber. Loot the chests around Maura, then talk to her, but get ready to confront her. T

he weak spell caster won’t stand a chance against you and your sharp blades. Just to avoid any “unpleasant” situations, drink a potion to boost your damage, then take her out and talk to Ordo to complete his quest.

Exit Weconai, then fast travel to Echoing Light Mine, to start a new side-quest. When you enter the mine, in the first tunnel, inside a cage you will find Nel. Release her using the lever near the cage, and you will be able to begin a quest called Bareth.

Side Quest: Bareth

Objective: Find Bareth

For this quest fully explore Echoing Light Mine, following the northern passage. Kill all Tuatha, and you will enter a chamber where two Murghans are being held captive in two cages.

Use the lever behind their cages, and you will find out that Bareth died. To continue the quest, you have to find Bareth’s charm, located in the next cave, inside a pile, near a cell. Grab the Murghan Charm, then go east and find Cryamor, a very weak Tuatha Boss.

Slay him, and then go back to Nel, to complete her quest and get the Erathi Glyph.

The Erathi Glyph can be used to unlock the Eventide Treasure, a special green chest located south-east from Echoing Light Mine, near the mountain. Get the items inside, then you can leave Twilight Pass and enter Amaura, the final area in Alabastra.

Kingdoms of Amalur Reckoning Walkthrough
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