Kingdoms of Amalur Reckoning Walkthrough

Kingdoms of Amalur Reckoning Walkthrough Part 27 High Fulgen

After you leave the House of Pride, and Caeled Coast, you will enter in Alabastra, and High Fulgen.

Alabastra is the final major zone in Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning and it is divided in four sub-zones: High Fulgen, Shadow Pass, Twilight Pass and Amaura.

The following Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning video game walkthrough refers strictly to the first sub-area included in Alabastra, and known as High Fulgen.

As soon as you enter High Fulgen, Alyn Shir along with your allies will inform you that it is better to follow different paths in order to get to Amaura.

Your orders as well as the main quest (Taking Vengeance) are clear. You must reach Amaura alone and meet your allies there.

With this being said, it’s time to focus on the side-quests that can be completed for additional experience.

NOTE: When you enter Alabastra, make sure you start to prepare your hero for the final battles and bosses. Try to use only unique weapons and armors, and make sure your inventory includes various potions that can boost your hero’s attributes during your journey through Alabastra.

High Fulgen features six points of interest:

Camp Moondown – To the north, near the main road.

Primordia – To the west

Glasspillar Caves – East from Primordia

Whispering Caves – South from Glasspillar Caves

Ariad Camp – In the pass between High Fulgen and Shadow Pass

Dark Glow Cavern – South from Ariad Camp

Your first stop should be in Camp Moondown, where two quest-givers need your help. The first quest-giver (NPC) is Captain Canwen. Talk to her and you will start a side-quest called The Siege of Moondown.

Side Quest: The Siege of Moondown

Objective: Defend Camp Moondown

As soon as this side-quest starts, follow Canwen and get ready to fight a wave of Tuatha Soldiers. Entering Reckoning Mode while defending Moondown is a good idea since the Tuatha will stay close to each other allowing you to use AoE attacks.

After you manage to push back the invaders, talk to Canwen and she will ask you to travel to Glasspillar Caves and find a healer named Colm.

Glasspillar Caves is a short and round dungeon, perfect for all Nightblades, since most Tuatha and Bolgans inside can be assassinated. After you clear the first hall, go north, and the tunnel will take you to Colm, and you will be able to fully explore the dungeon.

After you talk to Colm Bardan, give him a healing potion, or go to the camp and buy one. Help Colm reach the exit, and make sure he stays alive, then travel to Moondown and talk to Captain Canwen. You will be sent to Whispering Caves where Canwen thinks that you will find the weaponsmith, named Anella Saff.

Whispering Caves is a medium dungeon, but if you follow the eastern tunnel, past the jump point, you will find Anella in a cage. Open it by pulling the lever near the cage, and she will tell you that she won’t leave Whispering Caves without a precious staff owned by Arba, a Dokkalfar sorcerer.

Offer your help and follow her through the caves, but protect her at all costs. Kill the Faer Gorta Ambushers that attack you when you reach the large statue, then grab the staff from the statue’s hand and give it to Anella.

Exit the caves and return to Captain Canwen. Protect the camp again, and if you succeed, you will be asked to find some mercenaries. Their camp is in the middle area of High Fulgen, up on a stone bridge.

When you reach the camp, talk to Gorem Kane and he will agree to help Canwen if you burn down three Tuatha towers. All of them are located around Primordia. After you burn down all towers, return to Gorem, and then visit Canwen.

NOTE: To burn a Tuatha Tower, approach the construction and press A (on Xbox 360).

For the next part of this quest, approach the podium and inspire the troops by persuading them. Repel the Tuatha invaders for the third time, and then speak to Canwen to finish The Siege of Moondown.

Now, it is time to talk to the other quest-giver, the ruler of Pride House, Knave the Pride, who needs you to kill three Tuatha Bolgan Masters.

Side Quest: Bolgan Bane

Objective: Kill the Tuatha Bolgan Masters

This quest is simple, because all Tuatha Bolgan Masters are located on your map as follows: one in the middle area of High Fulgen, one to the east, in Glasspillar Caves, and one to the south, near the pass between High Fulgen and Shadow Pass.

Take them out, and then return to Knave to complete the quest.

For the final quest in High Fulgen, you have to travel to Ariad Camp. Stick to the main road that takes you south toward Shadow Pass, and you will meet a quest giver, named Desiderus Trav.

Side Quest: The Killing Ground

Objectiuve: Break through the Tuatha Lines

Accompanied by Desiderus head south and kill the Tuatha guarding the road. After you complete this task, Desiderus will ask you to meet him in Shadow Pass.

You should leave High Fulgen, and fight your way south, to Shadow Pass.

On your way, you will meet your party members trying to reach Amaura on different paths. Push forward and keep in mind that you are in the Tuatha territory now, and the number of enemies encounter increased exponentially.

Act accordingly, stay alert, and let none survive.

Kingdoms of Amalur Reckoning Walkthrough
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