Kingdoms of Amalur Reckoning Walkthrough

Kingdoms of Amalur Reckoning Walkthrough Part 21 Tywili Coast

The 21th part in our full Kingdoms of Amalur video game walkthrough, explains how to solve all quests in Tywili Coast, the final area that must be explored before leaving to Mel Senshir.

Our KoA walkthrough also explains how to solve all quests available in Rathir and Moon Camp, as well as the remaining faction-quests and tasks in our quest log.

Players, who have reached this area, should know that most quests started in the Plains of Erathell and Detyre, will end in Tywili Coast or Rathir.

In other words, when players decide to set sail towards Mel Senshir and Cursewood (the first zone in Klurikon), the quest log must show only one main quest, one side quest and one task (excluding the repetitive and endless tasks such as Sartorial Splendor, Gathering Flames, or Dangerous Games).

Throughout the following Kingdoms of Amalur Reckoning videogame guide, we will cover all remaining quests and faction storyline quests.

When you enter Tywili Coast, make sure you discover the following points of interest: Dolve Arne, the entrance to Rathir, Moon Camp, Rithen, Culn and The Blackened Hall.

Assuming that you entered Tywili Coast through the northern pass, which connects this area with Galafor, you should find the first quest giver, north of Rathir. His name is Clyeth Arne.

Talk to him, and you will start the Family Arms side-quest.

Side Quest: Family Arms

Objective: Gain entrance to Dolve Arne

To enter Dolve Arne, you need a special pass which can be obtained by pickpocketing Anwyr Hedef at the entrance. Make sure you sneak behind the guard, and if the other guards see you while committing the crime, leave the area immediately and fast travel to a safe location.

Find a bed and sleep for 1 day or so, then return and enter Dolve Arne, after you talk to Anwyr Hedef.

He will give you the Dolve Arne key after you show him the pass. In Dolve Arne, reach the eastern wing of the building and look for two weapon racks. Take the Talisman of Arne and the Staff of Arne, and then bring these items back to Clyeth.

Travel south following the main road and you will find another quest-giver, named Maedrigal Fenn.  Speak to Maedrigal and you will start the Deserters’ Deserts side-quest.

Side Quest: Deserters’ Deserts

Objective: Hunt the deserters

All deserters are in Tywili Coast. Track the quest, and locate them. Make sure that after you kill a Freeman Deserter you loot his corpse and take the bottle of Bogstaunch he carries.

While hunting the deserters, you can also look for Elbin Meroch. Talk to him, and if you fail to persuade Elbin, fight him. If you manage to defeat him, the objective of the sides-quest House of No Doors, will change. Continue to kill the deserters and when you have five Bogstaunch bottles return to Maedrigal Fenn.

At this point you should enter Moon Camp.

First, pick up Til’s Collection IV, located inside a chest, in the eastern side of the camp, behind a stone pillar.

Locate Irion, King of Cups and talk to him. He will ask you to pray at the Hierophant Shrine. After you pray, you will receive a new objective for the faction quest named Something Borrowed. To complete it you must steal several items inside Rathir. For now, you should abort this quest until you enter the city.

In Moon Camp, find Vulgar Donnoh, the trader and talk to him, to start the Sartorial Splendor task. Like most tasks, it is a repetitive one. Vulgar is willing to buy any peasant clothes you have. Remember his location, and bring back the required items when you find them.

It is time to leave Moon Camp and enter Rathir, and complete some of the quests you have received.

When you enter the city, General Tilera will ask for your help. Make sure you agree to help her.  Now, go north and find Rhiad Guth, to start the Tidings of War side-quest.

Continue north and find Raf Klyr to start the side-quest called Every Sparrow Fallen side-quest, and then enter Custom House.  Inside, check the basement and talk to the NPC behind the window grill, to update the objective of the faction quest, called House of No Doors.

Faction Quest: House of No Doors

Objective: Search for Harst

Continue to explore the house and enter the catacombs. At the end of the dungeon, you will have to find Mad Harst, a very powerful sorcerer. Drinking potions to protect your hero from spells, is a must, otherwise you may not survive. Harst is accompanied by several cultists.

Make sure you take them out first, and focus on the boss later. Even if Harst is vulnerable to melee attacks, he is well protected. Avoid the ice boulders he throws at you, or he will slow you down.

Enter Reckoning mode if needed, to dispatch this boss faster. After you kill him, exit the catacombs using the ladder, then return to Rathir and talk to Gwyn Anwy. The House of No Doors ends here, but a new faction quest starts:  The Isle of Eamonn.

Now, head NW, on the quay, and find Lord Cras. Decide his fate, in order to complete The Treasures of Culn side-quest.

Next, enter the Seafoam Tavern, and complete the following actions:

-Talk to Veinrich the Peddler and ask him to give you the Chalice. Since he refuses, follow him, and steal it. If you get caught, pay the fine. By now, you should have enough money.

-Talk to Varen Seawine and give him the notice, for The Tidings of War side-quest.

-Talk to Walen Forstid to start the side-quest A Second to a Duel.

Exit the tavern, and enter Alchemical Specialist. Talk to Edwin Leodwald, and tell him about Ram, for the Messenger side-quest.

Outside, find Wyl Werrenir to begin a side-quest named Good with Locks.

Visit the Wending House and talk to Rhunir Wesnon. Give him the Notice of Duty and exit. Enter the Lower Tunnels, and talk to Galphyne Nargyfier. Ask her to give you the Rose-of-Shadows, and pay the price she asks. In  the tunnels also talk to Afan Del, and if he runs from you follow him.

Give Afan the notice, and continue to explore the tunnels, until you find Selni Peliad. Talk to her for the Every Sparrow Fallen side-quest, then exit the tunnels, and go back to Custom House.

Enter the storeroom and loot every chest inside, then return to Wyl to complete the Good with Locks quest.

Now, it is time to visit the City Watch. Enter the building and look for Captain Eriad Talibor. Tell him about the sparrows, and you will be sent to find Orwin Dunn, near the Abergast Residence. Take him out along with his bandits, loot the corpse for a note, then go back to the Sparrows in the Lower Tunnels. Slay Eriad and his guards, and then talk to Selni to complete her quest.

Get out to the city and enter the Officer’s Hall building to the south. Inside talk to Daltan Eames and ask him about his sword. Locate the weapon in the next room and place the Rose of Shadows on its tip. In the same building find Carasta Arawyn to start the Mixing Business quest. Get out of the building and first go to Gwalchmai’s Goods.

Give the items you received from Carasta to Galen, along with the wine you have in your inventory. When he is drunk, make him sign the contract and take it back to Carasta, to finish the Mixing Business quest.

While in this area, you should also talk to Walen and his mother, in the tavern to update the objective of his quest.

Travel to the western docks and talk to Jeibir Calurin. Name the boat as you wish, and decide Walen’s fate, then go north to assist the duel. Return to Jeibir to collect your reward and complete the quest.

At this point it is time to travel to the Upper City.

First go to Temple of Lyria, and pickpocket Maire, Queen of Cups, to get the Cowl of the Maiden for Something Borrowed faction quest. In the temple talk to Seila Twayn for the Lyria’s Lost task.

If you collected any relics during your journey, give them to Seila. Next, talk to Abelyra Seranon, to begin The Orison quest.

Side Quest: The Orison

Objective: Visit the three Springs

For this quest you have to visit three springs and collect the waters within them. Track your quest, and go north of Rathir (in Tywili Coast), then NW of Gloamthicket in Acatha, then visit the last spring in the pass that connects Galafor and Forsaken Plain.

Return to Abelyra when you finish your task, and you will receive another one. You have to travel to the Lower City and in the Lower Tunnels persuade Nuer Bedlym to stop his blasphemies.

Go back to Abelyra, and decide what you wish to give, for the third tasks. Since gold is easier to earn, we decided to give gold. After you complete the final task, the Orison quest ends, and you can leave the temple.

Now, enter the Wyvyrn-Girfe House and steal the signet from Ebsol Wyvyrn-Girfe, then talk to Maiwen Wyvyrn-Girfe and give her the Notice of Duty.

Exit the house and go to the Lower City, where Rhiad is waiting for you with the reward for Tidings of War quest.

Since you also gathered all items required to complete the faction-quest called Something Borrowed, fast travel to Moon Camp and give them to Irion. Pray at the shrine again to start a new faction quest, named Going Rogue.

Faction Quest: Going Rogue

Objective: Go to Rithen

In Rithen, you must find an amulet and bring it back to Irion. Phasmer Humm will accompany you. Follow his orders and kill the guards. If you can’t assassinate all of them, then confront them directly. When you find the amulet, Phasmer will trigger a curse, and you have to exit Rithen and go back to the Moon Camp.

Near the dungeon’s entrance Grim Onwig will wait for you. Pay close attention to what he has to say, and then take the gem he offers, and go back to Phasmer.

Help him, and talk to Grim again who will ask you if you want to help him get rid of the Hierophant. If you do, you will start a new faction quest for the Travelers, named Mirror, Mirror.

Faction Quest: Mirror, Mirror

Objective: Go to Blackened Hall

Fast travel to Blackened Hall where you must find the Glass of Ambient. Blackened Hall is a straight dungeon, inhabited by Niskaru. It is a good idea to increase your detect hidden skill before you enter this place, because there are many traps you have to deactivate in order to advance.

Following the main corridor will lead you to the last chamber of the dungeon where you have to fight The Guardian. This boss acts like normal Niskaru Tyrants, but the fight against him has multiple phases.

After you defeat him for the first time, you have to place the Amulet of Rithen on him, and he will return to fight.

Kill The Guardian again, then place the gem on him, and when he rises for the last time, he will be petrified. Inspect the hall, then pick up Glass of Ambient, and go all the way back to the entrance. Talk to Grim to finish the quest and to start another faction quest called Outside the Box.

Faction Quest: Outside the Box

Objective: Speak to Argine

Argine is located in Sun Camp, in Apotyre. Talk to her when you get there, then pray at the shrine. You will be asked to steal the Master’s Pick inside Adessa. Enter the Laboratories in Adessa and look for Eloren Criet.

She is willing to tell you where the pick is for some gold.

Sneak inside the Armory and loot the chest containing Eloren’s Note. Take the note back to Argine, then travel to Motus Mining HQ in Apotyre. Locate the Arrivus Engine in the Stebic Lab, to retrieve the Master’s Pick, and then bring it to Argine, to finish the quest.

Pray at the shrine again to start the next faction quest: Classic Misdirection.

Faction Quest: Classic Misdirection

Objective: Confront Maun Cointaker

For this quest, travel to Convict’s Cavern, north of Sun Camp. Unlock the cavern and talk to Maun. After you get the information from him, go to Snaketail Grotto in Apotyre.

Collect both parts required to form Maun’s Key and use the key to open the locked door on the western side of the grotto. Loot the chest for Maun’s Note. Reach the entrance and talk to Grim Owing, to finish the quest and start The Purloined Letters.

Faction Quest: The Purloined Letters

Objective: Meet with Phasmer

Fast travel to Adessa and visit the Livrarium. Inside, talk to Phasmer who will show you the entrance to the Vaults.  To fully explore the Vaults, you need two keys.

The first key is carried by the keykeeper, which can be killed very fast. For the second key you need to solve a puzzle. The item is inside a chest surrounded by braziers. To remove the chest’s protection, make sure all braziers are burning.

Once, you get the key, exit the vaults and give it to Grim, to complete the quest and start a new one, called Thick as Thieves.

Faction Quest: Thick as Thieves

Objective: Meet Crilgarin in the Hierophant’s Den

Fast travel to Sun Camp and enter the Hierophant’s Den. Argine will ask you to betray Grim, and at this point you should make a decision. We decided to stay with Grim. Look for Crilgarin and follow his orders. The Hierophant’s Den is an easy dungeon, and is perfect for a well-trained assassin.

You won’t encounter any special enemies, except for Argine. You will have to frame her, however, when you do this; remember that you can’t kill her. This is not your fight, or war.

The score must be settled between Argine and the gnomes. Focus on escaping the Hierophant’s Den, using the jump point, near Argine.

Follow Grim and when you reach the exit, you will get a new achievement, called Travelers, for completing the Travelers storyline quests. Additionally, you will get a new twist of fate, called The Chariot.

Now, exit Sun Camp and return to Rathir. Go to the Upper City and talk to Elund Carth. Persuade him to help the City of Mel Senshir and you will get the Elund’s Ring, and the approval to leave to Mel Senshir.

Locate Scholia Arcana because inside you will find several very important items.

Enter the Library and loot the bookshelf on the right side, for Aewald’s Notes (needed to complete Life’s Work task). In the southern chamber loot the locked chest to get the Threadbare Circlet (for Derfel’s Labors side-quest.

Talk to Idris Theonen and read the Omnibus Arcana book to start the side-quest named A Page-Turner. Exit and go to the Dormitory.

Inside the dormitory, loot the bookshelf in the main hall to get Til’s Collection VI. Exit the dormitory and check the Main Hall in Scholia Arcana. Talk to Aethan Engar to complete the Unquiet Bride faction quest and to start the next one, called Shardfall.

Side Quest: A Page-Turner

Objective: Visit the grounds

Exit to the courtyard and approach, the large statue. Read the Omnibus Arcana and then travel to Rathir Bridge, in Lower City. On the bridge, read the book again, then fast travel to Mel Aglir. Read the book for the third time, then fast travel Tam’s Wagon. From there, move west and read the tome.

Kill the creatures that attack you, read the tome again, and return to Scholia Arcana. Speak to Idris Theonen and answer his question.

We have tried The Principle of Preparation and failed miserably, as he kindly informed us; however, our reader JT informed us that the correct answer is Observation. Know that you will complete the quest even if you give a wrong answer.

Return to the courtyard and talk to Telemachus Rasp, to start the Learning Curve side-quest. To complete it, just travel to Gloamthicket and kill the Banshaen at the end of the dungeon.

Return to Telemachus for your reward. On your way to the Upper City, visit the Luminary Leaf again, and check the first bookshelf to the right, to get Wildfrold’s Notes. Use a phasewalk potion while stealing it, and then take the notes back to Oswald in Emaire, to finish a Life’s Work quest.

Faction Quest: Shardfall

Objective: Speak to Anker Edmure

Fast travel to Emaire and talk to Anker, inside his house. Anker will send you to hunt down a Paragon Barghest, north of Emaire. Take out the beast, loot the corpse, and take the heart back to Anker.

Next fast travel to Shardfall in Cradle of Summer.

Explore the dungeon and look for the corpse of Donnel Cutty on a highlighted platform. When you reach the end of the dungeon, talk to Cadoc Reen and kill him. Loot his corpse then return to Aethan Engar, in Rihten; to complete the faction quest and start the next one in line.

Faction Quest: Lightning in a Bottle

Objective: Ascend the Skycrown

Fast travel to Skycrown in Galafor/Acatha and follow the stairs up clearing every floor. Pay attention to the ice traps on the ground. When you reach the Skycrown Peak, kill all Ettin Shamans, and talk to Aethan on who is waiting for you.

Watch him jumping off the cliff, then fast travel to Caer Tosai and go south to find his body. Kill the possessed Aethan, loot his corpse and go back to Rithen, to complete the quest.

Faction Quest: A Crowded Mind

Objective: Report to Archsage Caledus

In the Main Hall of Scholia Arcana, visit the Archsage Quarters and talk to Caledus. To do so you will be teleported after you place your hand on the body inside the main chamber. Caledus will ask you to undo a possession. Explore the Dreamworld, but make sure you loot every urn, because they contain valuable items and keys.

Kill Caledus’ possessions, and then go back to the Archsage. Choose your gift, based on your hero’s class, because you will receive a new Twist of Fate. The Fearless Twist of Fate will increase your elemental damage by 5 and your sorcery abilities by 1. Return to Scholia Arcana and talk to Caledus in the courtyard.

Place the keys in your inventory, on the statues in the courtyard, to summon Ciara Sydanus. Make sure you drink several potions to protect yourself from Ciara’s spells, and then take her out.

After your epic battle, Eran Methneen will appear. Talk to him and you will unlock a new achievement/trophy (Scholia Arcana) for completing the storyline quests. Leave Scholia Arcana and reach the harbor, to take the boat to Eamonn’s Isle.

Faction Quest: The Isle of Eamonn

Objective: Sail to Eamonn’s Isle

Talk to Captain Fros Gonthorm and set sail to Isle of Eamonn. Explore the island along with Gwyn, and then enter Eamonn’s Fortress.

Fully explore the fortress, killing all cultists inside, and when you reach the western chamber, clear it and Gwyn will ask you to travel to return to Shieldring Keep in Yolvan.

Inside the keep, talk to Tine Delfric, to complete the current faction quest and start the next one.

Faction Quest: The Mystic Hammer

Objective: Travel to Eagonn’s Tomb

Eagonn’s Tomb is located in the pass between Alserund and The Hollowlands. Using the key you received from Tine, enter the tomb and investigate it. The hammer is inside the sarcophagus located in the main chamber.

Take it and travel to Ironfast Keep in Menetyre.

When you get there talk to Gwyn, then follow her to the Hall of Firstsworn in Menetyre. Enter the hall and kill all kobolds and the troll that protects the secret passage.

When you enter the passage, just follow it and it will take you to the forge. Re-forge the Mystic Hammer then talk to Gwyn again, to complete the quest.

Faction Quest: The Mountain Prison

Objective: Travel to Cloudcrest

Cloudcrest is located east of Saltwell Caverns in Hollowlands.

Helped by Grian Shane and Gwyn, clear the caverns. Push forward unbtil you reach the first pillar. The pillar can be destroyed only with the Mystic Hammer. Equip it as your secondary weapon, and take down all pillars that form Khamazandu’s Crown.

After you destroy the last pillar, get ready for a boss fight against Anru Besin. While fighting against this boss, know that you can’t hurt him while the Fahrlangi cultists live. Take them out then focus on the boss. During the battle he will summon Niskaru to aid him. The interesting fact is that if you kill a Niskaru Bloodhunter, your health will regenerate.

Use these tips in your advantage, and drink some potions to protect your hero from Besin’s spells, and to increase your damage.

After you kill Besin, you will hear Khamazandu’s voice, and you have to make a decision: become his tool or refuse his offer. If you refuse it, talk to Gwyn and return to the Hall of the Firstsworn.

Talk to Tine Delfric, to unlock the Warsworn achievement/trophy for completing the Warsworn storyline quests.

Additionally, you will get the Truesworn Twist of Fate, which increases your might abilities by 1 point, your stun duration by 6% and your chance to critical hit vs. Niskaru by 10%.

NOTE: At this point you should open your quest log and make sure the only active quests (except for the repetitive tasks) are:

Breaking the Siege – Main Quest

The Messenger – Side Quest

Long Overdue – Task

All other quests that may appear in your log can be finished before sailing to Mel Senshir.

When you are ready to move forward, travel to Rathir, and locate Captain Dodwyn on the southern docks. Ask him to take you to your next destination, known as Mel Senshir, the most important city in Cursewood.

Kingdoms of Amalur Reckoning Walkthrough
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