Kingdoms of Amalur Reckoning Walkthrough

Kingdoms of Amalur Reckoning Walkthrough Part 20 Galafor

KoA: Reckoning players, who have completed all side-quests in Kandrian, should continue their journeys toward Rathir, through Galafor, the zone located east of Forsaken Plain and north of Kandrian.

Our Kingdoms of Amalur Reckoning walkthrough part 20 Galafor explains how to finish all side-quests, faction-quests and tasks while exploring Galafor and Acatha.

Galafor can be reached through the pass between Kandrian and Acatha, or by travelling on foot from the Refugee Camp in Forsaken Plain.

In this case, players will have to journey east.

When you enter Galafor, make sure you explore it, in order to add the following locations to your map: Skycrown, Gloamthicket, Tirin’s Rest, Burren Cove and Adarus.

Additionally, don’t forget to awaken the Windstone in Galafor, which can be located east of Gloamthicket.

Assuming that you have followed our full Kingdoms of Amalur Reckoning walkthrough, up to this point, it is the last Windstone you have to activate, in order to update the objective of The Great General main quest.

Main Quest: The Great General

Objective: Open the Gate at Urul-Tusk

After you successfully activate all Windstones, travel to Urul-Tusk in Cradle of Summer. When you get inside, you will receive a new objective. You will be asked to find the Piercing Light.

Urul-Tusk is a straight dungeon, meaning that there is only one tunnel to follow, which will take you to the Piercing Light.

Inside Urul-Tusk, you will fight against Niskaru and several rats. General Tilera will join you, but don’t expect her to help you too much.

While moving towards the end of the dungeon, try to save you fate points, and don’t enter Reckoning Mode, because when you reach the final chamber, Tilera will ask you to defend her while he stands on the central platform.

At this point, you will have to defeat 5 Niskaru, and then a boss, a Niskaru Tyrant named Azaghaal. To kill him, drink several potions to protect your hero from fire (Greater Flameguard) and to boost your hero’s damage and bleeding resistance, then enter Reckoning Mode and take out Azaghaal. You should also know that Azaghaal is vulnerable to poison.

After he falls, talk to General Tilera, and she will ask you to meet her in Rathir. Loot all chests in the main chamber and Azaghaal’s corpse, then exit Urul-Tusk and return to Tirin’s Rest.

Inside the city, visit the following locations:

–  Reedsong Inn. Talk to Kells Cafferty, and buy the Bloodstone needed for Derfel’s Labors side quest.

Now, talk to Meyra Maun (innkeeper) and give her the amount of gold she asks, to start the Collections side-quest.

Locksmith. Enter the Lab, kill all mages and talk to Tefroy Tarion. Show him the copied key, to update the objective of the Lock and Key faction quest.

Cergren & Brad, Mercantile. Talk to Gwastl Brad to start Tirin’s Secret side-quest.

Side Quest: Tirin’s Secret

Objective: Ask around Tirin’s Rest

Outside, in the central area, talk to Priestess Corelon and ask her about the prisoner. Now, go to Reedsong Inn and talk to Nil Kern, Meyra Maun and Florian Brennac.

Ask them the same question, and you the quest’s objective will change. Exit the inn and find Atheof Cergen to complete the side-quest Out of the Ruins.

Fast travel to Burren Cove and talk to Freynold Korrast. If you can’t persuade him, pay the fee, and he will open the gate for you. Find Adar in his cell, and ask him if he needs your help.

The objective of the quest will change again. At this point, you should continue through the tunnel and enter Tirin’s Sanctuary.

Check the bookshelf on the second floor and read the Spell Book Cornaic Corelon, for the magic words, then inspect the War Collection Box and deposit Meyra’s Purse inside, to update the Collections side-quest. Now, talk to Graem Haille, and ask her about the thief.

Additionally, you can start the Valley of the Blessed side-quest, by talking to her.

Go to Tirin’s Rest and talk to White Nil Kern. Persuade him and get the key, then go back to Burren Cove and open the gate to Adar’s cell. Get near him and break the circle around Adar to complete the quest.

Side Quest: Collections

Objective: Catch the thief

For this quest, you have to visit Tirin’s Sanctuary at night. Get a room at the inn and take a nap, and then return to the Sanctuary. The thief (Florian Brennac) will appear soon.

Talk to him and decide his fate. If you want to report him, go outside and find Priestess Corelon. Tell her about the thief to end the quest.

Faction Quest: Lock and Key

Objective: Return to Helmgard Keep

Since we know who copied the Vault Key, it is time to go back to Helmgard Keep and talk to Grian Shane.

After you report to Grian Shane, the Lock and Key faction quest will end and you will start a new one, named The House of No Doors.

Faction Quest: The House of No Doors

Objective: Question Livia Fenan

Livia Fenan is located inside a cell in the eastern wing of the keep. Make her confess her deed and return to Grian Shane.

Tell him about Elbin Meroch, and you will be asked to find him, and then meet Gwyn in Rathir. Elbin Meroch is in Tywili Coast. For now, you should abort this quest until you reach that area.

Side Quest: The Valley of the Blessed

Objective: Convince the vagrants to leave

From Burren Cove, travel NW, and you will reach a small camp, near an abandoned farm. Talk to Serabel Nareen and she will send you to find the Paling Wand. Fast travel to Adarus and fully explore the dungeon.

At the entrance Graem Haille will wait for you, because she also wants the wand. After you get the artifact you have to give it to Serable or Graem. We have decided that the Paling Wand belongs to the Nareen family.

Before leaving Galafor, you should complete one last task, but to do so, you must find Kandir’s Journal. The exact location is NW of Gloamthicket, near some large stone pillars. Read the journal and you will start a new task named The Secret of the Fae Pools.

Task: The Secret of the Fae Pools

Objective: Experiment with the urns

Like most tasks, The Secret of the Fae Pools is repetitive. First you should gather all stones on the urns, and then place them in an order to get some bonuses. If you don’t respect the correct order, you will take damage, by triggering several traps. For your convenience we will place some numbers on the urns, as follows:

-The urn to the north = 1

-The urn to the west = 2

-The urn to the south = 3

Here is what you get if you place the stones on these urns (remember 1, 2, 3 is the order, you have to respect).

Purple Stone, Red Stone, Blue Stone – You will summon a boggart and you will get 1, 215 XP. There is no need to kill the boggart since he is a companion.

Blue Stone, Purple Stone, and Red Stone – You will trigger a fire explosion

Red Stone, Blue Stone, and Purple Stone – You will trigger a poison trap

NOTE: The Secret of the Fae Pools is a repetitive and endless task. Your reward is the Boggart which will follow you and fight by your side. Another stone, green, can be found behind Cergren & Brand, Mercantile in Tirin’s Rest. Look for an overturned cart, and after you get it, you can use the following urn combinations:

Green Stone, Purple Stone, Blue Stone – Death’s Touch

Green Stone, Purple Stone, Red Stone– You will trigger a fire explosion

Red Stone, Blue Stone, Green Stone– You will trigger a fire explosion

At this point, all quests in Galafor and Acatha have been completed. The next destination, is Tywili Coast, the last area included in the Plains of Erathell.

Kingdoms of Amalur Reckoning Walkthrough
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