Kingdoms of Amalur Reckoning Walkthrough

Kingdoms of Amalur Reckoning Walkthrough Part 19 Kandrian

In Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning, Kandrian is the largest sub-zone located on the eastern coast of the area known as Plains of Erathell.

The following Kingdoms of Amalur Reckoning walkthrough part 19 Kandrian explains how to solve all quests while exploring Kandrian, in order to level up faster, and advance in the game.

Just like Forsaken Plain, Kandrian can be divided in two parts: Eastern Kandrian and Western Kandrian.

To reach the western side, players who have followed our full Kingdoms of Amalur Reckoning walkthrough, should use the pass between Tala-Rane and Kandrian.

As soon as you enter Kandrian, you should fully explore the zone, so you can add to your map the following points of interest: Derfel’s House, Tam’s Wagon, Lucky Mine, Caer Tosai, Tulan, Mel Aglir, Virki and Kandrian Keep.

Your first stop should be at Derfel’s House. If you go inside, talk to Derfel so you can start the side-quest called Derfel’s Labors.

Up on a hill, above Derfel’s House is a small camp, called Tam’s Wagon. Travel to that area and talk to Bardan Tam to start the Tinker’s Daughter quest.

After you pick up these side-quests, fast travel to Lucky Mine, to start the parallel quests: Derfel’s Labors and Vane’s Luck.

Side Quest: Vane’s Luck

Objective: Defeat Grinning Vane

Lucky Mine is a very small and dungeon; however, it is filled with traps. You will find Vane Spirrick in a large room to the east. He is an easy boss, and most of his Freeman assassins can be killed while sneaking behind them.

If you leveled up your character following our KoA walkthrough you won’t have any problems to defeat Grinning Vane.

Make sure you loot his body to get Grinning’s Vane Armband then continue to explore the mine to complete another quest. To turn in the contract visit Helmgard Keep in Tala-Rane.

Side Quest: Derfel’s Labors

Objective: Fetch the Rialte Brocaire

For this quest, you have to find a bottle of whiskey, inside a chest, in the northern side of the Lucky Mine. The chest is guarded only by Giant Rats. Make sure you get the bottle, and return it to Derfel.

Note: At this point you can continue the chained-quest given by Derfel. If you do, you will receive a letter that must be delivered to Mattix Dace.

Objective: Find Mattix Dace

Mattix Dace can be found in Mel Aglir, inside The Raven. He is the bartender.

When you talk to him, mention the letter you receive from Derfel, and then return to Derfel’s House to complete the second labor and start the next one.

Objective: Find the Corpse of Three Swords

For this labor, fast travel to Virki, and then SW, on the beach. You are looking for a corpse wearing a green costume, near a tree. Loot it and return to Derfel.

Objective: Gather the Items

To complete Derfel’s fourth labor, you have to find three different items: a circlet, a bloodstone, and the Rose of Kandrian. These items are scattered around the Plains of Erathell.

For now, you should get only the Rose of Kandrian which is located south of Tam’s Wagon, in Kandrian. For the bloodstone, and the circlet you have to travel to Tirin’s Rest in Galafor and Rathir in Tywili Coast. You can get them later if you can’t fast travel to these locations.

After you get the rose, focus on The Tinker’s Daughter side-quest, which requires your presence in Caer Tosai.

Side Quest: The Tinker’s Daughter

Objective: Rescue Julia Tam

Caer Tosai is also a very small dungeon. Inside you will fight only against Freeman Assassins. If you play as an assassin, know that most of your enemies can be assassinated. Julia Tam can be found inside a cavern to NW.

She will come to you as soon as you clear the area. After you free her, return to Tam’s Wagon and talk to Bardan Tam to finish the quest.

Now, fast travel to Mel Aglir, and go to The Raven tavern. Inside, talk to Eli Tems and start The Lord Kandrian quest.

Another NPC you should talk to is Patrick Morkan, if you started the Unquiet Bride faction quest.

After you talk to Patrick go to the second floor, and check the footlocker located inside the room at the end of the corridor. Pick up Lerkara’s Journal and read it to update the objective.

Now, exit the tavern and fast travel to Tulan.

Faction Quest: The Unquiet Bride

Objective: Search Tulan

Tulan is a dungeon with only one tunnel that can be followed. You will find Lerkara in a cell located on the left side of the main tunnel. Talk to her and she will tell you that there is a necromancer in Mel Aglir. That necromancer is Patrick.

After the dialogue ends, you have to find Patrick and confront him. Continue to follow the tunnel in Tulan and you will reach a chamber where you will see Patrick and Jane Morkan.

To finish the battle faster, drink some potions that can protect you from Patrick’s spells, and kill Jane first.

After both of them are dead, loot Patrick Morkan’s corpse to get his key, and use it to open the door at the end of the dungeon. Exit Tulan and talk to Lerkara inside the inn, to update your objective.

You must go to Moon Camp and talk to Savant Engar, but you can do this later, when you reach Tywili Coast.

At this point, exit the tavern and fast travel to Kandrian Keep, for the next quest.

Side Quest: The Lord Kandrian

Objective: Steal Kandrian’s Ring

Kandrian’s Ring is located in Lord Kandrian’s dormitory in the northern side of the keep. You can retrieve it very fast, since Lord Kandrian patrols around and he can’t see you. While exploring the keep you will see many chests, most of them containing unique or set weapons or armors.

If you need those items be very careful while trying to steal them, because the guards will attack you without trying to arrest you. If this happens, and you are overwhelmed exit the keep and fast travel to Mel Aglir.

Pay the fine to the guards in the village, to reduce the threat level, and then return to the keep. After you get the signet ring give it to Eli Tems in Mel Aglir. If you wish, you can also explore Kandrian Cove which can be accessed from the keep, if you follow the western passage.

The entrance is a door on the floor, in one of the chamber to the right. After you take the ring to Eli Tems, travel to the altar located SW of Tam’s Wagon, and place the ring on the altar.

Kill the Faer Gorta soldiers that appear, then take the ring from the altar and bring it back to Eli. Now, go back to Kandrian Keep, and use the secret gate located in the nearby river.

Traverse Kandrian Cove, and enter the keep. Avoid the guards by sneaking, or kill them if you wish, and go back to Kandrian’s study room.

Remove your friendly protection, and assassinate him while sneaking behind, then place the ring back to its place. Exit the gate using any route you wish, and return to The Raven inn. Talk to Eli Tems, and exit the village as soon as possible.

Fast travel to Virki and inside you will find a NPC, named Anela Cergen, fighting the Tuatha. Help her, and then talk to her to start a side quest called Out of the Ruins.

Side Quest: Out of the Ruins

Objective: Close the Gates

All gates you have to unlock are located in the eastern side of the dungeon. Anela will accompany you, and you will fight only against Tuatha. Most of them can be assassinated without alerting the others.

After you pull all levers (three) Anela, will ask you to meet her in Tirin’s Rest (Galafor). If you explore the western side of the dungeon, you will encounter several Faer Gorta.

Exit the dungeon, through the same door you used to enter.

At this point, all quests in Kandrian have been completed, but if you wish to get more experience points, for your Kingdoms of Amalur hero, you can explore Onarach, the dungeon north of Mel Aglir inhabited only by Boggarts. If not, your next stop is in Galafor.

Kingdoms of Amalur Reckoning Walkthrough
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