Kingdoms of Amalur Reckoning Walkthrough

Kingdoms of Amalur Reckoning Walkthrough Part 15 Apotyre

The last zone in Detyre, located east of Menetyre, is known as Apotyre.

This location includes the City of Adessa, a major establishment in Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning.

Apotyre is also our next stop in the full Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning walkthrough created for those who wish to complete all quests featured in the role-playing video game released on February 07, 2012.

Our Kingdoms of Amalur Reckoning walkthrough part 15 Apotyre reveals every quest available in this zone, offering useful information on how to finish all of them, and how to advance in the game.

Those who have followed our KoA Reckoning game guide so far, already know that in Ysa, we have received two main quests.

The first one, called The Great General, came from Alyn Shir, and requires our presence in Emaire, a small village located in the Forsaken Plain. The second main quest, came from Agarth, and can be continued in Adessa.

The quest is called Enemies in High Places; however, in Adessa, we also have to complete the side-quest called Running with Scalpels, which started in Menetyre. Furthermore, in Apotyre, we also have to find Til’s Books, needed for the Long Overdue task.

Since the last area we visited was Menetyre, we will continue our journey from Tearscotter Mine, which is a location near the eastern pass that connects Menetyre and Apotyre.

Following the main road, we enter Apotyre, where we are attacked by a band of thieves. Take out the attackers, and then investigate the corpse on the road, because it contains a note:  Motus Mining (Day 51).

Read it, and you will start a new task named: Whitestone Tarnished.

As soon as you enter the area, make sure you delimitate it, and only after you discover all points of interest, and mark them on your map, start the quests.

These points of interest are:

Darkvari Mine – To the West

Whitestone – The city located in the center of Apotyre

Cynric Quarry – South of Whitestone

Zungar Shaft – North of Whitestone

Snaketail Grotto – SE of Whitestone

Motus Mining Headquarters – NE of Snaketail Grotto

Sun Camp – SE of Motus Mining Headquarters

Adessa – Southern area of Apotyre

NOTE: While discovering Snaketail Grotto, cross the river in front of the entrance and check the barn. Inside you will find a cabinet and inside it a note: Motus Mining (Days 45-50). This note is required to complete the Whitestone Tarnished task.

After Apotyre is fully explored, fast travel to Whitestone and talk to the following NPCs:

Beorn –near the southern entrance, to start the Bone Town quest

Squire Coran – inside Thirsty Wench to start The Messenger quest

Lina Ardeen – inside Thirsty Wench for the Missing Keys side-quest

Bera Grastar – inside Thirsty Wench to start the Dinner task

Steg Darkvari – inside a cage in the middle of the camp, to start the Runaways quest

Now, approach the Bone Wall where you can also start three additional contracts (tasks): The Zungars, The Cynrics, and The Darkvari. After you pick up all, these quests, it is time to complete them.

Side Quest: Runaways

Objective: Steal the cage key

To complete this quest, go to the southern city gate and locate Beorn. Sneak behind him and pickpocket the key; however make sure nobody sees you or you will alert the guards. Keep your eyes on the red indicator above the head of each citizen, and rotate the camera all the time.

Return to the cage and free Steg, then your objective changes. Steg wants you to retrieve the nest egg, which is located in the Darkvari Mine.

While inside you can also complete one of the tasks you picked up from the Bone Wall. In the mine you will encounter only Darkvari Outlaws and rats. Kill all outlaws to complete The Darkvari task, and loot the rat meat from every rat you kill, so you can bring it back to Bera Grastar. Remember that the quest named Dinner Time is repetitive.

At the end of the tunnel you will find a chest and inside it, is Steg’s Parchment. Exit the mine and talk to Hrindi Zungar, near the entrance. Give her the parchment then return to Steg near the Cynric Quarry. Talk to him and tell him exactly what happened, and you will keep the parchment, which is in fact a map.

Now, enter the  Cynric Quarry and kill all outlaws inside, in order to finish The Cynrics task. All you have to do is to follow the main tunnel until you reach the end of the dungeon, then return to the exit, killing every Cynric Outlaw you see in front of you.

When all enemies are dead, exit the Cynric Quarry and fast travel to Zungar Shaft.

This location is inhabited by Zungar Outlaws. It is similar to the Cynric Quarry and the Darkvari Mine. While inside make sure you loot the dead rats, and kill all outlaws, then exit and return to the city. Talk to Hera Orhelm, near the Bone Wall and collect your rewards.

Also, talk to Bera Grastar inside the Thirsty Wench and sell her the rat meat.

Remember that, the Dinner Time is an endless task, just like Status Symbol, Keeper of the Keys and Gathering Flames.

Exit the Thirsty Wench and select your next quest.

Side Quest: The Messenger

Objective: Deliver the Death Notices

For this quest you must deliver four death notices to the families of the following heroes: Mal Dydyn, Tak Edstar, Joanne Gortan and Ram Leodwald.

Vonne Gortan is patrolling in Whitestone (Apotyre) and Pledgeshield Dydyn can be found in Ironfast Keep (Menetyre).

If you followed our KoA walkthrough, up to this point, you should fast travel to these locations and deliver the notes.

For the third and fourth note you can should until you discover additional areas.

Return to Whitestone to continue your quests in Apotyre.

Side Quest: Bone Town

Objective: Speak to Mayor Eswin

Mayor Eswin is inside his house in the NE area of Whitestone. Make sure you have enough lock-picks before entering his house. Talk to the mayor after you loot everything on the second floor. Here you will find Til’s Collection 2 and the Key to the Mayor’s Cave.

Now, talk to Mayor Eswin Ealfhelm to update the objective of the Bone Town quest, and enter the passage you have unlocked. Continue through the tunnel and unlock the villa door. Move forward, and unlock the Mayor’s Cottage. Loot everything, and the objective of the Missing Keys quest will change.

Fast travel to Motus Mining Headquarters and enter the building. Check the second floor and pick up the Deed to Skoria Mine, then talk to Ruin Imad to start the Rock Collection task.

Now, go to the basement and unlock Stebic Lab. Explore it if you wish, or return to the Mayor. He will ask you to search the Cynric Quarry and look for Adath Skoria. Since you have been here before, you already know each tunnel. Adath Skoria is in a barn, in the northern cave.

Talk to him, and then return to the Mayor who will ask you to visit Skoria Mine, located SE of Snaketail Grotto.

While exploring the mine you will reach a locked door. Behind it is a NPC named Thelgood Skora. If you can’t persuade him to open the gate, pay him.  Inside this mine you will fight Niskaru Hunters and a Niskaru Tyrant.

The dungeon features one main tunnel, and when you reach the end, you will find the Ore Sample inside a cart. Pick it up, and then return to the Mayor to complete the Bone Town side-quest and to start the side-quest called Opening a Vein.

Side Quest: Opening a Vein

Objective: Kill Adath Skoria

Adath Skoria can be found in Varik’s mansion (General Store).  Sneak inside, and use a pair of daggers to assassinate him while he sleeps, in his room, on the second floor. Loot his ring, and then go back to the Mayor, to complete his set of quests.

Since all quests in Whitestone have been completed, travel to Sun Camp, located in the eastern side of Apotyre.

Here you have to find Lina Ardeen, since this is the next objective of the Missing Keys side-quest. Lina is located on the road leading to Sun Camp. Talk to Lina and give her the document, without asking any questions, because she won’t give offer any information.

Now, enter Sun Camp and explore every tent. Make sure you locate Roland Arleand, the vendor.

Near his bed, is a bookshelf which contains the Motus Mining (Days 25-44) Note, needed to complete the Whitestone Tarnished Task.

Also talk to Harriset Donnel for the Thinker’s Task. This is a repetitive task so it can’t be completed or removed from the quest-log.

Now, it is time to travel to Adessa.

When you enter the city, talk to Cenner Bruge and tell him you come from Hugues’s Lab, and you will receive the key to a new mansion.

Enter the Sandstone Villa and talk to Decanus Bruten, to start the quest New in Town.

Side Quest: New in Town

Objective: Meet with a contact

For this quest, you have to meet several gnomes from Adessa.  First is Courdan Passant, inside Domus Politica. You will be able to start the side-quest named Return to Sender. In the same building, find Templar Jorielle, and tell her that Templar Octienne is a criminal, to update the objective of the main-quest called Enemies in High Places.

Now, fast travel to Sun Camp and locate Parwen Well, under a jump point.

If you go up, on the wooden platform above Parwen, inside a tent you will find another bookshelf containing the Motus Mining (Days 25-44) Note. Pick it up, and then talk to Parwen, who will send you to the Cynric Quarry, to retrieve Courdan’s Letter. Return to Adessa and give the letter to Courdan in Domus Politica.

Exit and travel to The Isle. In Basilica Gnostra, locate Scholar Airancourt and talk to her, then return to Courdan. While visiting The Isle, you should also talk to Audren Reis if you want to start A Silver Tongue side-quest. This quest can be completed in Basilica Gnostra along with the side-quest called Running with Scalpels.

Now, visit the Livrarium and look for two bookshelves containing Til’s Collection VIII and VII, then talk to Templar Octienne. Chase him through the Scaffolding and kill him; but make sure the White Palm Assassins die first. After you kill him, you will complete the main quest and Hugues will appear.

Talk to him, and you will unlock a new Twist of Fate: Unraveller, which adds +5% experience bonus.

If you return to the Livrarium, you can also start a new side-quest named Paper Trail. To do so, pick up the Memoir of Galenum Hegem Book, located on a desk in the central area of the main chamber.

The second paper is in the Praetorian Garrison and the third in the Laboratories. Inside the laboratories, talk to Feride Ouet  to start the Applied Science side-quest, then talk to Daedinnear  for the Lab Assistant repetitive task.

Exit the Laboratories and head to Domus Politica, to find the fourth chapter needed to complete Paper Trail, then enter the Grand Bursars building to the east, and collect the fifth chapter. Inside, talk to Loutre Gent to start the Executive Orders side-quest.

Now exit Grand Bursars and go to Arcadium. Pick up the sixth chapter and travel to Basilica Gnostra for the seventh, and to the Forum for the eighth.

After you pick the eighth chapter, go to the Livrarium and claim Galenum’s Treasure, which is a skill book.

Side Quest: Executive Orders

Objective: Recover the Handbook

For this quest, travel back to Motus Mining Headquarters, and check the first floor.

The book is inside a chest. Get it, then fast travel to Motus Mining Outpost in Menetyre. Talk to Apule Vire and give him the handbook, then return to Adessa and report to Loutre Gent.

Side Quest: Applied Science

Objective: Go to Adessa Mine

Adessa Mine is located in the south-western zone of the city.

When you get inside, look for Feride Ouet. Talk to him, and then kill his creatures. Continue to explore the mine for additional items and experience, then exit to Adessa.

Side Quest: Under Watch

Objective: Meet with Templar Jorielle

You will find Templar Jorielle in Domus Politica. Speak to her and mention Bruten’s name, then go to Sandstone Villa and confront him. Kill Bruten and then return to Jorielle to collect your reward: The keys to Sandstone Villa.

Go to Grand Bursars and upgrade the villa until you reach the maximum level, in order to complete the last task in Adessa.

At this point, all quests, and tasks available in Detyre, have been completed. It is time to move to a new zone, located east of Dalentarth, and known as Plains of Erathell. The first sop will be in The Wolds.

Kingdoms of Amalur Reckoning Walkthrough
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