Kingdoms of Amalur Reckoning Walkthrough

Kingdoms of Amalur Reckoning Walkthrough Part 14 Menetyre

After all quests in Red Marches have been completed, and the area fully explored, we continue our journey towards Apotyre, a zone located on the eastern coast of Detyre.

To reach Apotyre; however, we must travel through Menetyre, located east of Alserund. Included in this area, is an important point of interest, named Ironfast Keep.

The following Kingdoms of Amalur Reckoning walkthrough refers strictly to the quests that can be completed while exploring Menetyre.

Our Kingdoms of Amalur Reckoning walkthrough part 14 Menetyre is in fact a text guide,which explains how so solve each side-quest, main quest, faction quest or task in Menetyre and Ironfast Keep.

Those who wish to explore Menetyre, should fast travel to Caer Elatha and from there, east, through the pass in the mountain.

As soon as you enter Menetyre, near the main road, you will see a small gnomish camp and a quest-giver, named Orsinian Paige. Talk to him and you will start a new quest named Making Enemies.

Note: At this point, you should track this quest and discover each location in Menetyre, by delimitating the area. This way, you will be able to fast travel from one point to another, and complete all quests faster. Additionally, you may find all Menetyre Stones, as well as the Summer Stone (located up on a mountain, inside a Jottun camp).

The points of interest you should have on your map, after you complete the exploration are:  Hurvar’s Doorsil, to the north, the Hall of the Firstsworn (SW) and the Tearscotter Mine located to the SE.

Additionally, in the central area, between the Hall of the Firstsworn and Tearscotter Mine, is a small camp where you will meet a Fae, named Efyr Dynnwel. Talk to him and you will start the side-quest named Time of Need.

Side Quest: Time of Need

Objective: Help the Hermit

To complete Efyr’s side-quest, you need three different items that can cure his injured leg: Spidersac Ichor, Fennwrac Leaf and Jottun Grist.

If you have followed our instructions you probably already discovered two of them and you only need the Jottun Grist, which is located up on the mountain in a Jottun camp, near a stone gate.

If you don’t have the items needed for this quest, you have to locate them on your map. When you collect them, return to Dynnwel’s camp to complete his quest.

After you get your reward, start the next side-quest, called Making Enemies.

Side Quest: Making Enemies

Objective: Steal the Kobolds’ Clan Totem

For this specific side-quest, you must enter the Tearscotter Mine, in the south-eastern Menetyre, near the pass that takes you to Apotyre.

Your goal is to find the Kobolds’ Clan Totem, which is located on the at the end of the dungeon, in the chamber to NW. The mine is occupied by Kobolds and Giant Rats, and there are no bosses.

After you get the totem, exit and return to Orsinian Paige, in the camp near Ironfast Keep. Orsinian will update the quest’s objective. At this point you have to visit three different camps, located in the central Menetyre, where you have to kill Ragnarr’s Chosen.

Make sure that after you kill a target, you plant the dagger in his corpse. When all targets are dead, return to Orsinian Paige located on a ledge, under Dynnwel’s camp.

Talk to him, then quickly jump on the battlefield below, and kill all Kobolds and Jottun. You should enter reckoning mode if you can, for additional experience. After the battle, talk to Orsinian Paige

Since you have completed all quests outside Ironfast Keep, it is time to start the quests inside the imposing citadel you saw when you reached Menetyre.

Inside Ironfast Keep, follow the southern passage and talk to Gavroche Valle, to start the Master’s Touch side-quest, and to Adrith Deofrit who will introduce the Contract Board.

Every time you complete a job listed on the board, talk to her for your reward. On the board you can see three contracts

Spider Season – Side Quest

Running with Scalpels – Side Quest

Whereabouts Unknown – Side Quest

After you pick up all quests talk to Adrith Deofrit again and you will receive a pair of daggers you must deliver to Adessa.

While exploring Alserund, if you followed the previous walkthrough, you already found the corpse of Eldric Orhelm. Make sure you tell Adrith Deofrit about it, and you will complete the Whereabouts Unknown side-quest.

At this point you should exit Ironfast Keep to complete the remaining quests.

Side Quest: A Master’s Touch

Objective: Find the Hermit Smith

A Master’s Touch and Spider Season are parallel quests. For A Master’s Touch, you have to travel to Efyr’s camp, to the south. If you kill all spiders you encounter, and you loot their corpses you will be able to gather eight Spider Stingers, which is the objective of the second quest.

Travel on foot to the camp and make sure you hunt some spiders.

When you reach Efyr’s camp, tell him that his presence is needed in Ironfast Keep, then return to the stronghold to complete both quests and to get the Haldebier’s Blade (unique item).

Since all quests have been completed in this area, except for Running with Scalpels, which requires your presence in Adessa; it is time to move forward, to the last area in Detyre, a zone located east of Menetyre.

The next stop is in Apotyre.

Kingdoms of Amalur Reckoning Walkthrough
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