Kingdoms of Amalur Reckoning Walkthrough

Kingdoms of Amalur Reckoning Walkthrough Part 13 The Red Marches

The Red Marches is an area in Detyre, located just north of Alserund. Our Kingdoms of Amalur Reckoning Walkthrough Part 13 The Red Marches reveals all quests that can be completed while exploring this zone.

It is the thirteenth part of our full KoA: Reckoning walkthrough and it follows the events that took place in Alserund.

Even if our quest-log doesn’t show, any main-quests or faction-quests that must be finished in The Red Marches, visiting this zone is vital in order to accumulate additional XP points, and to unlock new points of interest that will hopefully simplify the exploration of Detyre.

If you decide to visit the Red Marches, make sure you travel to Circle of Engard, in Alserund, and from there follow the main road, north, until you see several travelers standing at the end of a wooden bridge.

Talk to them but be ready for a fight, because those travelers are in fact a band of murderers. After you take them out, continue forward, cross the bridge and then to the west you will see a small camp, called Galette.

Here, you can start two side-quests.

First, talk to Hreid Amelthoe to start a quest named Worth Fighting For. Now, talk to Colm Alba to start His Brother’s Keeper side-quest.

Both quests must be completed while exploring two different dungeons, located in the canyon under Galette.

Side Quest: His Brother’s Keeper

Objective: Enter the Tomb of Fyragnos

The Tomb of Fyragnos can be accessed by reaching the ravine under the camp. Inside, you have to look for Colm Alba’s brother, named Giran.

Since Colm will accompany you through the tomb, all you have to do is to focus on the enemies you encounter, and on the traps you detect on the ground.

You can’t get lost inside, as long as you follow Colm. When you exit the tomb, you will find Giran. If you fail to persuade him, he will attack you, and you must kill him. During the fight, focus all your attacks on him, not on his victims, and you will have no problems in taking him out.

Talk to Colm again, and you will receive the first Tomb of Fyragnos Key and the reward for completing this quest.

Take the key and enter the tomb again. Return on the same path but don’t exit the dungeon. Near the entrance, you will see a door, which can be unlocked using the key you received.

Open it, and continue your exploration, but keep in mind that this time Colm won’t help you. Explore every exit, because they will take you to different areas. Eventually, you will reach a new locked door, and you won’t be able to continue. The key to this door is a reward for completing the second quest.

Side Quest: Worth Fighting For

Objective: Go to the Galette Tunnels

For this quest, you need to explore the tunnels located at the bottom of the canyon. You have to find a treasure before Hreid’s crew does.

Just like in the previous quest, you will be accompanied. Hreid will show you the way through the tunnels, and will fight by your side. As you will notice, his crew was decimated, and after you clear the tunnels you will have to identify the members of Hreid’s Crew. What you are looking for are two corpses: Berta and Alser.

One of the caves has two levels and a mud ramp. Berta can be found on the bottom floor, in the center, while Alser is on the first floor, after you go up on the ramp. Identify both of them, and you will be able to open the locked door in the Galette Tunnels, the one near the entrance.

Behind it you will find many treasures and a chest. Talk to Hreid, but get ready to protect him, because he will be attacked.

After you kill the attackers, make sure you talk to him, for the last time, because you will receive the  second key required to open the next locked door in Tomb of Fyragnos. Additionally, you will get the Ring of Fyragnos.

With the ring in your pocket return to Galette and look for a NPC named Eathe Dunbert. Talk to her and you will start a new side-quest called Her Righteous Fury.

Side Quest: Her Righteous Fury

Enter the Tomb of Fyragnos

Return to the tomb and enter again. Eathe will join you, and all you have to do is to follow her.

When you reach the first door, open it and kill the rogues that attack you, and then talk to Eathe who will give you the Psalm of Fyragnos, and another the third Tomb of Fyragnos Key.

While standing on the wooden bridge, fast travel to Galette, where all NPCs await you. Talk to them and you will start a new side quest.

Side Quest: Into the Breach

Enter the Tomb of Fyragnos

Fast travel to the tomb’s entrance and proceed, following the NPCs. Use the last Tomb of Fyragnos Key to open the last locked door, and then approach the next gate, on top of the stairs. At this point, one of the NPCs must stay behind the door. Talk to the one you wish to leave behind, and then enter through the large gate.

NOTE: Before picking a character, make sure that all of them are near you, because many players reported that this side-quest is broken.

Continue through the next hall, and open the door on the first level, but only when you are ready Fyragnos.

Fyragnos is not a powerful boss; however, you must keep an eye on the fire circle that surrounds him. If you stand near it, you will take damage, and as long as the circle is active, Fyragnos is protected and you won’t be able to hurt him. From time to time you will notice that the boss, summons several Niskaru Hunters.

Only when you kill all of them, the fire circle will drop and you will be able to damage Fyragnos. Use the Niskaru Hunters in your advantage, to fill your fate bar,  then unleash the powers of your reckoning mode, while Fyragnos remains unprotected. Don’t use any fire spells on Fyragnos because you will not damage him.

After the boss falls, talk to one of your party members to complete your quest and to get your reward. Loot everything then fast travel to Galette. At this point all quests in The Red Marches have been completed.

The next stop is Menetyre and the House of Valor. Travel to Fellfire Pit in Alserund, or Shadowthorn in The Hollowlands, and then east to reach the next area.

Kingdoms of Amalur Reckoning Walkthrough
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