Killer is Dead Walkthrough

Killer is Dead Walkthrough

The Killer is Dead walkthrough is a full text guide for the videogame Killer is Dead.

The walkthrough details the game’s campaign on normal difficulty, covering various features such as all bosses, all Gigolo Missions and all collectibles that can be found by players.

Killer is Dead is an action hack-and-slash video game developed by Grasshopper Manufacture for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. Released in Japan on August 1, 2013, and in North America on August 27, 2013, Killer is Dead uses the Unreal Engine and it was written by Suda 51.

The game’s story revolves around Mondo Zappa, an executioner working for Bryan Execution Firm. Mondo’s employer is Bryan Roses, a cyborg that sends him to various locations around the world and even in space, to eliminate dangerous targets.

As described by Suda 51, the game’s main theme is ”love and execution”, Mondo being a mysterious cyborg who doesn’t show too much of himself to the world. A merciless assassin, the protagonist won’t stop until his job is completed, but he has an interest in most female characters he encounters.

Mondo’s main weapon in the video game is his katana, which he wields in the right hand; however, his cybernetic left arm can also carry secondary weapons, known in the game as sub-weapons.

The campaign in Killer is Dead is divided in 12 episodes, most of them ending with boss fights; but the game also includes a series of sub-missions, challenges and Gigolo Missions.

The Killer is Dead Gigolo Missions are mini-games that can be completed to unlock new weapons for Mondo, by winning the hearts of the female characters he meets during the game. To complete a Gigolo Mission, Mondo must charm his female targets, and then offer them gifts purchased from the store.

The price of a gift grows each time Mondo purchases a unit; therefore, during the game players need a high amount of cash. Additional funds can be earned by completing the missions featured in the campaign, or by completing sub-missions and Scarlett’s challenges.

A Killer is Dead Scarlett Challenge is a short trial in which players must complete a fixed objective, such as killing a specific number of opponents before the times run out; however, to unlock a challenge players must find Scarlett. Scarlett is a female character hidden in various locations.

Once found, Mondo must interact with her and a new challenge is unlocked. Scarlett’s locations are also included in the Killer is Dead walkthrough which starts with Episode 1.

Killer is Dead Walkthrough
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