Killer is Dead Walkthrough

Killer is Dead Gigolo Missions Walkthrough

Killer is Dead Gigolo Missions can be unlocked only by completing the game’s main missions, and they play an important role throughout the game, since they unlock new weapons for Mondo.

The Gigolo Missions are also known as Mondo Girls Missions, and they feature various female characters. The objective of a Gigolo Mission is to fill the guts gauge to win over the beauty’s heart.

Using his gigolo vision, Mondo can fill the said gauge, thus being able to offer gifts to his targets; however, since the gauge can be filled only if Mondo focuses on specific spots on a woman’s body, his vision will make the beauty feel uncomfortable.

The trick is to maintain a balance between the guts gauge and the woman’s interest on Mondo, by focusing on spots of interest while she is looking away.

When a Gigolo Mission starts, you will notice the guts gauge on the left side of the screen, and the bar which measures the relation between Mondo and the beauty, on the right side of the screen. If the latter empties, the beauty will lose interest in Mondo and you will fail the mission.

To keep the right bar filled, Mondo has to look in the eyes of his target, every time she looks at him. On the other hand, when the beauty is looking away, Mondo has the chance to focus on other parts of her body. When the gauge is filled, you will have to offer a present; therefore, you always have to buy gifts before starting a Gigolo Mission.

A good idea is to replay all Gigolo Missions after all Scarlett’s challenge are unlocked and complete, since Scarlett’s reward is a pair of glasses that allow Mondo to fill his guts bar faster.

The glasses also reveal the gifts preferred by Mondo’s beauties.

The guide below reveals the gifts you need to win the hearts of all beauties without using the glasses, in order to get all weapons in Killer is Dead.

Killer is Dead Gigolo Missions

Mondo Girls 1 – Strong Hot-Headed Girl

Target: Natalia

Location: Bar Counter

Unlocked: By completing Episode 3: A Woman of Pain

Reward: The Drill sub-weapon

Gifts needed to win her heart and to unlock the Passionate Girl achievement/trophy: Schnapps, Bouquet and Macaroon.

A bottle of perfume and a single flower will unlock only the sub-weapon.

Mondo Girls 2 – A Lucky Certified Blood-Drawing Nurse

Target: Scarlett

Location: Battle Arena

Unlocked: By completing Episode 3 A Woman of Pain

Reward: Scarlett’s Glasses

Gifts needed to win her heart: None.

Scarlett allows you to complete a series of 20 challenges if you find her during the game. For each challenge completed Scarlett increases Mondo’s guts bar.

Mondo Girls 3 – Top Performer

Target: Koharu

Location: Traditional Japanese Restaurant

Unlocked: By completing Episode 4: The Man who Stole the Moon

Reward: Freeze Shooter sub-weapon

Gifts needed to win her heart: Lunar Stone Bracelet and Lunar Stone Necklace.

Killer is Dead Walkthrough
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