Killer is Dead Walkthrough

Killer is Dead Episode 5 Walkthrough

Killer is Dead Episode 5 is the fifth part of the complete Killer is Dead walkthrough, featuring the fifth episode in the videogame, called She who Eats Dreams.

She who Eats Dreams is a short mission unlike the previous episode in the game; and it takes place in a strange environment.

At the beginning of the mission, little is known about Mondo’s target since his employer doesn’t offer any details about the person Mondo has to execute.

Furthermore, the briefing does not provide any details at all.

While playing Killer is Dead Episode 5 you have to focus on combat and exploring a maze, without having to concern on Scarlett since she isn’t available in this specific mission.

Mission Details

Client: Unknown

Target Information:

Name: Unknown

Gender: Unknown

Height: Unknown

Age: Unknown

Nationality: Unknown


When you start Episode 5, there is only one path to follow, so stick to it and you will soon trigger a cutscene showing Mondo’s projection surrounded by three planets.

After the cutscene, the path continues to extend; therefore, move forward and make sure the moon is always in front of you. Follow it and you will trigger another cutscene which shows Mondo’s mother inside the kitchen.

Watch the cutscene and then turn around and you should see a blue smoke on the right side of the larger area you have crossed earlier. Follow the smoke and the path that opens behind it.

Eventually, you will reach another island and you will trigger a new cutscene showing young Mondo, Moon River and a unicorn. After the cutscene, move down the new path that opens and the fourth cutscene will show Moon River drowning, while Mondo is trying to save her.

Stay alert because after the cutscene you will encounter a new boss.

Queen of Dreams Boss Fight

When you fight the Queen of Dreams, you will have to defeat all her projections. For each projection you defeat, the Queen’s health bar depletes; however, keep in mind that you have to avoid the red beams fired at you as much as possible.

When the projections create the large red pyramid made of beams, stay away from it by dodging, and try to place Mondo near one of your enemies.

Continue to dodge and hit the projection near you, to interrupt all of  them from creating the said pyramid. From time to time, you will notice that you see the arena through the eyes of an enemy.

While the enemy fires at you make sure that you dodge his beams and that you focus your attacks on him. After several hits, the view will return to normal and you can continue to attack the remaining projections.

When all of them are dead, you will unlock: Episode 6, the Bouquet and the Lunar Stone Necklace in the shop, as well as the Had a Bad Dream! achievement/trophy.

Killer is Dead Walkthrough
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