Killer is Dead Walkthrough

Killer is Dead Episode 3 Walkthrough

Killer is Dead Episode 3 is the third part of the complete Killer is Dead walkthrough, featuring the third episode in the game, called A Woman of Pain.

Unlike the previous two episodes played so far, in Episode 3, you will have to find Scarlett three times.

Scarlett’s locations are also included in the walkthrough.

Furthermore, at the end of Episode 3, Mondo must defeat the first boss; therefore, the walkthrough includes tips and tricks which explain how to beat the final opponent.

Mission Details

Client: Robert

Target Information:

Name: Alice

Gender: Female

Height: 5’7’’

Age: 21

Nationality: French


Alice is Mondo’s target in Killer is Dead Episode 3. Robert, the client who hired Mondo will send the executioner to Europe, where he must search a strange house and solve a series of puzzles.

The house where the action takes place is a reference to Alice in Wonderland. After the introductory cutscene where you can see Mondo’s employer and the client, you will travel to the house where Alice is hiding.

Scarlett’s Location 1:

Inside the house, as soon as you assume control over Mondo, follow the stairs on your right and check the left side of the second floor to find Scarlett.

Interact with her by pressing the corresponding button, to unlock Combo Challenge Part 1. Now, retrace your steps and check the room downstairs. Talk to Alice’s sister and then go to the strange room with multiple stairs. Approach the center of the room and Mondo will receive a call.

After the conversation, a new door opens, indicating the path you have to follow. Inside the next chamber, you will learn how to block attacks, how to dodge and how to penetrate the shields of your enemies. Practice these moves on the weak enemies that spawn nearby, and then pick up the cookie that appears nearby, and bring it back to Alice’s sister in the main chamber.

Once you give her the cookie, a new door opens, allowing you to enter a round chamber. Inside you will fight a stronger opponent but you will also learn how to use a new ability called Adrenaline Burst. It is a powerful attack that can be used on strong enemies to cut them.

First, dodge the enemy’s attacks then activate the Adrenaline Burst to finish it. When the opponent dies you will see a flower in the middle of the round chamber.

Take it back to Alice’s sister, and she will open a new door for you. Inside the third chamber, you will find Mondo’s assistant, Mika. After you talk to her, you will unlock Mondo’s first sub-weapon: the Musselback. It is a ranged weapon that allows you to shoot objects or enemies at distance.

Once you get the weapon, look around and you should see four hunting trophies on the wall. Shoot them to put out the candles, and on the left wall, you will see a hidden wall made of puzzle pieces. Approach the wall and perform a breaking attack, then get inside and pick up the jar on the floor.

Return to Alice’s sister with the jar, but stay alert because in the main chamber you will encounter several enemies. Try to link your attacks to trigger the Final Judgment so you can replenish your health, blood or to get more crystals.

Scarlett’s Location 2:

Once you defeated all Wires, look on the floor and locate the white window. Place Mondo on top of the said window and search the wall on the other side of the main room, for a chandelier. Shoot it using the Musselback, and then search the floor for a large pink heart.

Step on it because it is a secret elevator that will allow you to reach the upper floor where you will find Scarlett’s second location. Interact with her to unlock Katana Challenge Part 2, and then use the same elevator to get down. Next, give the jar you carry to Alice’s sister and she will activate some stairs near you. The stairs look like a keyboard.

Scarlett’s Location 3:

Follow the stairs up and once you reach the next corridor, you will see multiple cat statues. Shoot all of them, or destroy them with your sword to reveal Scarlett’s third location, and then interact with her to unlock Target Challenge Part 1.

Continue down the corridor in front of you and eventually you will reach Alice.

Alice Boss Fight

The fight against Alice is an easy one, but it has multiple phases. You have to make sure that you don’t allow her to spend too much time on the walls or on the ceiling; therefore, when you see her jumping, shoot her down.

Her health bar refills after each phase and you have to try to avoid all attacks by dodging and triggering the Adrenaline Burst. After you deplete her health bar, approach the boss and cut down her limbs. During the final phase, Alice will start spawning bugs.

Move around and kill them, then focus on the boss. The bugs allow you to refill Mondo’s blood so you can shoot Alice. After the third phase, you will complete the episode and unlock the first sub-mission called Bug Hunt, along with two Gigolo missions and Episode 4.

At this point you should focus on completing the Gigolo missions, to unlock new weapons for Mondo, weapons that will help you during the next episode.

Killer is Dead Walkthrough
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