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inFamous: Second Son Paper Trail Mission Part 5 Walkthrough

inFamous Paper Trail Part 5 was unlocked on April 18, 2014 and it is the fifth free video game mission that can be accessed in order to continue the side-story available in inFamous: Second Son.

As all Paper Trail missions, inFamous: Second Son Paper Trail Part 5 requires an active Internet connection on your PlayStation 4, as well as an account on

Furthermore, you have the complete Paper Trail 4 in order to play it, and your account must be linked to your PS4.

When all requirements have been met you will be able to play Paper Trail 5 in inFamous: Second Son and the following walkthrough will guide you through all the steps you need to complete in order to beat the fifth mission in the series.

inFamous: Second Son Paper Trail Part 5 Walkthrough

inFamous: Second Son Paper Trail Part 5 starts in Downtown, and you can trigger it by visiting the icon showing the black paper dove.

Similar to all paper trail missions released up to this point, your first goal is to chase the white rabbit, named Celia.

Use Delsin’s neon power to stay close to your target and after the chase, collect the origami dove on the ground.

Once you get the dove, travel to Denny Park District and send the information you have received to your account by visiting the icon showing a black star on a white background.

Now, open your account and notice that two new items have been added: Origami Dove # 13, and the link to the Vehicle Tracker page on Intranet.

The first clue in this mission is given by the Origami Dove # 13 you have collected.

Open it, and scroll down to see a series of numbers and symbols.

At the bottom of the same page, you can also notice that you need to find a F.A.N. number. If you wish to complete the first riddle by yourself, you have to connect the same symbols to reveal a number, so, print the image or use an image editor and draw lines connecting all symbols of the same type.

On the other hand, if you wish to save time, you should know that the number you will discover is 26371475197, and it is the same on all accounts.

Now that you have solved the first puzzle, go to and search for the F.A.N. number 26371475197 to retrieve a new file (COUNTERINTELLIGENCE REPORT).

At the bottom of the page you can see a new F.A.N. number. In our case it was 298-3457-93-45, but it might be different for you.

Remove the “-“ from the number and use it on Intranet to retrieve the next file: SURVEILLANCE REPORT.

You can see that the report includes a picture showing a van. In the upper left corner of the image you can also see the van’s plate number.

For us the number was 7FD79B29.

Use the plate number on and you will find the location of the car, which happens to be Denny Park.

Next, return to the game and press Up twice to start the next part of the mission. Notice that a new icon appeared on your map, somewhere in Waterfront District. When you get close to the area marked on the map, a short cutscene showing the van begins.

Your next objective is to stay close to it and follow the van, which will lead you to a new area. After you follow the van, clear the perimeter and defeat all targets marked on your mini-map.

Once you beat the final police officer, the game will automatically connect to your account.

Refresh the page and you can observe that Gudino’s Landscaping Van was added. Open the van and you will have to investigate several items. The first one is the paper dove on the table, which is not important at this point.

The second item is the safe in Gudino’s Landscaping Van, which must be unlocked, while the third item is a laptop, you will have to hack.

To continue the mission, the first thing you have to do is to open the safe, by completing a puzzle, which is random for all accounts. To open the safe in Gudino’s Van you need to find the correct pass-code using various symbols.

From the beginning you have to be aware that you are not allowed to fail too many times, therefore; we suggest using a pen and a piece of paper to write down the symbols you find.

The rules you have to follow for this mini-game are simple.

The white X means that a symbol is not in the code. The yellow color indicates that you have the correct symbol but in the wrong place, and the green color indicates that you have found the right symbol and placed it in the correct position.

Unfortunately, the codes are random generated, which means that you have to work on this puzzle until you figure out the password.

After you successfully unlock the said safe you will find a map containing multiple papers.

Scroll down to the last page to find the username and password for the laptop in the van.

Note: The user-name and password are different from one account to another, and they are case sensitive.

Now that you can access the laptop, you will have to find a specific file, named SurveillanceLocations.jpg

The papers you have found in the safe also contain the instructions that will help you navigate through the laptop’s folders; therefore, you should read them carefully, because the location of the said file is different from one account to another. Make sure you understand how the commands work and what they do.

Note: A common mistake in this puzzle is to type cd.. without leaving a space between cd and .. .Pay close attention to what you type.

Your goal is to check all folders until you find the one containing the image.

Note: The folders are different from one laptop to another and there is no specific path to follow.

In our case, the image was located in folder net_3, which was inside folder art_19.

But art_19 was inside folder sys_0, also located in another folder (vin_9).

Finally, folder vin_9 was inside folder red_1.

Practically, the commands you have to use are ls to list the content of a folder, cd .. (notice the space) to move up one level in the directory tree, and cd followed by the name of a directory, to open it.

For example:

cd art_19 – You will open the directory art_19

cd .. – Will take you back to the directory where art_19 is located

ls – Shows the content of art_19

Remember that your final objective is to find SurveillanceLocations.jpg.

When you find the directory containing the file type: open SurveillanceLocations.jpg, and you will be sent back to the game.

After you hack the computer, your next objective will be to track the remaining military surveillance vans.

All of them are marked on your map, and there are five vans you have to find and destroy.

Once you destroy the last van, Celia will appear near you, and you will get a new origami dove, which marks the end of the fifth Paper Trail in inFamous: Second Son. Now, you can start the final Paper Trail mission.

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