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inFamous: Second Son Paper Trail Mission Part 4 Walkthrough

inFamous Paper Trail Part 4 became available on April 11, 2014, and it is the fourth free video game mission that can be played if you own inFamous: Second Son, and if you created an account on

inFamous: Second Son Paper Trail Part 4 can be accessed if you finished all previous DLC missions, and it is activated by visiting the Paper Trail icon in Market District.

Similar to Paper Trail Part 3, first you will have to trigger the mission, then you must solve a series of puzzles that will take Delsin one step closer to the truth behind D.U.P.

The following inFamous: Second Son Paper Trail Mission Part 4 walkthrough explains how to solve the said puzzles, and how to find the clues required to finish the fourth mission.

Before you start the mission; however, access your account and make sure that your PlayStation 4 is connected to the Internet.

Now, visit the Paper Trail icon in Market District, and press Up once to connect the game to your account, then Up again to start the mission.

inFamous: Second Son Paper Trail Part 4 Walkthrough

When the fourth mission starts, Celia, the Paper Conduit will appear on top of the stairs, near the parking lot. Start chasing her, using the neon power, and she will lead you to a large structure.

Climb it and collect the Origami Dove on the roof. Several streets away from your current position, you should see a new icon. Make sure you travel to its location to send the information you gathered to your account.

On your computer, refresh the page, and you should see that Origami Dove # 10 has been added. Open it and scroll down. At the bottom of the third page, notice the 11 digits F.A.N number.

In our case, it was 9990-2-08-1433. Once you find the number open and login using your credentials.

Now, type the number you have found but make sure you remove the “-“.

The code should be similar to 99902081433 when you remove the ”-“.

Once you check the website using your number, you should retrieve a memorandum, with the following subject line: “Lifeline Purity – Possible Vigilante Violence”.

If you read the file, you should see a new F.A.N. number and a website: In our account the number was 6-275-1111-459, but again, it might be different for you.

The next step is to visit, so open it in a new tab and log in using the same credentials as you did earlier.

Now, scroll down the page and click on Join Our Forums, to see 6 different threads. Read the first one with the following topic “Funny Flick” and you will be asked to insert a passcode.

To find the passcode needed to unlock the forum thread in, go back to and search for the second F.A.N. number you have found, but remember to remove the “-“.

For us the code was: 62751111459.

When you search for the said number, you will open a new file and you will see a picture that has been cut in multiple pieces.

To solve this puzzle, you have to move the pieces around and recreate the picture. Use your mouse to drag and match them.

Note: The code you have to find is different from one account to another, so you can’t skip this puzzle.

Now that you have the pass code for forum, type it in, on their website. For us, the code was 5047096550.

Once you access the forum thread, watch the video listed in the first post, and then refresh the page of your account.

At this point you will unlock The Purification part of the mission.

Return to your game and press Up while standing near the Paper Trail icon at the border between Seattle Centre and Queen Anne District.

The next objective is to use the photo from your online Paper Trail profile to locate the slain conduits, so go back to forum thread, and click on the link posted by: Vengeful_Vince.

It is the last post in the thread. After you take a closer look to the picture, you will have to find the exact location in the game. Open your map and select the Market District.

Set the destination point using the map and when you get to the location look for an underground passage (Port Alley) protected by two cops.

Enter the crime scene, and look for some stairs that will lead to an elevated area, where you should see two cameras. The said area is behind the parking lot.

Between the cameras, look on the ground to see four bodies.

Collect the name tags (4), then look around for more, on the alleys leading outside the crime scene. When you find all name tags, go to the icon that allows you to send all information to your Paper Trail profile.

Refresh the page in your browser and notice that two new items have been added: Bagged and Tagged, and Delsin’s Phone.

First examine the Bagged and Tagged and you will see a list of tags for the killed Conduits. Each tag has a code at the bottom. The trick is to find the digits, and there are various methods to do it.

You can print the tags, you can draw them, or you can simply use the following code: 02240835619, because it is the same for all accounts.

For the next step you have to use the code given above on, to unlock a new file.

Notice the message above the drawing.

“Supplemental Information: Inmate #056-7339-2606 made this dove in her cell shortly after visiting the Curdun Cay morgue with Brooke Augustine during her scheduled supervised training period. Incident report #4-828-1-7-233-99 was filed citing possible inappropriate behavior by D.U.P personnel.”

Remain on the same page and search for the second number in the message (4-828-1-7-233-99), to open a new memorandum (Potential Inappropriate Conduct).

At the bottom of the page, a new F.A.N number can be observed.

Use it in the search field but remove the “-“.

The F.A.N Number will unlock the Biography of Tyler Bennet.

Scroll down to the final page and notice that the biography was updated. At the end of the final sentence you will see a new code made of 11 digits.

On our profile, it was 1025-5-211-988.

Use the code you see on your profile in the same search field on Intranet after you remove the “-“.

Now, you should see a cell-phone and a new puzzle starts. Your goal is to recreate the text-message from Felix Coogan, even though the most important clue is in the header.

Move the pieces around, using your mouse, until you can see the whole message. Pay close attention to the ID under Coogan’s name, because it is the number you have to use on Delsin’s Phone.

In our case it was 402714763227.

Great, now it’s time to get back to the game and track the signal using Delsin’s phone. For this mission, the signal will take you to the pier in Georgetown.

As you investigate the area, you will find the D.U.P. leaker (Tyler Bennet) behind a shack and it’s up to you to decide what you want to do with him.

Regardless of what you choose, take his Threat List.

Now, try to leave the pier and Celia will appear, dropping an Origami Dove. Pick it up to complete the fourth Paper Trail mission, and you will be able to unlock Paper Trail Part 5.

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