inFamous: Second Son Paper Trail Mission Part 3 Walkthrough

inFamous: Second Son Video Game Details

Genre: Action-Adventure 1

Developed by: Sucker Punch Productions 2

Published by: Sony Computer Entertainment 3

Platform(s): PlayStation 4 4

Release date(s): March 21, 2014 (Worldwide) 5

inFamous: Second Son Paper Trail Mission Part 3 starts in Georgetown district, where you will see the associated icon behind the billboard where the fast travel point is located.

When you get on the roof, approach the icon and press Up to connect to your profile. Press Up again to start Paper Trail – Part 3.

After you start the mission, Celia will appear on the same roof, and your goal is to catch her. As you follow the Paper Conduit, you will eventually reach Market District, and you will trigger a cutscene showing the crime scene and a burning car.

Your next goal is to clear the area, and approach the red burning car. Next to it, there are three evidences on the ground and you must use your camera to photograph them.

Evidence 0 is a tire, evidence 1 is a poster, and evidence 5 is a paper dove. Also take a photo of the burning car.

Now collect the paper dove and the poster on the ground, and send them to your account by visiting the icon in Market District.

inFamous: Second Son Paper Trail Part 3 Walkthrough

The moment you synch your accounts, go to, and you will notice that the following items have been added: Crime Scene Photos, Origami Dove #6, Winegard Campaign Poster #1, and Delsin’s Phone.

Great, now let’s take a closer look to these items.

The first evidence you have to investigate is the paper dove. Notice that at the bottom of the page, you have a 11 digits code, which might be different than ours.  In our case, as you can see on the picture above it was 433-00-691-7-01.

Once you find the code, you have to go back to Paper Trail – Part 2, and to D.U.P. INTERNAL FILE ACCESS SYSTEM.

Use the code in the search field but make sure you remove “-“. In our case the code we have used was 43300691701. Notice that you have retrieved a file (Cell 404 Surveillance Imprint) which is in fact a picture showing a prison cell, just as the one above.

Now, the most difficult part begins, as you are in Celia’s Cell, and you have to solve a riddle. Start by investigating all clues in the cell, but the most important are the two Origami Doves. One is on the bed, and another one is on the table.

After you find the one on the bed, look on the window behind the same bed and you will see a Number Web. Open the origami Dove 2, as pictured above and match the numbers on the dove with those on the glass.

Note: Make sure you understand the process because in Paper Trail Part 6 you will have to solve 4 similar puzzles.

Be advised that these numbers are different from one account to another. In our case, by following the order we have found a code: 04465861055.

For better understanding the process, take a look at Celia’s Cell Dove 2 picture above and notice that on the paper, number 1 is located exactly where 0 is on the window. Number 2 and 44 share the same location, followed by 3 and 65, etc…

Note: Follow the correct order, starting with the lowest number and ending with the highest.

Once you get the code, repeat the same procedure for the next origami (the one on the table) and the other window, to get a new code. We have found: 38771269341.

Note: Both codes must have 11 digits.

So, now that we have the codes, we have to use them on Intranet. For the second code you have found, you will unlock an Incident Report, and for the first one, an origami template.

While the Origami Template and the PDF file are not important right now, the Incident Report is. Take a closer look at it, and in the subject line notice the second number, or the second inmate. Type it in the search field on intranet to get the Biography of Henry Daughtry.

Next, scroll down to the last page and notice the Investigation Report Number. In the picture above it is 46298893710, but it might be different for you. Type it on DUP Intranet to get a Bio-Terrorist Reconnaissance Memorandum.

On the final page of the Memorandum you can see a screenshot took by a secret camera. In the upper left corner you should also see the number of the camera and the ID, as shown above.

Use the camera ID to track the signal on Delsin’s Phone which can be accessed in your account. In other words, type the ID on Delsin’s phone.

Next, you will be asked to go back to the game and find the D.U.P Camera. Go to Paramount District and use the map above which shows where to find the camera. Its location is close to the orange marker, in the corner of a building with red windows.

Now that you have found the camera, shoot it down, and go on the balcony to collect it. Head to the icon near you location to send the info on the data drive to your Paper Trail profile.

For the next part of the mission you have to defragment the DUP camera by completing a series of 7 mini-games.

Unfortunately there is no fixed algorithm that can help you defragment the 7 Data Circuits; therefore you will have to play these free games on your own. However, after you defragment the final circuit, you will gain access to the Incendiary Footage video file.

Watch the video closely and write down the plate number of the second car in the parking lot. In the picture above you can see the plate number: 9G0598AC.

Once you get the number, go to and search for the vehicle records (type the plate number), and you will see that the vehicle’s current location is Seattle Market District.

Reconnect to the game to synchronize all information and go to Market District following the icon on your screen. After the cutscene decide what you want to do with the Senator Winegard. Your decision will not affect the Paper Trail missions.

Next, collect the poster on the ground and the dove to complete the third Paper Trail mission.

Once you complete the third Infamous Paper Trail mission, use the Intranet again and search for the first code in Celia’s Cell (the one on the window behind the bed). As you can see, it will lead you to a file showing how to fold a piece of paper to create an origami dove.

Download the Origami Template at the bottom of the screen and if you have a printer, make sure you use it. Alternatively you can draw it on a paper. Now, follow the instructions on the first page and fold it to obtain an Origami Dove. Take a closer look at your origami and you will see another number with 11 digits (93588247459). Search for it on Intranet to obtain a bonus clue.

After you complete the mission, you can start the next one in line (Paper Trail – Part 4).

inFamous Second Son Official Gameplay Spot

inFamous Second Son PlayStation 4 Official Gameplay Spot.

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  1. Posted by VGFAQ

    EmDoubleu  Sorry to hear that. But it is doable. Don’t forget that you can change the pieces.:) We did it, so you can do it as well. There is no fixed pattern that we can use to tell you how to solve it. :(

  2. Posted by toyosup88

    Whats the 11 digit code for the bonus clue at the end? i really don’t wanna print and fold a paper dove lol

  3. Posted by VGFAQ

    toyosup88  Lol. Sorry mate, it’s different for all of us. So, you have two options: start the printer or start drawing. :)

  4. Posted by toyosup88

    VGFAQ toyosup88  crap…i guess ill do it later lol

  5. Posted by VGFAQ

    toyosup88 VGFAQ  Yeah, we postponed this activity too…Yet, we will post a pic of our dove today! :) Our code won’t work…obviously…but it’s a good hint for others. Finished the mission? All good?

  6. Posted by PerryDaPlatapus

    so i folded the dove correctly, but im not seeing any code, would you mind elaborating on what the bonus clue actually is

  7. Posted by toyosup88

    VGFAQ toyosup88  Ok cool. yeah i just finished part 3. Thanks for the walkthroughs!

  8. Posted by VGFAQ

    toyosup88 VGFAQ  Thank you for following them! And good luck on folding! :)

  9. Posted by VGFAQ

    PerryDaPlatapus  Did you print the page? The page has some marks on it. Did you draw it? And if you did…did you also draw those marks?

  10. Posted by coolologists

    The Bonus code for the origami is 93588247459

  11. Posted by VGFAQ

    @coolologists  Indeed it is! :) Congrats! :)

  12. Posted by PerryDaPlatapus

    VGFAQ PerryDaPlatapus  i printed the page

  13. Posted by Heavenly_King

    PerryDaPlatapus VGFAQThe numbers are the mirror images, of the real numbers.  On the front of the dove you will see 2 full numbers, and on the back you will see 3 full numbers.

  14. Posted by Heavenly_King

    toyosup88 93-58-824-74-59

  15. Posted by VGFAQ

    Heavenly_King PerryDaPlatapus VGFAQ  93588247459? :)

  16. Posted by VGFAQ

    Heavenly_King toyosup88  Yeah, we got the numbers…but we are trying to get a decent dove…:))))))))))))))))  Our folding skills, well….had better days!:)))))

  17. Posted by Ratchetpower2

    I can’t even play the defragging minigame, the next button doesn’t work. Help plz?

  18. Posted by BoxMonstar

    Man this mini game #5 is absolutely ridiculous

  19. Posted by PerryDaPlatapus

    VGFAQ Heavenly_King PerryDaPlatapus  nevermind i used the code from someone elses comment

  20. Posted by BoxMonstar

    VGFAQ toyosup88  My game didn’t come with a printer……… >.>

  21. Posted by EJames316

    I didn’t care much for part 3, next part please.

  22. Posted by SleazyC69

    VGFAQ EmDoubleu  how do you move the hexagons? I’m playing on tablet

  23. Posted by GPig22

    I just entered the number. I didnt need to use the mini games

  24. Posted by Seeby4

    Yea, this drive defrag has caused me to lose all interest in Paper Trail. Don’t have enough time to be sitting here trying to figure this out. Section 6 alone, I’ve spent the good part of 30 minutes.

  25. Posted by VGFAQ

    Seeby4  We also had some problems with that section. :(

  26. Posted by VGFAQ

    BoxMonstar  6 is also quite difficult. :(

  27. Posted by VGFAQ

    GPig22  So, you can skip the mini games? That’s good to know. Thanks!

  28. Posted by VGFAQ


  29. Posted by VGFAQ

    SleazyC69 You can’t move them. You have to connect them. Once placed a hexagon can’t be moved.

  30. Posted by AndyRoss

    How do you move the hexagons in the defray part? i tried on my samsung tab on my macbook pro, neither one will move anything…..WTF!!!!

  31. Posted by VGFAQ

    AndyRoss  You can’t move them once you place them on the grid. You have to connect them by matching the colors. Once placed a piece can’t be moved.

  32. Posted by AndyRoss

    GPig22  what number?????

  33. Posted by VGFAQ

    GPig22  The plate number.

  34. Posted by AndyRoss

    VGFAQ AndyRoss  how do they move initially?!?!?!  i cant even plave them? nothing is happening on my screen?? i see everything but i cant move anything

  35. Posted by VGFAQ

    AndyRoss VGFAQ  You can’t drag the pieces above the grid? There should be 3. Drag and drop them on the grid.

  36. Posted by AndyRoss

    VGFAQ AndyRoss  what i thought exactly, but nothing moves…drag and drop is not working  no idea why…

  37. Posted by VGFAQ

    AndyRoss VGFAQ  hmmm…that’s strange. It worked perfectly yesterday. Try refreshing the page. :( These mini-games are a pain anyway, so you can skip them if you want.

  38. Posted by VGFAQ

    @Ratchetpower2  Sounds like a glitch. If you can’t play them, you should skip that part and continue by visiting Use the plate number above and you are set. :)

  39. Posted by ParagonVigilante

    Can you make a video on folding the dove, the picture is confusing

  40. Posted by VGFAQ

    @ParagonVigilante  We will consider that; however, in the meantime you can use 93588247459, because it seems to be the same code for everyone.:)

  41. Posted by Seeby4

    You can move some of them. If the shape has a 1 or 2, it represents how many times you can move them around. Once you have a 0 then its sits where it is. Got to be careful.

  42. Posted by VGFAQ

    Seeby4  Here is a funny fact. We’ve completed the mini-games without moving them. :))))

  43. Posted by charlierose619

    PAPER TRAIL PART 4!!!! HELP!!!????????????- Unreadable HDD. Manual Defragmentation Required??? I am not able to click next to begin the defragging or what ever the next button leads to. How do you start the mini game I can not do anything????????????????????????????????????????

  44. Posted by VGFAQ

    charlierose619  I’m afraid we can’t help you because it seems to be a common issue on their website, not the game itself. We didn’t encounter any problems while playing them. What you can do; however, is to skip those mini-games.

  45. Posted by Luke

    Once you enter the dove code (93588247459), do I have to do anything else after that? I’ve listened to the audio log thing and nothing has happened. Do i have to do anything ingame or just wait until Part 4?

  46. Posted by VGFAQ

    @Luke  If, the final icon in your account shows Coming Soon, yeah, you have to wait. All instructions in our guide follow the order in the game. If you covered all steps mentioned above, you’re done with this mission. :)

  47. Posted by charlierose619

    VGFAQ charlierose619 ok how would I go about doing that dear sir?

  48. Posted by Pariah80

    Any word on when part 4 will be released?

  49. Posted by VGFAQ

    Pariah80  Friday, April 11.

  50. Posted by VGFAQ

    charlierose619 Go to vehicletracker and search for 9G0598AC, as explained above.

  51. Posted by JeffMarshall

    VGFAQ  i wish i would of saw this i hated that mini game took me an hour to do

  52. Posted by JeffMarshall

    so after i hear the last audio file of the chick is that it .it says comming soon and forgive me im real drunk right now.had to get drunk to do those boring mini games i could of just passed with the same number posted on here

  53. Posted by VGFAQ

    JeffMarshall  No worries :). Yeah, that’s it until next Friday.

  54. Posted by JeffMarshall

    VGFAQ JeffMarshall  thamks i like the site ill be around

  55. Posted by VGFAQ

    JeffMarshall Thanks! :)

  56. Posted by charlierose619

    VGFAQ charlierose619 I killed the senator..

  57. Posted by VGFAQ

    charlierose619 We decided to let him go. :)

  58. Posted by LukeBellamy

    Thank u very much u made this a lot easier cheers

  59. Posted by VGFAQ

    LukeBellamy  Thank you very much! Glad to hear it. :)

  60. Posted by charlierose619

    VGFAQ charlierose619 I apologize for the late response. LOL ok that’s good I beat it on infamous anyway. Is there any way possible for me to get coles jacket? I did not pre order just a regular copy so it doesn’t come with a code to start the mission to get his jacket.

  61. Posted by VGFAQ

    charlierose619 Without a pre-order, no. Maybe they will release it as a separate DLC, but we doubt that.

  62. Posted by RabSassarini

    Bet u used reload though? Lol. :)

  63. Posted by VGFAQ

    RabSassarini  Yeah…A lot! :)))))

  64. Posted by PerryDaPlatapus

    hey its friday but im not seeing any new paper trail dlc in game or on the site?

  65. Posted by VGFAQ

    PerryDaPlatapus  It will be up soon, no worries. It depends on your location. We usually play it Saturday morning when we also write our walkthrough, because we are established in Europe.

  66. Posted by PerryDaPlatapus

    VGFAQ PerryDaPlatapus  I live In the uk, I usually play it on Friday when its released

  67. Posted by 12sinclair101

    VGFAQ toyosup88  the 11 digit code that you use for the bonus clue is the same as yours. i just copied and pasted is and got to listen to  the audio.

  68. Posted by JZsweep

    Part 4 hasn’t released for me yet

  69. Posted by justinghare

    whens part 4 released

  70. Posted by woodj18

    NEED HELP WITH PART 4!! After you enter the F.A.N. Number (6-275-1111-459) it brings up a file of a piece of paper that seems to be cut up into pieces and it has writing on it, and I’m stuck, I can not figure out what is wrote on it! Can somebody tell me?!?!

  71. Posted by PerryDaPlatapus

    thought you guys might like this screen cap from part 4

  72. Posted by woodj18

    PerryDaPlatapus  oh my god! thank you! how did you do that??

  73. Posted by PerryDaPlatapus

    woodj18 PerryDaPlatapus  spent 15 minutes moving all of the pieces around until they fit

  74. Posted by Birdman1981

    woodj18  it is a note with a 10 digit code you need in order to access the forums at website.  all numbers are different from game to game.

  75. Posted by woodj18

    PerryDaPlatapus oh okay, but how did you move them around? I’m trying to figure out how to do that and its not allowing me to move any of the pieces!

  76. Posted by PerryDaPlatapus

    woodj18 PerryDaPlatapus  i just dragged them around using the mouse

  77. Posted by woodj18

    PerryDaPlatapus oh okay I just figured out how to do it lol

  78. Posted by adsasd

    PerryDaPlatapus  What do you do with the code now?

  79. Posted by Donnie

    @adsasd PerryDaPlatapus
    Got a different 10 digit code.  Cant recall anyplace to enter a 10 digit code though within the paper trail site…

  80. Posted by Birdman1981

    @Donnie PerryDaPlatapus  go to and when you try to read the forums it will ask for that code

  81. Posted by PerryDaPlatapus

    @Donnie PerryDaPlatapus  i entered it into the lifelinepurity website

  82. Posted by PerryDaPlatapus

    the next code that you put into the dup intranet

  83. Posted by woodj18

    PerryDaPlatapus do you know what to do with the body tags?

  84. Posted by Kurasume

    PerryDaPlatapus mine came up with a really weird number when i moved all mine around and it wont work in the funny flick link on the lifelinepurity site

  85. Posted by PerryDaPlatapus

    woodj18 PerryDaPlatapus  you see at the bottom of each tag is 11 boxes,each with 5 by 7 girds, i combined all 11 grids to make the above code

  86. Posted by PerryDaPlatapus

    Kurasume PerryDaPlatapus  try using my one

  87. Posted by Kurasume

    PerryDaPlatapus Kurasumei did but it didnt work… let me move mine around again and take a screen cap to show you how weird it is

  88. Posted by Kurasume

    PerryDaPlatapus Kurasume i only cropped around the code but yeaa theres my code that it came up with for me…

  89. Posted by PerryDaPlatapus

    Kurasume PerryDaPlatapus  look like 1226649140

  90. Posted by Kurasume

    PerryDaPlatapus Kurasumenope that didnt work either =/

  91. Posted by PerryDaPlatapus

    Kurasume PerryDaPlatapus  im not sure how to help

  92. Posted by PerryDaPlatapus

    completed part 4

  93. Posted by woodj18

    PerryDaPlatapus woodj18  oh okay, I’m kinda stuck now, I can’t figure out the code for Delsin’s phone!

  94. Posted by Kurasume

    PerryDaPlatapus Kurasumei got it… i forgot to move one of the numbers into the screen shot… but now im lost cuz it said to use this picture to find where the slain conduits are and i dont see any picture

  95. Posted by Donnie

    PerryDaPlatapus same here.  2 more to go. not killing any of the final targets…

  96. Posted by woodj18

    Kurasume PerryDaPlatapus  go to the market district and look for a sign that say “Seattle Fish Market”

  97. Posted by woodj18

    Does anyone know the code for Delsins phone?

  98. Posted by PerryDaPlatapus

    woodj18 PerryDaPlatapus  well you use the code from the tags in the dup intranet, each file has a new intranet code in it, keep going through until you get the puzzle to reassemble the phone, once done you will have the signal code to input into your phone

  99. Posted by PerryDaPlatapus

    woodj18  it might be different for you, just follow the steps i listed

  100. Posted by PerryDaPlatapus

    @Donnie PerryDaPlatapus  im doing all this on my evil playthrough, so i dont really want to deviate from the course

  101. Posted by MatInfamous

    I tried piecing the torn up flyer together to get the code, but there’s no code!

  102. Posted by woodj18

    Just finished part 4

  103. Posted by Kurasume

    PerryDaPlatapus woodj18i need to find a grid type program so i can do that tag stuff lol

  104. Posted by frostbyte

    How do you figure out the code for Delsin’s phone?

  105. Posted by Jeffery Cunningham

    95% sure my script may be bugged. I assembled the phone and entered the ID tag at the top of the msm. It’s telling me its not valid, double checked I was using the right numbers etc. Maybe im going insane :/

  106. Posted by infamous

    cell phone code is 008123747180

  107. Posted by VGFAQ

    @infamous  The Cell Phone Code for the fourth mission is different from one account to another. ;)

  108. Posted by VGFAQ

    woodj18  Congrats! :)

  109. Posted by infamous

    VGFAQ  true but i figured it might help some

  110. Posted by VGFAQ

    @frostbyte Check out the walkthrough. :)

  111. Posted by VGFAQ

    @MatInfamous  Are you sure? It’s quite impossible. :)

  112. Posted by VGFAQ

    PerryDaPlatapus  I also see that you posted a lot of tips and hints. Great work and thank you! :)

  113. Posted by VGFAQ

    woodj18  The walkthrough is up and running! :)

  114. Posted by charlierose619

    I put together the shredded paper and came out with this code 8381417042. what do I do with it? I put it in the intranet page and my cell. now what?

  115. Posted by VGFAQ

    charlierose619  Hey Charlie! Follow the steps in our guide. We just published it. Good luck! :)

  116. Posted by charlierose619

    Ok I tried putting in the number you provided for the walkthrough 4, delsins cell phone and the numbers do not work =/??

  117. Posted by charlierose619

    @infamous no its not

  118. Posted by VGFAQ

    charlierose619  The number might be different….try to find yours.

  119. Posted by PerryDaPlatapus

    woodj18 PerryDaPlatapus  hey man i was curious what your psn id was

  120. Posted by dcc8282

    where is the video that i need to watch to get the case number

  121. Posted by VGFAQ

    dcc8282  You need to defragment the camera first, in order to see it. And it’s not a case number, but a plate number.

  122. Posted by dcc8282

    which pic and how

  123. Posted by LBOH80

    i just finished the 2nd part of this mission and i dont see the icon to start the 3rd part. do i have to wait a certain amount of time before the icon will show up? just a heads up where im at on the game i found hank for the second time.

  124. Posted by dcc8282

    i mint which pic do i defrag and how

  125. Posted by dcc8282

    i can’t get it

  126. Posted by VGFAQ

    LBOH80  Progress through the story and it will become available.

  127. Posted by VGFAQ

    dcc8282  Maybe we could help you if you could provide more details. We have no idea where are you in the mission, and what’s your next objective.

  128. Posted by MicahParks

    Has anyone had trouble getting to the next page of the defragment game mine will not let me

  129. Posted by Kjata1013

    so you have to beat the game to trigger part 3? Cause I’m climbing the tower and it still hasn’t triggered it…

  130. Posted by VGFAQ

    @Kjata1013  not necessarily; however, we played all paper trails after we have finished the game. so focus on the game first, and deal with the paper trails after. :)

  131. Posted by Kjata1013

    VGFAQ  You rule!!! I guess I’ll just keep going. oooooh! Does that mean climbing the tower isn’t  the end? I can’t wait to leave work and play! :)    Thanks again!

  132. Posted by Broskii

    The Code im getting for the phone of the camera id will not work, i put it in like 15 times :

  133. Posted by Broskii

    Lol Nvm, i got it, i was on the phone from the first mission, didnt think itd matter.

  134. Posted by niksok

    I cant put the tracking number in it says wrong answer even though i put the right number that were on the number plate

  135. Posted by RoyAlBumps

    I have tried the DUP camera code multiple times and it does not work… I am punching the ID number in exactly as it is listed and it just loads and loads. Can someone provide me with some help??

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