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inFamous: Second Son Paper Trail Mission Part 3 Walkthrough

inFamous: Second Son Paper Trail Mission Part 3 starts in Georgetown district, where you will see the associated icon behind the billboard where the fast travel point is located.

When you get on the roof, approach the icon and press Up to connect to your profile.

Press Up again to start Paper Trail – Part 3.

After you start the mission, Celia will appear on the same roof, and your goal is to catch her. As you follow the Paper Conduit, you will eventually reach Market District, and you will trigger a cutscene showing the crime scene and a burning car.

Your next goal is to clear the area, and approach the red burning car.

Next to it, there are three evidences on the ground and you must use your camera to photograph them. Evidence 0 is a tire, evidence 1 is a poster, and evidence 5 is a paper dove.

Also take a photo of the burning car.

Now collect the paper dove and the poster on the ground, and send them to your account by visiting the icon in Market District.

inFamous: Second Son Paper Trail Part 3 Walkthrough

The moment you synch your accounts, go to, and you will notice that the following items have been added: Crime Scene Photos, Origami Dove #6, Winegard Campaign Poster #1, and Delsin’s Phone.

Great, now let’s take a closer look at these items.

The first evidence you have to investigate is the paper dove. Notice that at the bottom of the page, you have a 11 digits code, which might be different than ours.

In our case, as you can see on the picture below it was 433-00-691-7-01. Once you find the code, you have to go back to Paper Trail – Part 2, and to D.U.P. INTERNAL FILE ACCESS SYSTEM.

Use the code in the search field but make sure you remove “-“. In our case the code we have used was 43300691701.

Notice that you have retrieved a file (Cell 404 Surveillance Imprint) which is in fact a picture showing a prison cell.

Now, the most difficult part begins, as you are in Celia’s Cell, and you have to solve a riddle. Start by investigating all clues in the cell, but the most important are the two Origami Doves.

One is on the bed, and another one is on the table. After you find the one on the bed, look on the window behind the same bed and you will see a Number Web.

Open the origami Dove 2 and match the numbers on the dove with those on the glass.

Note: Make sure you understand the process because in Paper Trail Part 6 you will have to solve 4 similar puzzles.

Be advised that these numbers are different from one account to another. In our case, by following the order we have found a code: 04465861055.

For better understanding the process, take a look at Celia’s Cell Dove 2 and notice that on the paper, number 1 is located exactly where 0 is on the window.

Number 2 and 44 share the same location, followed by 3 and 65, etc……

Note: Follow the correct order, starting with the lowest number and ending with the highest.

Once you get the code, repeat the same procedure for the next origami (the one on the table) and the other window, to get a new code. We have found: 38771269341.

Note: Both codes must have 11 digits.

So, now that we have the codes, we have to use them on Intranet. For the second code you have found, you will unlock an Incident Report, and for the first one, an origami template.

While the Origami Template and the PDF file are not important right now, the Incident Report is. Take a closer look at it, and in the subject line notice the second number, or the second inmate.

Type it in the search field on intranet to get the Biography of Henry Daughtry.

Next, scroll down to the last page and notice the Investigation Report Number. In our case it was 46298893710, but it might be different for you.

Type it on DUP Intranet to get a Bio-Terrorist Reconnaissance Memorandum.

On the final page of the Memorandum you can see a screenshot took by a secret camera. In the upper left corner you should also see the number of the camera and the ID.

Use the camera ID to track the signal on Delsin’s Phone which can be accessed in your account. In other words, type the ID on Delsin’s phone.

Next, you will be asked to go back to the game and find the D.U.P Camera. Go to Paramount District and use the map which shows where to find the camera.

Its location is close to the orange marker, in the corner of a building with red windows. Now that you have found the camera, shoot it down, and go on the balcony to collect it.

Head to the icon near you location to send the info on the data drive to your Paper Trail profile. For the next part of the mission you have to defragment the DUP camera by completing a series of 7 mini-games.

Unfortunately there is no fixed algorithm that can help you defragment the 7 Data Circuits; therefore you will have to play these free games on your own.

However, after you defragment the final circuit, you will gain access to the Incendiary Footage video file.

Watch the video closely and write down the plate number of the second car in the parking lot. In the video you can see the plate number: 9G0598AC.

Once you get the number, go to and search for the vehicle records (type the plate number), and you will see that the vehicle’s current location is Seattle Market District.

Reconnect to the game to synchronize all information and go to Market District following the icon on your screen. After the cutscene decide what you want to do with the Senator Winegard.

Your decision will not affect the Paper Trail missions. Next, collect the poster on the ground and the dove to complete the third Paper Trail mission.

Once you complete the third Infamous Paper Trail mission, use the Intranet again and search for the first code in Celia’s Cell (the one on the window behind the bed).

As you can see, it will lead you to a file showing how to fold a piece of paper to create an origami dove.

Download the Origami Template at the bottom of the screen and if you have a printer, make sure you use it.

Alternatively you can draw it on a paper. Now, follow the instructions on the first page and fold it to obtain an Origami Dove.

Take a closer look at your origami and you will see another number with 11 digits (93588247459).

Search for it on Intranet to obtain a bonus clue. After you complete the mission, you can start the next one in line (Paper Trail – Part 4).

inFamous: Second Son Guides
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