inFamous: Second Son Paper Trail Mission Part 2 Walkthrough

inFamous: Second Son Video Game Details

Genre: Action-Adventure 1

Developed by: Sucker Punch Productions 2

Published by: Sony Computer Entertainment 3

Platform(s): PlayStation 4 4

Release date(s): March 21, 2014 (Worldwide) 5

Released on March 28, 2014, the second inFamous: Second Son Paper Trail Mission brings you one step closer to the truth behind the D.U.P., but to find it, you need to solve a series of puzzles, similar to those in inFamous: Second Son Paper Trail Mission Part 1.

If you completed the first mission, it means that you already have an account linked to your PlayStation 4.

The following walkthrough was created to help you complete Part 2 of inFamous: Second Son Paper Trail, offering all information you need in order to solve the puzzles featured in the mission.

inFamous: Second Son Paper Trail Part 2 Walkthrough

The second inFamous: Second Son Paper Trail Mission becomes available on the broken bridge that connects Pioneer Square and Lantern District.

As you approach the bridge, you should see the paper doves close to the icon that marks the mission’s location. Approach the icon and activate the mission.

Once you begin inFamous: Second Son Paper Trail Part 2, start chasing Celia, the masked conduit, as you did in the first part. Pay close attention to her trail, and use the neon power to catch her.

The race ends in Rainer District on a balcony, where you will have to collect Celia’s Origami Dove.

Pick it up from the ground and notice the crime scene. Also, you should see several enemies below your position.

Kill all of them to clear the perimeter, and then take a picture of the black poster on the ground (Evidence 5), on which you can read Heaven’s Hellfire.

Now use your camera to take a photo of Evidence 1, which is a piece of paper; and of another Evidence 1, close to the shrine. For the final step take a photo of Evidence 0.

Next, collect all evidences on the ground, and head to Waterfront District to send them to your profile.

Open your profile and you should see that several new items have been added. These items are Heaven’s Hellfire Poster, Fishbein’s Phone: Security Fob and DUP Intranet.

Great, now that we have the first set of clues, let’s see what we can do with them.

The first step is to unlock Fishbein’s Phone: Security Fob, or Fishbein’s Phone.  As you remember from the previous mission, the codes are different, meaning that you can’t use the same code as we did, but we will help you find yours.

So, open Fishbein’s Phone: Security Fob in a new tab and get ready to unlock the phone.

When you open the tab you will see the phone and a six digits code. Obviously, those digits don’t work on the phone, but you have to use them to find the correct pin code.

To do so, pay close attention to the code on the screen, and for each digit add 3 to find the correct number in your code. This hint is given by Heaven’s Hellfire Poster on which you can read that “Good things come in threes”.

In other words, if the first number in the code on the screen is 1, the first number in the password you have to type is 4.

Above you can see a picture with the code we have received. The code on our page was 431709, but the password we have used to unlock the phone was 764032. If one of the digits is 7 for example, add 3 and the answer is 0, which replaces 10. For 8, the correct number is 1, because if we add 3, the answer is 11, and the last digit is 1. For 9, you should try 2, because 2 is the second number in 12.

Now, that you have unlocked the phone, you can notice that you have a new voice mail. Play it, then refresh the page of your account,  and you should see that you have received a Security Protocol Document.

If you use the code in the header of the report on DUP Intranet, you will unfold a new Origami Dove.

Next, back to the game to find Linda Kriley.

Approach the icon in Waterfront and press Up to synch the information you have with the game. Open your map again and go to Rainer District to find her.

Kill the cops around the murder scene, and then use your camera to take two pictures of the body. For the third pic, look at the base of the billboard (left side) where you will see a red agenda. Now, collect the agenda, and go back to Waterfront to synch the clues and your account.

Back to your browser now, and click refresh to see the information you received.

Notice that a new item was added: Kriley’s Datebook. Open it and take a closer look on top of the page inside the Datebook, where you should see a website (

Visit the website, and you will see two questions you have to answer; however, the answers are different from one case to another. To find the correct answer in your case, look at the text on the website, and observe that in the text there are several numbers that replace letters.

From top to bottom, write them down. For example:

“I told l1es for money.”First number: 1

“I caused nightm4res every day.” – Second number: 4

“The Department of Unified Oppr35sion bought me, and I used bullyin9, blackmail, and bribery to protect the sadistic thugs who persecute conduits.” – Three additional numbers: 359

“There is no defense for what I’ve done and when I finally learned what justice meant, it cost me my mi5erable life.”Sixth number: 5

“Five years ago, I founded a practice based on 9reed and cowardice”.Seventh number: 9

“I swore to tell my clients what they wanted to hear, to threaten their victim5 or buy their silence, and to be the most corrupt and ruthless attorney in the 8usiness.”Two additional numbers: 58

“Our greed has w4rped the world, between the erosion of civil rights, to the demonization of condu1ts, and my prices and methods adapted to suit my needs.”Last two numbers: 41

Put these numbers together and you should have a code similar to this: 14359595841

Note: The number in the header (The Hellfire continues… BULLY # 2) doesn’t count.

So, we have Kriley’s code and we can now get a new clue.

Use the code you have found, on the DUP Intranet and search the database, to get a Case File. Above the video, you will see the Case File number, which is very important and also different from one account to another.

In our case, as you can see in the picture above, it was Case File #8FEF6920.

Now, watch the video because it offers information on the first question you have to answer on Kriley’s website.

Who’s the biggest bully in the courtroom? – The answer is Paulson (as you will see in the video). Remember that it is case sensitive, and you have to write without spaces.

Back to Kriley’s website and type Paulson in the first field. Now, for the second question:

What is the case file number that changed everything? – The answer is above the video, and it is the Case File number you have found, but without #. Copy and paste the code, and you will be asked to return to the game.

Synchronize the information again and you will be have to go to Ellefson Building and search for the judge. The building is in Rainer District.

Enter Eugene’s hideout and look for the judge, who is dead. Take two pictures, and then collect the judge’s wallet from the ground.

Now turn around to see Celia and get the origami dove on the ground.

Exit the hideout and check your account. The second inFamous: Second Son Paper Trail Mission ends here, but the story continues in Paper Trail Part 3.

inFamous Second Son Official Gameplay Spot

inFamous Second Son PlayStation 4 Official Gameplay Spot.

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    @martking21  The bully is not in the text. It is Paulson (just type the name) and it is revealed by the video. For the correct number; however you have to follow the steps above.

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    mlowe75  You only need to copy and paste 56C7C7CD. Without Case File.

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    All of my website-side stuff is totally different from what’s listed here as well: I have 3 photos of someone killed much like the person in my part 1 was, but this time I have the slain persons cellphone (it has a text on the screen but beyond that seems useless) and the drone with a keypad that needs a 6 digit code that I don’t know how to get because this is being entirely too vague. And that’s pretty much where my time with this ends right now, trying to figure out how to get this code.

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