inFamous: Second Son Paper Trail Mission Part 1 Walkthrough

inFamous: Second Son Video Game Details

Genre: Action-Adventure 1

Developed by: Sucker Punch Productions 2

Published by: Sony Computer Entertainment 3

Platform(s): PlayStation 4 4

Release date(s): March 21, 2014 (Worldwide) 5

The first inFamous: Second Son Paper Trail Mission was released on March 21, 2014 along with the game, and it can be played during the main story, or after you finish all missions and side activities in Seattle.

It is the first part in a set of six missions released weekly as downloadable content.

inFamous: Second Son Paper Trail Mission Part 1; however, has several requirements in order to be accessed. First you have to find Fetch, and get the neon powers; and second, you need an active account on

Furthermore, you need to link your PSN account to, following the steps outlined in our inFamous: Second Son guide.

A good idea is to play all inFamous: Second Son Paper Trail Missions, including Part 1, after you complete the game, so you can focus on them, and pay attention to the story that will be revealed.

The following walkthrough explains how to complete the first inFamous: Second Son Paper Trail mission in the game, from the moment you start it, up to the point when you will end it.

inFamous: Second Son Paper Trail Part 1 Walkthrough

As said, the mission becomes available after you meet Fetch, and after you get the neon powers. If you open your map, you can notice a distinctive icon, showing a black dove on a yellow background. It is located in Pioneer Square District, on top of the billboard where Fetch lives.

Activate the mission and a strange Conduit will appear. Your first goal is to follow him, using your neon powers. Pay close attention to the white trail left behind by the masked Conduit and continue to chase him.

The chase ends in Seattle Centre where you will assist a small cutscene. After the cutscene, you must take 2 pictures of the balcony where the Conduit stopped, and another one of the crime scene below the balcony.

Next, head to the crime scene and pick up the wallet on the ground. Stay alert because all cops nearby will attack you. Subdue them if you wish, and after you clear the area, check the balcony above and pick up the white origami dove.

Now, that we have all clues it’s time to decipher them. The most important clues are in the wallet. So, go back to, and open the link to see them.

The next step is to check the Detective’s Agency card. Here, you will see that Emilio Brunberg is working as a private detective.

Visit the website of his agency:

Scroll down the page and click on EMPLOYEES LOG IN HERE.

Next, click on Forgot your password?

Now, you will have to answer 3 questions, using the clues in the wallet. Be advised that these clues might be different than those provided below.

In our case, these were the correct answers:

What’s your favorite recreational sport? – Answer: Jetski – One of the pictures in the wallet was showing a jetski.

What’s your favorite fast-food restaurant? – Answer: Meaty Martha’s – We also found a discount coupon.

What is your oldest daughter’s name? – Answer: Jaylene – Check the back side of Emilio’s picture showing his daughters.

Note: All answers are case sensitive. Make sure there are no blank spaces at the end, and you write them exactly as we did.

Ok, now that you have full access to Emilio’s email, read the message with the following subject line: Killian Czalov Mobile ID.

When you open it you should see a mobile device ID. That’s the phone number you have to use on Delsin’s Phone to trace the signal. So, on your computer go back to, and use those digits.

In our case, the ID was 957269218772, but you have to remember that these digits might be different in your case.

Once you enter the code, return to the game, and check the Paper Trail icon on your map (the one in Paramount District).

Press Up on your D-Pad and track the signal which will lead you to Pioneer Square (assuming that the location matches ours).

Take out the drug dealers, and then use your camera to take two pictures of the hanging body, and one of the drug stash. The moment you take the final picture, a drone will spawn nearby, and your next goal is to follow it. You can’t shoot it down, so don’t try. Just follow it and it will take you to a subway in Georgetown District.

Kill all drug dealers that you encounter in the passage, and then collect the Lock Box in their base. Now, return to Pioneer Square, and the game will connect to your Paper Trail Profile.

The next step is to find the correct code for the drone. You can do this the hard way, or the smart way, without wasting too much time.

So, let’s save some time and go back to, and open the Tracker Drone page in a new tab. Now, click on the image to see the drone and its control panel.

Next, right click in Google Chrome (or your favorite browser) and click on View Source. Press Ctrl+F to open the search field and type: var currpd. The code you see after var currpd is the one you have to use on the tracker drone. In our case it was 401236, but it will be different in your case. Use it to hack the drone.

Alternatively you can try to guess the code, but you will spend quite some time doing it.

Back to the game again and to Paramount District, where you must kill more dealers. Once you clear the area, enter the main building (Crocodile) and look for Killian’s employer. Take three pictures of the bar sign near the stage, and then collect the dove on stage.

At this point the first Paper Trail mission ends, but the story continues in inFamous: Second Son Paper Trail Mission Part 2.

inFamous Second Son Official Gameplay Spot

inFamous Second Son PlayStation 4 Official Gameplay Spot.

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    There is also a way to solve the code on the drone, if you wish to do so. As you guess the code the numbers will appear as highlighted yellow, highlighted green, or just an ‘x’. If a number appears as an ‘x’, then it is not used in that current combination. If a number is highlighted yellow, that means that number is used in the combination but it is not in the correct position. If a number is highlighted green, that means that number is the correct number, in the position it is currently in.


    DonovanPadgett  That’s right. We called it the hard way…but preferred the smart way. :)


    Bowinkle82  Glad to hear it! :)

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    Part two of the paper trail was released and im stuck at

    Kriley’s Datebook

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    IEquinoIXI  We got it. Sorry for the delay but we are on a different timeline. The tutorial is online now.

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    Cozzaa89  “…open the Tracker Drone page in a new tab. Now, click on the image to see the drone and its control panel.”

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    i got a question that says where did you go on your honey moon i write aloha and it doesnt work WTF


    @bedro  Well, as far as I know, aloha is not a location. Check the wallet again.

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    VGFAQ DonovanPadgett Smart way, or lazy way? Can you even define the difference? There’s no reason to try and make a person look stupid just to make yourself feel better.


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    DonovanPadgett VGFAQ  Just to clarify this Donovan. Your method is the right method to decipher the code. You are right, and we knew the method from the beginning. What we want to do here is to offer the fastest solution for this puzzle. If this offended you, we apologize.

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    My 3rd question is craziest Halloween costume. My wallet shows a giant white rabbit holding a sign that says TO ARKTIS. But there’s no derivation of rabbit, white rabbit, bunny rabbit, etc that seems to work. Any help?


    @chickens49  How about just Rabbit?

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    Why is this not working for me? I have spelled var currpd correctly in the search engine, but it says that there is nothing found. What am i doing wrong?


    @Micke93  Did you check on the page where the control panel of the drone is located? The one where you have to enter the code? Or on the first page? Click on the picture first to bring forward the control panel, then try it.

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    blueriver38  its the name of the car park not the spot

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    It’s a polar bear

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    How tall are you? i cant find This please help


    isufByqmeti  The answer should be in the wallet. Pay close attention to all items.

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