Hitman Absolution Terminus Evidence 1 Location

Hitman Absolution Evidence Locations Terminus

Terminus is the third mission in Hitman Absolution and it is unlocked after killing the target in The King of Chinatown level.

Agent 47 finds out from Birdie that a man named Blake Dexter, who is an arms manufacturer, has a particular interest in the girl protected by 47, Victoria.

47’s mission is to infiltrate Terminus Hotel and learn what he can about Blake Dexter.

There are two Hitman Absolution Evidence pieces that can be found in Terminus, and the hints and tips in the guide below reveal their exact locations in the level.

Note: Challenges cannot be completed on EASY


The Man From South Dakota

“Birdie’s intel is never wrong. A Midwestern arms manufacturer named Blake Dexter is in Chicago searching for Victoria. The Agency would never share their secrets with outsiders; someone else must have leaked the information. But who? I can’t trust anyone. All I know is that the girl is innocent. She doesn’t deserve this. I will infiltrate Blake Dexter’s suite at the Terminus Hotel and learn the truth for myself.”

Evidence 1 – Terminus Hotel

Once we get inside Terminus Hotel using whatever method we prefer, we have to get to the manager’s room. If we are using the hotel’s main entrance, we turn right after getting inside, in order to find the room (the one with detailed metallic grates instead of windows).

We must be aware that this area is for staff only, and using our default suit may alert the enemies. Inside the room we are searching for, there is a short guy dressed with a white shirt and black pants.

On the desk with the TV we can find the first Hitman Absolution Evidence in Terminus level.

Hitman Absolution Terminus Evidence 1 Location
Evidence 1

Evidence 2 – Upper Floors

The second Evidence is located on the 8th floor. When we reach room 899, instead of going inside to deal with our target, we take a left to access the festivities room, and then we enter one of the two double doors on our right (it is the room at the opposite end of the room with the screen projector).

The dossier with the Evidence can be found on the table near the windows (the one with weapons on top of it). We should note that if we manage to keep a low profile on this floor, we might find one or two guards inside the room with the Evidence collectable.

The plan doesn’t come out as intended, because 47 is attacked.

Now hunted by the police, we proceed with the next mission in line, Run for Your Life.

Hitman Absolution Terminus Evidence 2 Location
Evidence 2
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