Hitman Absolution Shaving Lenny Evidence 1 Location

Hitman Absolution Evidence Locations Shaving Lenny

The ninth level in Hitman Absolution is named Shaving Lenny. It is unlocked after we get 47’s signature weapons, the Silverballers pistols, in the previous level, Birdie’s Gift.

Agent 47 finds Lenny and his gang on the streets of Hope. Before going after Lenny, he has to eliminate the members of his gang.

The hints and tips in the Hitman Absolution guide below can be used to easily find the locations of all Evidence collectibles, and it is recommended to use it, because the level features larger areas.

Note: Challenges cannot be completed on EASY

Mission Details

The Weakest Link

“Lenny Dexter. Outcast. Black sheep. He took the girl to earn his father’s admiration. Of all my enemies, he is the weakest link. Making him talk will not be a problem. But first I need to deal with his “Cougars.” If I grab Lenny, they will surely try to interfere. Besides…they already know too much.”

Evidence 1 – Streets of Hope

The first Evidence collectable in Shaving Lenny is available right after we start the level, but it can be collected anytime as long as we are in Streets of Hope area dealing with Lenny’s men.

To reach its location, we start from the beginning of the level. As soon as we can control 47, we walk forward, on the main street. Then we take a left turn and we walk until we find the garage.

The videotape with the Evidence is on the 2nd floor, on a desk on the right side (just before exiting to the balcony), where a police officer and a mechanic are talking. However, the garage is a restricted area, so we have to get a police uniform or a mechanic suit.

There are many places from where we can acquire a disguise, but it is recommended to get a police uniform, because, if we get upstairs before the two can finish their conversation, we can grab the Evidence collectible without alerting anyone.

Hitman Absolution Shaving Lenny Evidence 1 Location
Evidence 1

Evidence 2 – Barbershop

After we eliminate the first three members of Lenny’s gang, we unlock a new area. Our objective here is to deal with two more men from his gang and then subdue Lenny himself.

The second Hitman Absolution Evidence is on the big TV in the central room of the building (floor level), but a police officer and some gang members are watching that TV, and if we try to grab the dossier, our cover will be blown.

Therefore, we need to take a more subtle approach. As soon as we begin this part of the mission we keep walking straight. Near the place where we can rig the electricity to create an accident (past the resting cop) is a ledge that can be grabbed. We use that and the next one above it to access the 2nd floor. Then we keep walking on the balcony overlooking the TV until we reach the barbershop.

From here we can acquire a barber disguise. Immediately after that, we use the door near the disguise, and at the end of the corridor, instead of entering the room with the TV, we go downstairs in the basement.

Now we have to sabotage the fuse box connected to the TV (as we enter the basement, on our left). The police officer will come to repair it, hence it’s time to go upstairs to collect the Evidence. Subduing Lenny is the last thing to do to unlock the next mission in line, End of the Road.

However, End of the Road is a very short mission where we have to decide Lenny’s fate after he discloses Victoria’s location and the fact that his father, Blake Dexter, has her. End of the Road lacks the presence of Evidence collectibles; therefore, we complete the level to unlock Dexter Industries mission.

Hitman Absolution Shaving Lenny Evidence 2 Location
Evidence 2
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