Hitman Absolution Dexter Industries Evidence 4 Location

Hitman Absolution Evidence Locations Dexter Industries

Dexter Industries is the eleventh mission in Hitman Absolution, and it is available after deciding Lenny’s fate in End of the Road (as a result of the events in Shaving Lenny mission).

After interrogating Lenny, 47 arrives at Dexter’s factory. The main task is to find a way to infiltrate the factory in order to search for Victoria.

If we use the following guide in the given order, we should get all four Evidence collectibles in Dexter Industries, faster.

Note: Challenges cannot be completed on EASY

Mission Details


“Dexter Industries. They probably employ half of Hope. This town is bought and paid for, and Blake Dexter was only too happy to write the check. Somewhere inside this factory, Victoria is being kept against her will. I need to move fast.”

Evidence 1 – Dead End

When we begin the mission, the objective is to disable two security systems in order to gain access to the door leading inside the old mill.

We distract the guards to disable the first security system and then we proceed towards the mill, to disable the second security system. By now, we should have acquired a security guard disguise. If not, we could get the keycard from the shack on the left side of the road that opens the shack across the road (on the right side), because inside it we can find weapons and a disguise.

After disabling the second security system, we can use the exit door to complete the first part of the level. Before using the door, we should walk in the opposite direction (same building) until we find a desk with three monitors, and near them, a recorder with the videotape containing the first Evidence in Dexter Industries.

Hitman Absolution Dexter Industries Evidence 1 Location
Evidence 1

Evidence 2 – Old Mill

The second Hitman Absolution Evidence can be acquired soon after we enter the old mill. We climb the stairs and on the left side is a fuse box that can be sabotaged.

If we look through the window beside the fuse box, we can see two guards that are playing on a videogames console.

On top of that console is the dossier with the Evidence. We could shoot the gasoline can between the boxes to kill both of them, or we can sabotage the power, wait for one of them to come and fix it, and then quickly grab the collectable.

Hitman Absolution Dexter Industries Evidence 2 Location
Evidence 2

Evidence 3 – Descent

After we exit the old mill, we have to descend through a cave to reach the factory. We get down until we have to use a ledge. Here we have to choices. If we choose to throw the guard and use the window, we follow the path inside, avoiding three guards, and after the security gate, we arrive in the room with the Evidence collectible.

There are two guards that are talking near a table, and on the table is the dossier with the third Evidence. If we decide not to throw the guard through the window, we can use the ledge to drop one more level, and then we follow the available path until we drop one more level.

We are now just outside the room where the guards are talking. If we wait for one of them to leave and if we have enough Instinct, we could trick them and get the Evidence without blowing our cover.

As a reference point, if we’re turning around while facing the table we can see some stairs that lead to a checkpoint.

Hitman Absolution Dexter Industries Evidence 3 Location
Evidence 3

Evidence 4 – Factory Compound

The fourth Evidence in Dexter Industries is in the lobby reception area, inside the factory. After we pass the bridge with the patrolling guards, we have many options to get inside the main building, but the best one is to get the suit from the guy that’s standing near the red exotic car (right side of the compound).

Once we enter the lobby, assuming we used the main door, we check the nearest desk, in the center of the room, to find the Evidence collectable.

All that is left to do now is enter the elevator and start the next mission called Death Factory.

Hitman Absolution Dexter Industries Evidence 4 Location
Evidence 4
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