Hitman Absolution Birdie's Gift Evidence 1 Level

Hitman Absolution Evidence Locations Birdie’s Gift

Birdie’s Gift is the eighth mission in Hitman Absolution, and it is available after talking to the bartender in the Great Balls of Fire bar featured in Welcome to Hope level.

Birdie calls 47 to tell him he has a gift for him. Therefore, 47 goes to a gun shop where he finds his Silverballers pistols.

The shop owner promises to give them back if he manages to defeat a girl in the firing range. Birdie’s Gift is also a short mission, meaning it is another mission with only one Evidence collectable.

As usual, its location is revealed in the following guide.

Note: Challenges cannot be completed on EASY

Mission Details

Weapons of Choice

“Birdie. He took my Silverballers as payment for his services. Now, he is giving them back. For some reason, he is reaching out. Can I trust him? Or has his allegiance shifted towards more lucrative business partners? No matter. Before I go after Lenny, I will reclaim my weapons. I have been adrift for too long.”

Evidence 1- Gun Shop

The Hitman Absolution Evidence can be found in the bunker that’s on the other side of the firing range, among other things, such as the Ultramax weapon and the notebook containing the combination for the safe that’s in the owner’s office.

However, getting inside the bunker is tricky, because it requires a keycard that is behind the counter, where the salesman is. This is a restricted area, and we need a distraction.

Therefore, when the level starts, if we check the right side, we can find on a shelf’s side a fuse box that can be sabotaged.

Next, as soon as the salesman leaves, we grab the keycard, we go towards the firing range (through the nearby saloon door, also in the restricted area), and we go upstairs so we can climb down the firing range (or we can simply use the door on the right side).

If we follow the trenches we can reach the bunker. We open the door and the tape with the Evidence is inserted in the recorded on the shelves in front of us.

After acquiring the Silverballers, we may choose to stay for another round in the firing range, or we can get outside the gun shop to unlock Shaving Lenny mission.

Hitman Absolution Birdie's Gift Evidence 1 Level
Evidence 1
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