Halo 4 Shutdown Terminal Location 1

Halo 4 Shutdown Terminal Location

After the destruction of the gravity well in the previous chapter, Infinity can finally leave the Forerunner planet known as Requiem, and we can start the sixth chapter in the video game, a mission called Halo 4 Shutdown.

When Halo 4 Shutdown mission starts, our first task is to get a Pelican in order to fly to three towers and complete various objectives.

The important thing to know is that the fifth Halo 4 Terminal we’re searching for, is in the third and last tower, and we can easily find it if we use the video game guide below.

Mission Description

“As Infinity flees Requiem and Cortana’s rampancy worsens, Master Chief struggles to stop the Didact from pursuing the Composer.”


“Master Chief travels and Cortana go it alone in their fight to stop the Didact from leaving Requiem.”


“Cortana proposes infiltrating the towers controlling the Didact’s shields in order to gain access to his satellite.”


“The Didact becomes aware of the Master Chief’s plan and accelerates his preparations for leaving Requiem.”


“Running out of options, Master Chief and Cortana head for the spire controls hoping to trap the Didact inside the planet.”

Halo 4 Shutdown Terminal Location Guide

In the beginning of the sixth mission named Shutdown, we have to fly a Pelican and go inside two towers to disable the communications.

After we complete the second tower, we jump back in our Pelican and we head to the third tower (Production Tower), where the waypoint can be observed.

Once inside, the second part of the mission begins and Cortana says we have to go to the control room. We use the gravity elevator to ascend towards the required area, but the Didact shifts the surroundings.

Therefore, we have to move carefully from platform to platform, while taking care of the opponents. On the platform that’s just ahead the final platform, the one with the waypoint, an enemy shoots us with a Fuel Rod Cannon.

This is the moment where we have stop, and instead of going on the next platform, we take a look to our left side, because there is another platform accessible to us.

We get on this platform, and behind the central pillar/column is the fifth Halo 4 Terminal.

As soon as we complete the remaining Halo 4 Shutdown objectives, we will unlock the next chapter, called Composer.

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