Halo 4 Midnight Terminal Location 2

Halo 4 Midnight Terminal Location

Halo 4 Midnight is the final mission in Halo 4, and it begins shortly after Master Chief and Cortana fail to protect the Composer from getting in the Didact’s hands.

Halo 4 Midnight is also the chapter where we get the seventh Halo 4 Terminal.

After the chapter known as Composer, Halo 4 Midnight starts with a cutscene where Master Chief equips his ship with a warhead to stop the Didact’s plan to use the Composer.

Unfortunately, the Didact’s ship is entering slipspace in order to get to Earth, meaning that John has to fly his ship closely to the hull so it can be protected by its shields.

Soon we get control over Master Chief’s ship, and it is obvious that we can only get the Seventh Halo 4 Terminal after we finish the flight sequence.

Mission Description

“With the Composer in the Didact’s possession, Chief and Cortana must destroy the device before he turns it on his next target.”


“Within slipspace, the Master Chief hunts for the Composer along the hull of the Didact’s ship.”


“Master Chief and an increasingly unstable Cortana infiltrate the Didact’s ship as he prepares to use the Composer against Earth.”


“The final battle with the Didact looms as Master Chief and Cortana arrive at the Composer.”

Halo 4 Midnight Terminal Location

In the eighth mission, named Midnight, after Infinity makes a hole in the Didact’s vessel, a cutscene triggers where Master Chief crashes with his ship.

From this point we proceed on foot. We follow the path through the similar looking rooms, while killing the enemies, and just after the Didact’s commentary, we arrive in the third room, the one that concerns us.

Now, we have to look behind the central structure, because there is the seventh and final Halo 4 Terminal. We download it, and we unlock the Terminus achievement.

Our guide ends with this last Halo 4 Terminal, but the game still has some objectives to accomplish before getting the credits and the Epilogue cinematic.

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