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Grand Theft Auto V Towing Guide

Grand Theft Auto V Towing missions become available early in the game, and only to Franklin, who has to talk to a female Stranger and Freak, named Tonya.

Tonya lives close to Franklin’s first safe house, just across the street, and her boyfriend works at the Towing Impound. Grand Theft Auto 5 Towing missions allow you to unlock a new property you can buy to earn additional money in the game; therefore, you should attempt them as soon as possible.

Tonya gives you five assignments known as the Pulling Favors series of missions. These missions are similar, and you will be asked to go to the Towing Impound and take a tow truck.

The tow truck you drive allows you to tow various vehicles that were parked illegally, or involved in accidents.

The Pulling Favors series of missions in Grand Theft Auto V must be finished if you want to buy the Towing Impound and the following guide explains how to complete them in order to get 100% completion at the end of each mission.

Pulling Favors Mission Walkthrough

To start GTA 5 Pulling Favors, approach Tonya who is marked on your map by a blue T, and she will tell you that JB, her boyfriend has multiple problems with drugs. Tonya will ask you to complete JB’s job and tow a car back to the Towing Impound.

Accompanied by Tonya, go to the Impound and enter the truck. Make sure that you wait for Tonya to get inside the truck as well, and then drive to the position marked on your minimap, using the shortest route possible. The towing missions are timed; therefore, your biggest enemy is the traffic.

Don’t stop and try to avoid as many obstacles as you can. After you find the car that must be towed, get close to it and lower the crane by pushing the left thumbstick down and moving it towards you. Park the truck close to the vehicle you must tow and you will automatically hook it.

A common mistake is to forget that after you hook a car, you also have to raise the crane. If you don’t the car will slow your truck; therefore, once the car is hooked, push the thumbstick down and away from you for several seconds. Next you will have to drive the truck back to the Impound and park it on the highlighted spot.

Press right on the D-Pad to drop the vehicle and complete the mission. To get 100% completion in Pulling Favors you have to get back to the Impound in less than 5 minutes and to keep the vehicle hooked until you reach the final destination.

The vehicles you tow in GTA 5 remain hooked as long as you don’t hit large obstacles, so make sure you remain on the road. Furthermore, you have to be aware that the moment you exit the Impound the clock starts ticking. If you don’t get back with the car in less than 5 minutes you will fail to get a gold rating.

If you destroy the car you tow, you will also fail the mission.

Pulling Another Favor Mission Walkthrough

After you complete Pulling Favors, later in the game Tonya’s icon will reappear on your map. Talk to her and she will ask you to tow an SUV located in a parking lot.

GTA 5 Pulling Another Favor is similar to the previous mission, the only difference being the location of the SUV you have to tow and the time allotted to complete the mission.

The parking lot where you will find the SUV is small and you have to perform additional maneuvers to hook the car.

Make sure you don’t forget to raise the crane and drive back to the Impound in less than 5:30 minutes.

Pulling Favors Again Mission Walkthrough

After you successfully complete Pulling Another Favor you will receive a message from Tonya. You won’t find her in the usual location and she won’t assist you during the third towing mission.

In GTA 5 Pulling Favors Again you must tow a stalled car. You have 7 minutes to pick it up and drop it to the repair shop nearby; however, in this mission once you get close to the vehicle you have to move as fast as you can, because the car is on the train tracks and the train will hit it. Park your truck right in front of the car and hook it.

The moment you hook the car, drive forward or the train will destroy it. Wait for the owner of the vehicle and raise your crane when he gets in, then drive the truck to the garage and drop it on the marked location.

Still Pulling Favors Mission Walkthrough

The fourth GTA 5 towing mission begins after you get another message from Tonya. Call her and she will send you to tow another car.

Tonya won’t accompany you and the mission is similar to the previous one, the sole exception being the time required to complete it.

You have 6 minutes to get the car to the service shop along with its owner; therefore, make haste and pull your truck in front of the stalled car. Raise your crane to be sure that the vehicle won’t slow down your truck, and get to the shop following the yellow route.

Drop the car on the marked location to finish the mission.

Pulling One Last Favor Mission Walkthrough

The final mission in the series is harder than those you have completed so far, because you have to make several stops.

First talk to Tonya in front of Franklin’s house, and then drive to the Impound. Wait for Tonya to get in the truck and as soon as she is inside, leave the courtyard and drive as fast as you can to the car you must tow.

This time, the vehicle was involved in an accident, so you have to hook the rear side of the car and take it to the repair shop. Be advised that once you get to the shop, Tonya will ask you to take her back to the Impound, and the clock is still ticking, so drop the car and continue to drive without stopping, until you reach the Impound. Once you get to the marked location you will complete the mission, but you have to do it in less than 5 minutes to get 100% completion.

If you fail you can replay the mission to beat the clock. After you finish all five missions for Tonya, you should consider buying the Towing Impound property and earn some money by towing cars around Los Santos.

You get $500 for each car you tow in GTA 5, but penalties apply if you damage them.

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