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Grand Theft Auto V Strangers and Freaks Guide

Grand Theft Auto V Strangers and Freaks play an important role in the video game, if you wish to get a 100% completion rate, and if you want to get more money while exploring Los Santos.

The Strangers and Freaks in Grand Theft Auto 5 are characters that appear on your map after you finish specific story missions.

There are 15 Strangers and Freaks in GTA 5 and all of them have assignments from you. The characters are marked on your map with different letters based on their names, such as T for Tonya or C for Cletus.

The letters have different colors, depending on the character that can interact with them: orange for Trevor, green for Franklin and blue for Michael. Usually a GTA V Stranger and Freak has more than one mission you can complete, and most of them can be approached only by one playable character.

As an example, Cletus talks only with Trevor. After you encounter a stranger you will be asked to complete an assignment which is rated based on your performance. After you finishit, the character won’t give you another assignment, but it will contact you later in the game or his/her icon will appear on the map.

The Strangers and Freaks missions are various and can be replayed by accessing them through the game’s menu. Sometimes, for these missions you will be asked to find collectibles, to locate various items of interest, or to fight waves of aliens and dancing clowns.

As a reward for finishing such a mission you will unlock new activities, hobbies and even locations that will allow you to earn more money while exploring the city of Los Santos.

The following Grand Theft Auto V Strangers and Freaks Guide reveals the complete list of characters you will encounter in Los Santos, and explains who can talk to them, and what you have to do in order to complete their missions.

Grand Theft Auto V Strangers and Freaks List


Frank’s widow, Abigail, is a Stranger and Freak in GTA 5, and she talks only to Michael. To make Abigail appear on your map, you need to complete the main story mission Blitz Play and you also have to buy the Sonar Collections Dock on the western coast of Los Santos.

Abigail, allows you to start two side-missions: Death At Sea and What Lies Beneath. For the first mission you receive from Abigail, you will have to collect 30 Submarine Pieces, while the second mission is focused on delivering them and on deciding Abigail’s fate.

The only reward you receive from her as you play both missions is $10; however, while searching for the Submarine Pieces, you will also be able to find all GTA V Hidden Packages.


Barry is a gentleman who appears on your map marked by the B letter. He wants signatures for his petition to legalize marijuana; therefore, you will be able to interact with him while playing as all three characters.

To make Barry spawn on your map, you need to complete several main missions, which will eventually trigger Barry’s series of missions called Grass Roots.

For Michael’s Grass Roots side-mission, you have to complete the following story missions: Complications and Pulling Favors. If you want to play Barry’s missions as Trevor, you need to finish the Three’s Company story mission, which also makes Barry appear on your map if you play as Franklin.


Beverly is another GTA 5 Stranger and Freak, but unlike the previous characters, he talks only to Franklin. You will meet Beverly, early in the game, after you finish the mission named Pulling Favors.

Beverly is a paparazzi and he needs your help to get a series of pictures with the local celebrities.

After you meet him for the first time, you will start several missions included in the Paparazzo series.


Cletus is a friend of Trevor; therefore, he only agrees to talk to him. On your map, Cletus is marked by the C letter, and you will find him in the northern area of Los Santos.

Cletus loves to hunt and he wants to share his passion with Trevor. You can make Cletus appear on your map, by completing the main mission named Nervous Ron.

At the end of the said mission if you talk to him, you will start a series of two side missions (Target Practice and Fair Game).

If you complete both of them, Cletus will add multiple hunting locations on your map, allowing you to hunt different species and earn some extra money.


Unlike Cletus, Dom is a GTA 5 Stranger and Freak who likes adrenaline and parachuting. Dom will spawn exclusively for Franklin, and if you drive to his locations marked by the D letter, you will start a series of Parachuting missions.

At the end of these missions, all Parachute Jumps Locations are added on your main map.


Dreyfuss appears on your map after you collect all 50 Letter Scraps in GTA 5. Dreyfuss is the one who killed Leonora Johnson, as the letter reveals, and you will have to kill him to complete the mission named A Starlet in Vinewood.

While the Letter Scraps can be collected by any playable character, Dreyfuss can be approached only if you play as Franklin.

Once you get all Letter Scraps, you must meet Dreyfuss and make him pay for his deed.


Epsilon is a group of fanatics in Grand Theft Auto V, who worship Kraff and who are led by Cris. One of the group’s members in Marnie, who appears after you complete Father/Son, Pulling Favors and the Epsilon Program Identity Evaluation.

Marnie talks only to Michael, and after you encounter her for the first time, you have to complete a series of Epsilon missions. At the end of these missions you will have to find and retrieve 10 Epsilon Tracts collectibles.

Since the Epsilon missions require a large amount of money to complete, it is a good idea to postpone them until you have enough funds.


After you complete Pulling Favors, you will be able to meet a new Stranger and Freak, named Hao.

Hao can be approached only by Franklin and when you talk to him, you must complete a street race as part of the mission named Shift Work.

As soon as you win the race, Hao reveals the locations of all illegal Street Races that take place in Los Santos, allowing you to enter these races and earn more money.


After you complete Hang Ten, a new sign appears on Trevor’s map, indicating that a character named Josh, has a job for him.

Unlike other Strangers and Freaks, Josh will only ask you to complete a series of missions for him. These assignments are also known as Josh’s missions.


Mary-Ann loves sports, exercises and most of all, she likes challenges.

Franklin, Trevor and Michael are able to approach her at specific points in the game, in order to complete the Exercising Demons missions.


One of Trevor’s old friends, the female character Maude becomes available once you complete Mr. Philips story mission.

She resides close to Trevor’s house and if you talk to her, you will start the Bail Bonds missions.

Minute Men

Joe and Josef, also known as Minute Men appear on the main map only for Trevor and only after you complete Mr. Philips.

Both of them patrol the border and they also have a series of assignments you can finish to get 100% completion in GTA 5.

Nigel and Mrs. Thornhill

Nigel and Mrs. Thornhill are two old characters who seem to have a strange hobby. When you meet them, as Trevor, after you complete Friends Reunited, they will ask you to collects a series of souvenirs from various celebrities that live in Vinewood.

After the first encounter, you will start the Vinewood Souvenirs missions.


Omega is also a GTA 5 Stranger and Freak who has an assignment for you. After you beat the story mission named Fame or Shame, if you travel to Omega’s location as Franklin, you will start the side-mission named Far Out.

For this specific mission, you have to find and gather 50 Spaceship Parts hidden in Los Santos.

After you get them, return them to Omega to complete the mission and get a bonus car.


After you beat the main mission named Repossession in GTA 5, early in the game, Franklin can interact with Tonya.

Tonya is located close to Franklin’s house, just across the street, and her boyfriend, JB, works at the local impound lot where he tows cars.

Tonya’s boyfriend has some problems with drugs; therefore, he can’t work, so Tonya will ask you to complete his assignments. Once you talk to her at the beginning of the game, you will start the Towing missions.

Rampage Missions

The Rampage Missions are timed challenges that can be completed only by Trevor.

There are five GTA 5 Rampage missions you have to complete as part of the Strangers and Freaks set of side-missions.

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