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Grand Theft Auto V Paparazzo Missions Guide

Grand Theft Auto V Paparazzo Missions are available exclusively to Franklin who will meet Beverly, one of the Strangers and Freaks in GTA 5, early in the game.

To access the Grand Theft Auto 5 Paparazzo Missions, you have to complete the towing mission Pulling Favors, you receive from Tonya.

After you complete it, a new blue question mark appears on your map, marking Beverly’s location. Approach the paparazzi and you will begin the first mission in a series of six.

Paparazzo Walkthrough

In Grand Theft Auto 5, Paparazzo is the first mission you receive from Beverly.

At the end of your first dialogue with Beverly, he will ask you to help him get several pictures of Miranda Cowan. The celebrity will exit the building nearby in her limousine, and from that moment the chase begins. GTA 5 Paparazzo mission features two objectives you must complete to get a gold rating.

For the first objective, named Picture Perfect, you will need to pursue the limousine and make sure that Beverly has enough time to take the pictures. Align your motorcycle with the limousine on the left side and try to avoid any collisions with your target.

Maintain the position as much as you can, and try to count how many times Beverly’s blitz flashes. If it flashes more than three times, you got a perfect picture. As the race continues, a rival paparazzi will appear, and Beverly will ask you to chase him.

When the rival appears leave your current target and focus on the rival’s bike. The moment you are close to the rival, activate Franklin’s ability and align your motorcycle with the one of Beverly’s rival.

Stay close to the bike and Beverly will hit him. If you follow this strategy you will complete the Smack Down objective. Next, take Beverly back to the marked position on your map, to complete the first mission.

The Sex Tape Walkthrough

GTA 5 Paparazzo – The Sex Tape is the second mission you must complete for Beverly.

The assignment requires the first mission in the series and when it becomes available you will see Beverly’s location on your map, marked by letter P. P stands for Paparazzo and you should not confuse Beverly’s missions with those you have to complete for Barry (marked by a B).

Travel to Beverly’s location and he will ask you to follow him in order to find Poppy Mitchell, a teen star from Los Santos. Enter the courtyard and stay close to Beverly. After a few turns, you will see a pool on your right side. Make sure you jump inside to complete the Quick Dip objective, and then return to Beverly.

As you approach the corner of the house you will see Poppy Mitchell and a man in the courtyard. Beverly automatically asks you to record Poppy. After you get the camera, pay close attention to the square of your objective. When it turns red, you have to zoom in or out, for a better view.

Unfortunately, the scene ends quickly as you will be discovered. Start running and stay close to Beverly, who will take you to his car. Get inside, and while Beverly drives, focus on Poppy who follows you.

The second objective named Money Shot requires you to achieve full facial recognition during the chase. For this objective, continue to film Poppy and try to maintain the green color on the square of your camera’s objective.

At the end of the race, the mission is complete.

The Partnership Walkthrough

GTA 5 Paparazzo –The Partnership is the shortest mission in the series and is triggered after the main mission named Three’s Company.

Once you see the blue P on your map, all you have to do is to find Beverly and talk to him.

He is inside a trash bin and after you talk to him, you will trigger two additional missions.

The Meltdown Walkthrough

GTA 5 Paparazzo –The Meltdown requires the previous assignment and it is a mission focused on driving. The Meltdown features two objectives you have to complete for a gold medal: Thick Of It and DUI Diva.

GTA V Paparazzo –The Meltdown is the first mission that requires you to get a celebrity shot and the mission’s location is marked by a green circle on your map.

As you approach the location, Beverly will tell you that the same Poppy Mitchel is being chased by cops. Near your location is a sports car and you should use it to chase Poppy and the police. Poppy is marked a blue dot on your minimap, so make sure you follow it.

For the Thick Of It objective you will have to make sure that you stay close to the police car that chases Poppy. Don’t get too close because you will fail the mission, and don’t stay too far behind, because you will fail the objective.

Practically, you have to maintain a visual contact all the time, in order to get the first objective. As you continue to follow the cops you will see Poppy ending in a tree and the cops will catch her.

Get out of your car, and open your phone. Select the camera and zoom in on Poppy but don’t take the picture until the cop puts the cuffs on her hands.

Wait several second and when the cop takes Poppy to his car, take a photo and send it to Beverly to complete the DUI Diva objective. Now, enter your car and exit the area to finish the mission.

The Highness Walkthrough

GTA 5 Paparazzo – The Highness is the second mission involving a celebrity. It is Princess Georgina of England who tries to buy drugs.

The mission also has two objectives: Silent Snapper and Royal Drug. To start the mission head towards the green circle on your map and Beverly will ask you to meet his contact in front of Chico’s Hypermarket.

Once you get to the location, the contact will offer additional information; however, the most important thing you have to know is that you need to get on the roof of Chico’s Hypermarket. In front of the market is a blue trashcan on which you can climb.

The moment you get to the roof, enter stealth mode by pressing the left thumbstick and try to get to the upper side. Head towards the edge of the roof and remain in stealth mode to get the Silent Snapper objective. When you see the celebrity open your phone and select the camera.

Zoom in to have a better view on your target and wait. To get the Royal Drug objective, take the photo exactly when the drug dealers give the package to one of Georgina’s bodyguards.

Next, remain in stealth mode and leave the roof and the area to complete the mission.

Reality Check Walkthrough

GTA V Paparazzo –Reality Check is triggered after the previous two missions you complete for Beverly. It is a short mission and also the final one involving Beverly.

Drive to Beverly’s marked location and when you get close the paparazzi will start yelling at you claiming that you destroyed his filming scene. Beverly owns you some money for the pictures you took from him, but you will find out that he has no intention in paying Franklin.

After you talk to him Franklin walks away, and at this point you have to make a decision: kill Beverly or not. If you let him live, you won’t get the gold rating on the mission, so it is better to kill him; however, you also have to take out his crew and with a single shot.

To get the Explosive Action! objective you have various alternatives. You can use the RPG, a sticky bomb or a grenade, but if you use the grenade, you should hold it several seconds before throwing it, or you will scare Beverly.

The grenade launcher also works to kill Beverly and all his crew-members.

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