Fuse Intel Locations

Fuse Intel Locations Chapter 6: Grigori Station

The final chapter in Fuse, the video game, takes place on the space station called Grigori, where Dalton and his Overstrike team must stop Fable and the Raven faction.

Chapter 6: Grigori Station features the final set of seven Fuse Intel items, or collectibles, all of them being revealed by the game guide below.

At the end of Chapter 6, the video game ends, but you will be able to replay any of the previous missions, to unlock additional achievements/trophies.

Mission Description

Location: Outer Space

“Originally a Russian refueling station, this outpost was purchased by Colsen Avionics, a shell company for William Fable’s secret society. Though the station has been their intelligence hub for years, the rest of the world believes tit is a derelict station.”

Intel 47/53

As soon as you enter the space station, down the first corridor you can see two yellow pipes. The longer one is located on the right side; while on the left side you can see a shorter pipe.

On the latter, behind the crates you will find the first Fuse Intel in Chapter 6.

Intel 48/53

Later during the mission you will be asked to take the service elevator to the tram station.

Before entering the elevator check the wall on the opposite side of the same room, and you will notice that you can place some charges on it. After you blow up the wall, enter the room and search the corpse in front of you, for the second Fuse Intel.

Intel 49/53

Inside the station where you find the tram, you can also find another Fuse collectible. First clear the area, and then look around for a lower level below the one you are standing on (the floor is made of glass).

Check the lower floor and you will locate the Intelligence item, then follow the waypoint.

Intel 50/53

The fourth Fuse Intelligence item is located outside the station, where you will have to defeat multiple enemies and mechs. Your objective indicates that you must disable a security field, and the waypoint should be on the right side, as you exit the station.

If you look on the other side, straight ahead, you should see a forklift in the left corner and on it the glowing Intel.

Intel 51/53

While you continue to play the mission, you will be asked to use two Fuse cells and activate the escape shuttles. For the second Fuse cell you have to reach a higher platform, and near you is a shuttle. Insert the Fuse cell, then go around the shuttle and jump on the balcony nearby.

Cross it and to the right you will see several barrels and the fifth collectable.

Intel 52/53

When you return inside the space station, your objective will change and you will have to unlock the elevators, by hacking the system.  Inside the room where the console is located you can look for a secret chamber on the right side, while facing the said computer.

Hack the door, and look at the lockers holding several suits. Inside one of these lockers in the sixth collectable.

Intel 53/53

The final Fuse Intel item is inside the ventilation system you have to cross in order to disable the lasers for your team-members.

Make sure that after you enter the ventilation system you move slowly, paying attention to the left side, where you should see a crate, and on it, the final collectible in the videogame.

Fuse Intel Locations
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