Final Fantasy XV Vyv’s Volcanic Inspiration Side Quest Walkthrough

Final Fantasy XV Vyv’s Volcanic Inspiration Side Quest Walkthrough

Final Fantasy XV Vyv’s Volcanic Inspiration Side Quest Walkthrough
Final Fantasy XV Mysterious Cave location

Final Fantasy XV Vyv’s Volcanic Inspiration is another side-quest you can play in FFXV by talking to the journalist named Vyv.

This quest is the fifth in Vyv’s quest-line, and will require your presence on the Rock of Ravatogh.

We suggest you to start Vyv’s Volcanic Inspiration after you complete Burden of Expectation story quest which will allow you to travel to Cleigne, and after you finish Of Gods and Kings side-quest from Vyv.

If you meet all these requirements, talk to Vyv at Lestallum’s outlook and he will offer additional information on your next assignment.

Objective: Ascend the Rock of Ravatogh

While Vyv’s Volcanic Inspiration may look like a difficult quest, it’s actually quite accessible. After you start it, return to your car and fast travel to Ravatoghan Trail Parking Spot.

Next, call your Chocobo and ride towards the mountain on the horizon. You can stick to the road, but at some point, you will have to turn right and follow a dirt path on the right side of the mountain.

This path will take you to the dungeon’s entrance. When you get close, you will trigger The Rock of Ravatogh side-quest.

If you need additional information on the beasts you will encounter inside this specific dungeon, we suggest you to follow our walkthrough for The Rock of Ravatogh.

Objective: Make to the Summit

Once inside the dungeon hug the right mountain wall and stay close to it.

The dungeon has two crossroads and it is straightforward. Start by climbing the mountain and fight all beasts you encounter. At the first crossroad follow the path on the right because the left one leads to a dead end.

Before climbing the abrupt hill, we suggest you to open the game’s menu and set the stamina bar display on, so you can see when Noctis is tired.

During your ascension, when the stamina bar is almost depleted, stop so Noctis can rest. Continue to move up and at the second crossroad, follow the right path. Don’t worry about the lava and keep moving forward.

Objective: Photograph the Mysterious Cave

The moment you enter the marked area, your objective will change. The mysterious cave (see the picture above) is right in front of you.

Get close to the marker on the ground and ask Prompto to take a shot of the entrance. Remember that Prompto can’t take pictures at night.

Objective: Report Back to Vyv

After you complete the previous objective you can continue to explore the Rock of Ravatogh, or return to the dungeon’s entrance and to your car.

Drive to Lestallum and show Vyv the photograph to receive the rewards below and unlock A Place to Call Home side-quest.

Vyv’s Volcanic Inspiration Quest Info

Description: “The distinctive form of the Rock of Ravatogh has long lured many a landscape photographer, yet few has succeeded in snapping its slopes. Eager to please his readers, Vyv asks Noctis and his friends to climb the volcanic crag and take a photo of the cave at its summit.”

Client: Vyv

EXP: 3,000

Reward: 15,000 Gil

Post Quest Suggestion

Complete The Rock of Ravatogh side-quest.

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