Final Fantasy XV Steam Valve Inspection Side Quest Walkthrough

Final Fantasy XV Steam Valve Inspection Side Quest Walkthrough

Final Fantasy XV Steam Valve Inspection Side Quest Walkthrough

Final Fantasy XV Steam Valve Inspection Side Quest Walkthrough
Final Fantasy XV Steam Valve location

Final Fantasy XV Steam Valve Inspection is a side-quest that introduces another FFXV quest giver, named Holly.

Steam Valve Inspection is also the first quest in Holly’s questline which includes a series of three missions you have to complete.

To be able to play Steam Valve Inspection, first you have to reach Cape Caem and finish A Precious Source of Power story-quest in Chapter 8 of the video-game developed by Square Enix for PS4 and Xbox One.

After you finish the said quest, travel to Lestallum in northern Duscae, and look for Holly in the northern part of the city.

For your first assignment, Holly will ask you to inspect 8 Valves scattered within Lestallum.

Objective: Inspect 8 Valves

When you are working on completing this quest, you should look for blue pipes with sets of three valves aligned horizontally.

The pipes are aligned vertically. To complete the quest faster, look for them mechanically, searching every street.

After you talk to Holly, head towards the city and follow the main alley. The first valve is on the right side, next to some crates.

Take a left turn, and you will see the second valve near the first one. Look for the steam coming out from the pipes.

Follow the same alley, take two right turns, and when you get close to the plaza and the restaurant, look around the corner (left) to see the third valve.

Hug the wall where you have found the previous valve and move forward. The wall should be on your left side. Take the first left turn to see another valve on the alley around the corner.

Just several steps away from the fourth valve, on the same alley is the fifth.

From the previous valve, follow the same alley, turn right, follow the stairs down and you should see a yellow building. Turn left while facing it, and check the left side of the next alley for the sixth valve.

Now keep moving towards the southern edge of the blue area on your mini-map and look for the seventh valve next to a narrow alley between some building. The said alley should take you to the street.

The final steam valve is close to the southwestern edge of the blue area. Look for it on the large alley north from the restaurant. Notice that the alley has many stairs. Follow the stairs up and look on the right side to spot the pipes and the last valve.

If you can’t find the valves following our directions, feel free to watch our video below.

Objective: Report Back to Holly

After you inspect all 8 valves, just head back to Holly and talk to her.  For completing the Steam Valve Inspection side-quest you will receive the rewards below.

Additionally, you will unlock the second quest (Power to the Pylons) in Holly’s quest line. Attend it immediately.

Steam Valve Inspection Quest Info

Description: “Holly of Exineris Industries asks the prince for help inspecting the company’s steam valves. To protect the people from scalding steam, Noctis and his friends agree to check that all the pipes around Lestallum are firmly shut.”

Client: Holly

EXP: 2,000

Reward: 2,500 Gil

Post Quest Suggestion

Complete Power to the Pylons side-quest.

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