Final Fantasy XV Gone Hunting Side Quest Walkthrough

Final Fantasy XV Gone Hunting Side Quest Walkthrough

Final Fantasy XV Gone Hunting Side Quest Walkthrough
Final Fantasy XV Gone Hunting Dog Tag location

Final Fantasy XV Gone Hunting is a side-quest available in Leide area of FFXV. It is the first side-quest we suggest you to play before moving forward with the last main quest of the first act, named Ill Tidings.

Gone Hunting can be played only after you find Dave Auburnbrie in Hammerhead, by completing the Hunter Becomes the Hunted main-quest.

Once you complete the said quest, if you focus on playing The Errand Prince, you will eventually reach the Longwythe outpost where you need to deliver some packages for Cindy.

Finish The Errand Prince main quest, then start A Gentlemen’s Agreement main-quest, but before accepting Dino’s request to leave Leide, return to Longwythe outpost in order to complete Gone Hunting.

To start the quest, talk to the receptionist in the parking lot. He will tell you that he found an envelope for Meldacio inside one of the packages you delivered, and that he wants you to give it to the Head Hunter. Get the Sealed Envelope x 1 to receive your first objective.

Objective: Search for the Head Hunter

The Head Hunter is located across the street, in front of a shack, near the dinner and some white tanks.

Approach him, and you will see that it is David Auburnbrie, the character you have saved earlier in the game.

Pick up Hi-Elixir x 1 on the crate near Dave, then talk to him and hand over the envelope.

Dave tells you that the Sealed Envelope contains a dog tag which was used by a fallen hunter. When a hunter falls in battle, sometimes the dog tag is the only thing that remains, and it’s usually sent to the hunter’s family.

Pay close attention to Dave’s words, because he will give you your first task.

Objective: Gather Intel About the Area

As you might have guessed, Dave wants you to find another tag, but before doing that you need some intel on the surrounding areas.

Head inside the dinner and talk to the local tipster to receive your next objective.

Objective: Look for the Dog Tag

Open your map when you exit the dinner and head north to the location that is now marked.

Look for a fireplace at the bottom of a large rock. Examine the fireplace, to receive a new objective.

Objective: Retrieve the Dog Tag

Move to the second location and you will find a pack of Sabertusks. These are level 2 enemies similar to those you have encountered earlier in the game. Try using a fire spell on them if they are close to each other.

For increased efficiency in combat use the javelin and always block incoming attacks, then parry. Defeat the Sabertusks to loot several Sabertusk Claws, then look for the dog tag near a large bush close to the rocks (see the exact location in the image above).

Objective: Deliver the Dog Tag to Dave

Pick up the Broken Dog Tag x 1, and head back to Longwythe where Dave is waiting for you. Talk to him to receive your rewards and to complete the quest.

Finishing Gone Hunting will unlock the next side-quest from Dave, who will move to the Prairie outpost.

Gone Hunting Quest Info

Description: “Hunting is hazardous business, and many men and women fall in the line of duty. The Head Hunter is tasked with keeping tabs on those in the field and searching for those who go missing. Now, however, Noctis must track down the Head Hunter himself to make a special delivery.”

Client: Dave

EXP: 500

Reward: Hi-Potion x 10

Post Quest Suggestion

Complete Dust to Dust side-quest.

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