Final Fantasy XV Fishing Buddies Side Quest Walkthrough

Final Fantasy XV Fishing Buddies Side Quest Walkthrough

Final Fantasy XV Fishing Buddies Side Quest Walkthrough
A Crag Barramundi in Final Fantasy XV

Fishing Buddies is a Final Fantasy XV side-quest that introduces a new NPC and quest-giver, named Navyth.

In FFXV, Navyth is a fisherman who travels around the world looking for the most unusual species, and sometimes he will ask you to help him catch various fishes.

Unlike other quest-givers, Navyth’s questline is shorter, meaning that you will only need to complete 4 quests for him; however, these quests are focused on fishing, and the final one (Angler’s Nightmare) requires a level 10 fishing skill.

In other words, even if there are only 4 fishing-related side-quests in the latest Final Fantasy game, you will need to spend quite some time fishing in order to reach level 10 in fishing.

The first side-quest you can start from Navyth is known as Fishing Buddies and it is an accessible quest which practically introduces the fishing mechanics.

For all of Navyth’s side-quests we have created walkthroughs (see the table of contents) that offer important information such as the lures, lines and reels you should use.

Fishing Buddies can be started after you complete the Declaration of War story quest. Look for Navyth in Alstor Slough, and he will show you the Neeglyss Pond Fishing Spot.

Objective: Catch a Crag Barramundi

For this side-quest you don’t need any special equipment, meaning that you can use the rod, reel and line equipped by default. If you are looking to change the lure, try the Sweet Jamming: Custard or Bomber: Ice Bomb.

Head to the dock near Navyth and cast your line aiming for the yellow dots on your mini-map.

When you get a bite, the real challenge begins. Here are several basic rules you have to follow when you fish in Final Fantasy XV.

Make sure that the tension line on your screen stays white. When it turns red, the durability of your line decreases. When it reaches 0, the fish is gone. To do so, you have to move your rod in the correct direction following the instructions on your screen. Use the left thumbstick to move the rod.

Don’t reel when the tension bar is red and when the controller is vibrating.

Try to reel in bursts as much as you can to reduce the fish’s stamina.

Remember that the fishing mini-game requires patience, as in real life. If you rush you will most likely lose the fish.

Objective: Show the Fish to Navyth

After you catch a Crag Barramundi like the one in the picture above, head back to Navyth and show it to him.

For completing this quest, you will get the rewards we have listed below, and you will unlock Fishing, Naturally side-quest.

Fishing Buddies Quest Info

Description: “Noctis receives a challenge from Navyth, a man who has devoted his life to angling – and as a fellow fish fanatic, he cannot say “no”. The prince’s mission: use the “Sweet Jamming: Custard” lure or any other suitable lure and land the crag barramundi that lurks in the marshy waters.”

Client: Navyth

EXP: 1,500

Reward: Knife T. Tonberry x 1

Post Quest Suggestion

Complete Pilgrimage side quest.

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